Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Flashback: High Five

Warning: this post is link-loaded and you won't want to miss any of them. I promise there's a theme here.

Remember back when things were even more angsty at Golden Manor? I was moving out and MathMan was going to stay with the kids and our marriage was crumbling? I know, it seems so long ago now. In fact, it's coming up on a year so I'm using this post for my Friday Flashback. Here's a preview:
The knockdown, drag out verbal fights were rare. Our disagreements were woven with words of biting sarcasm, strained Victorian manners, and really loud, tense silence punctuated by my sighs.

Finally, we're learning to talk to each other. I guess we realize that if we're going to make the divorce work, we're going to have to be more clear with each other. Especially where The Spawn are involved.
When I saw this video via Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast who found it at Crooks and Liars, I laughed because, not only is it wonky funny and loaded with political references, but also because it so beautifully describes how I feel about the political atmosphere right now. It's hard to put into words, this sense of guarded optimism, disgust for the Bush Administration, a desire to push the new Administration to pursue justice and a resolve to take a wait and see approach before I get too impassioned about any of it. Well, I guess I found the words, after all.

Anyway, watch the video and do this - see how many people you recognize. That will tell you just how much of a political geek you are. Me? I bet I got a 98% and the people I missed were pop culture icons and celebrities more than political ones. Yeah, I know. Could I be any more cool? No wonder my friends who are far more hip and wordly than I make those faces when they think I'm not looking.

Oh, and DCap? Your favorite gal is there, too. She looks like she smiling just for you! High Five!

(Picture credits: Found at Facebook. Senior Class Trip to Washington, D.C. March 1984)


  1. I think they caught Newt giving someone the Hitler.

  2. Loved the Jack Black one! ;)

    It's almost a year since the fateful breakup? Damn..lots of changes...all of them good..right?

  3. Oh oh oh that first flash back.
    oh oh oh. Hurt. Huuuurrrrt.

    Been there and done that in a cottage with company visiting. Ask tanya espanya. So hoping you've phased through that. IT's the worst, when things harden and calcify and get all polite.

  4. Hilarious. And glad life and love have new meaning for you. Give Mathman a kiss for me.

  5. Funny video. Too bad Pat Paulson didn't live to see this moment.

  6. so funny, especially jackie and the boys :)

    the best part? you and mathman! course...

  7. Very funny video. I've been worried all day about your car situation. Did you make it home, how will you escape the country estate, oh, and it goes on...but really are you okay?

  8. I have no business being on blogs right now . . . I've got so much to do . . . but I'm glad that I took the time to watch this video because it cracked me up!

    Thanks for sharing (all of it), Lisa.

  9. Golden Manor... that has a nice ring to it.


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