Friday, January 30, 2009

The Old Gray Mare, She Ain't What She Used to Be.....

Is she better?

It occurred to me this morning that one of the reasons why I'm struggling with the whole college visit/college decision thing is because I am in denial that I am old enough to have a kid getting ready to go off to college.

Vanity! Thy name is Lisa.

This morning I went out to lunch with J because he likes to eat early since he gets into the office at 6:15 a.m. So there we were at 11:30 a.m. ordering muffaletta sandwiches at Jason's Deli and the lovely, fresh-faced young woman behind the counter tells me my longish, straight silver hair is gorgeous. "You skin just glows with it!"

Well, thank you very much, my sweet. I guess if I have to be old enough to have a kid going off to college soon, at least I can have glowy skin to go with my silver hair.

You know what? When I started this natural hair color experiment - and I have really considered it an experiment all along, one that could be easily reversed - I didn't know what to expect.

The reality is it's not so bad. I think I'll keep the silver. I mean, I could still be bald like I was when I started....


  1. well, hmmmm, it happens to the best of us! and yes, having good skin is going to be more important as we get older so I spend a fortune on La Mer but I am older than you, my dear, so maybe not yet....I love your hair, having all these curls, I have always wanted straight hair...and there you are in ANOTHER pretty picture!

  2. vanity thy name is Liberality too. Can't do the silver yet. Maybe someday. It does look fabulous on you though. It looks blond to me in the pictures.

  3. the gray in mind never bothered me. The loss of it kind of.
    The hair where none should be (ears) are what really bothers me.
    I age with grace I suspect, I just fight it when and where I can. My guy just started high school, and that was trauma enough.

  4. The younger Lisa is "perky", cute and perky! The current one is hot! Don't change a thing.

  5. Funny... I see your hair as blond in your photos! And , honey? you are beautiful!

    I was in line at a very busy craft shop last weekend and while waiting, a (very) nice lady behind said to my back "You have beautiful hair." I turned around to find that she was indeed, talking to me! "Why thank you!!" it's short and more salt than pepper, but it has a nice wave in it.... I've never had trouble staying natural.... When I paid $80 for a cut and color one time, I decided I just wasn't worth it! (I am worth it, but that was waaaaaay too much cashola to pay for people to remark about my sudden hair color change.... Besides, there is so much more fun stuff I would rather spend money pens and stationary!)

  6. The comic book super hero Silver Sable had silver hair, naturally. She was hot. Mmm... Silver Sable. why didn't they make a movie about her instead of Elektra? Fucking Hollywood.

  7. Wow! I love your hair.
    I have straight blond hair (no nice little curl at the end like you!), and I have told myself that one of these days I'm going to let the greys take over. There are enough to make it look more "highlighted" (ha) now, but not enough to go silver. I aspire to have hair as lovely as yours...

    I like to visualize myself in the future with some of my goals under my belt, and my silvery hair swinging around me in the summer sun. You're inspiring me!

  8. I think you look sleek!

    I'll bet your hair is much healthier. It has a beautiful shine to it.

    Both of my daughters have graduated college, are teachers and my oldest has blessed me with a grandchild. I'm excited by and proud of all of them; but I'm still taken aback. I don't feel old enough to be a grandma...

    Have a great week-end.

  9. If only my hair would turn silver! Instead it's just sort of fading away to meh.

    Read in my best Billy Crystal impersonation of a Birkshire schmoozer: "You look Marvelous!"

  10. Time really goes faster when your kids are older - I'm feeling it more and more lately.

    You hair looks great and I always thought is was blond. Don't change a thing.

  11. honey, 50 is the new 40 and I'm on the far side of 50. can you tell from my pic? if you say yes, I'll come over there and slap the shit outta ya.

    do yoga. no one ever guesses my age. my yoga poses are anti-aging. I'm really 80.

  12. Gray is where it's at, baby.

  13. I thought your hair was blonde too! It looks great with its silver color. And it's so much easier to keep it natural rather than dyeing it. I'm glad I quit dyeing mine; it always faded to reddish brown instead of staying the darker brown that was my original color and it didn't look good on me.

    I just wish it was all silver instead of salt-and-pepper. But I guess that will come eventually.

    I have a friend who has prematurely white hair (has had it for years) and when I see pictures of her from when she was younger and it was brown I realize she looks so much better, and more distinctive, with the white. And yes, her skin glows!

  14. I thought you were blonde, too. I'm with the crew, you look great.

    My mother-in-law: "Oh, Missy. You can't afford to color your hair?"

    She is queen of the left handed compliment. Almost as good as, "That outfit doesn't make you look too fat."

    I need highlights.

  15. There is nothing that you could do or say that would change the fact that you are beautiful.

    Flat out.

  16. I love you silver hair, too. But I also believe the camera sees your original color better than we can.

  17. What a great post!

    You were one cute baby. And you are one gorgeous woman.

    As you know I love your hair. I do not have the nerve to do it myself. Which you also know.

    Kid? College? Whatever are you talking about? I am way older than you and I only have a 12 year old.

  18. I have one of those gray patches like a skumk strip starting at the widow's peak and heading toward the crown. Then these wispy grey/beige side things. Fortunately I can color and cut it myself. I sure would not pay someone else to do it for me since they don't do it as well and it would cost over a $100. in Salt Lake. That would be, a month. Bullshit!

    I thought your hair was blonde like so many others. Maybe we're all blind. But if my skin was as glowing as yours I'd go gray. Must be the regular petting you get from Mathman. Hi Mathman. I'm sick.

  19. I have a few threads of silver, and I can't decide what to do. Sometimes I yank them out. If it would all turn grey/silver at one time, that would be ideal.

  20. I've got to be honest: I clicked on my feed just now thinking that this blog post would have to do with vaginas somehow, and that you would hold out hope to all women who plan to keep on keeping on. But now that I've read it, I am glad it is really just about accepting yourself. Because you are really very lovable, vain or not, and the silver suits you.

  21. I wonder if feathered hair will ever make a comeback, hmmm?

  22. As I said in another comment, I love that new photo, and I have long thought it impressive and beautiful when women let the gray show. With so few willing to do that, it makes you a stunning stand out.

    And you look like a lot of fun in that young photo. Trouble.

  23. I have 100% silver hair under my red hair. I turned gray at 17. I think as I have been gray so long and that I have no children I get to pretend that I am still young even though I am 41.

    Oh, and, in the photos I too thought you were blond.

  24. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment with the lovely Desiree. I am brunette, but now I want streaks of blonde and red. She won't do pink, as I have begged her each and every time we meet. Maybe she is right. If it turns out ok I will post a picture.

    Your hair looks great. I really feel old now that my son is 35 years old. Where did the time go?

    Have a nice evening.

  25. Mum & me thought you were blonde too. Mum's blonde, but she's been every colour under the sun. She's sticking with blonde now because she says it blends well with grey, if it ever goes that way. I'm grey, it's no big deal. I think it's cool, actually:)

  26. Trust us, it looks fine. Though if you ever get tired of the silver, there's always hot pink or green.

  27. I adore silver hair. For one thing it's pretty, but it's also the crown of the confident.

  28. One of the most beautiful women friends I have here in A is a silver-haired fox. I have long envied her hair, and then you let yours go natural and this is what was underneath. Beautiful indeed. I am graying more and more, and will not be coloring it, but conditioning the shit out of it. I think mine is more than likely going to be a salt-n-pepper do. Just know I'll be envying your silver. I seriously asked my haircutter lady if there is such a thing as an artificial hair color to make one's hair that color and she said no. It's very exclusive.

  29. I let mine grow out a few years ago, and I'm quite pleased. People have commented on it as lovely. I wonder though that I can't find enhancers at the store like I remember as a kid. Everything is cover up the grey now. I find that odd.

  30. I think that silver hair's a great look. Keep it, Lisa.

    (Of course, as a married man I know that telling a woman to "keep" a hairstyle longer than . . . oh, 6 days, is silly.)

  31. Linda – yeah, it’s like fighting the inevitable. And thank you. I have to spend some time with the flat iron to get my wavy/curly hair straight. I love your wild curls. Beautiful. I love your new avatar picture.

    Liberality – I guess it does look blond! Ironic, I always wanted to be a blond, but couldn’t pull it off with bleach. I love your dark hair with your olive skin. Gorgeous.

    Dave – I agree, losing it is worse than the color change. And I’m afraid that mine is thinning. I know I have two more to go, but having this first kid going off to college is a stunner! The high school years just flew.

    Willis – Yeah, now that was perky! Now I’m hot? Meow! Thank you, Sugar.

    Giggles – Thank you so much. Isn’t nice to get those compliments from strangers? I’m sure you do have beautiful hair, though I won’t nag you to show us. Yet.

    James – That’s right! Silver Sable. I’d forgotten about her. I think my nephew used to read those. Hollywood needs to make more roles for all kinds of silver-haired beauties and dudes.

    Kirie – I’m glad I can inspire you! I think it would have been easier to grow out the grays if I’d been blond. I actually had a distinct and horrific ring around my head for ages as I let the auburn color grow out. I kept trimming off the ends and trying not to cry when I looked in the mirror. It got worse and I was so tempted to go back to color, but will and being too broke to have it colored professionally won out and eventually, here it is. I still need a haircut.

    Italian Bird – Thank you, my lovely friend! I missed you when you weren’t around!

    Kkyrno – Sleek! I love that word. My hair does seem healthier. I do fret about its thinning, but I’m going to start using something on it before it really thins. Sadly, that runs in my family, the thinning hair. Isn’t it funny how we can look at our kids and wonder how did we all get here? It really does pass quickly, that wicked time.

    Not Fainthearted – I realize now how lucky I am. I started graying so young (18) so this has been a long, hidden process. And thank you.

    Lisa – The time does fly. I won’t change it. Unless, of course, I decide to take Randall’s suggestion and go with hot pink or acid green.

    Linda – You look fabulous. Your lifestyle clearly shows in your youthful appearance. I really do need to start doing things like yoga for my longevity and flexibility. My people tend to live a long time. I’d like to be healthy while I’m here.

    Kirby – It is. And I think we’ll see more of it.

    Mauigirl – I didn’t realize how distinctive this color is until people started commenting on it. Now I’m really glad I gave up the coloring. Money, time saved. Thank you.
    Missy – Oh, my. Your MIL needs to shut it. Can I tell her? You look wonderful.
    Charmaine – Wow. Thank you. I’m blushing. I keep thinking that your hairstyle is one I may emulate.
    MathMan – Thank you, my love. Boy, you’ve seen all the colors of the rainbow on my head, haven’t you? Remember the cherry red after a perm circa 1987? Your mother must have freaked the first time she met me.
    Fran – I know! Impossible. I love you hair color. So there. And thank you.
    Utah – I love the color you use on your hair. It looks very natural. And with a face like yours, you could go bald and still look magnificent. P.S. You’re right. All that petting from MathMan is very good for the skin.
    CDP – I kept my hair colored through the salt and pepper stages, but you remember what I looked like as I was growing it out from the crown. Ish! It’s hard to say what I’d do in your place, but eventually letting more of it grow in and then deciding seems far nicer to oneself than yanking hairs. Ouch!
    Summer – I hooted when I read your comment. And now, of course, you’ve given me an idea for a post. Poor MathMan has had to endure all kinds of quizzing about vaginas over the last couple of days. Do I have questions! And thank you. Yes, self-acceptance is a multi-staged process and the hair thing is a good start. Now if only I could make my mother’s voice stop coming out of my mouth!
    Comrade Kevin – Didn’t that faux Farrah do just rock the dickens out of that cheerleader sweater? Maybe I’ll have my hair feathered and start a new trend. Come to think of it, I’ve traded my curling iron for a flat iron. Oh, the irony!

    Steve – Thank you. I’m blushing. And that young me? Trouble? Fun? Wait a sec, did you ever pass through Rising Sun, Indiana in the early ‘80s? Kidding! I was just this side of prude. Really. Please stop laughing.

    La Belette Rouge – You and I are so alike in the hair department! I don’t really know how long I’ve been totally gray since I covered it for so long, though. And, trust me, you could pass for 29. I’m sure of it.
    SaoirseDaily2 – Your hair is lovely! I’ve seen pix of you and you’ve got that beautiful blend of blond highlights and such pretty long hair. Oooooh – pink would be fun! And I wish I knew where the time went, I’d go fetch it and drag it back here. Right now.

    Henry – I’m like your mum. Every color under the sun. Red, auburn, brown, charcoal black, platinum blond, but I love best being grey like you.
    Randal – You know there will come a day when the hot pink or acid green seem like the right thing to do, don’t you?

    Gifted Typist – Oh. Now I like that. Crown of the confident. Very nice. Thank you.

    Freida Bee – You will continue to be very sexy as your dark hair grows more salt and pepper. Paired with some ultra-hip glasses? Perfection. You’ve got great bone structure in your face, you know.

    Sherry – You are so right! It’s assumed that women would want to cover their gray. Good for you for letting yours shine! And welcome!

    Mike – Thank you. I will keep it. The hairstyle may change, but the silver will remain.

  32. I too thought you were blond....but sophisticated...and lovely...enjoy and embrace it....

  33. I would have sworn that your hair was blond with silver highlights. The camera does see beyond what the eye can behold. Either way, it looks great on you!

    My hair began thinning a few years ago. I found Folicure shampoo and conditioner, and it has made such a difference. It opens the follicles that are beginning to close and stop growing hair. Within a couple of months I had lots of new, little hairs growing again. I don't even think about having skimpy hair anymore. You can get it at Sally Beauty Supply. Don't bother with the extra treatment ampules. I tried them, and they really didn't make any difference. The best part? The shampoo and conditioner aren't expensive, just about like a good, midrange supermarket or drugstore brand. And it will keep your hair looking great too.

  34. Like the majority of your commenters, I just assumed that you were blonde! I am still kidding myself that the silver hair blends in with the blonde . . . but my brother recently set me straight on that one!

    And yes, "old" children age us . . . but just think how young we are going to get when they actually leave home!

  35. I've been under so much stress lately that my weave is turning gray.


  36. Enigma4Ever - Thank you. I really have embraced it and its unique qualities.

    Barbara - Wow! Thank you. We stopped by Sally Beauty Supply and picked some up. I really appreciate the tip!

    Bee - When we started our family earlier than many of our peers and friends, I would comfort my miserable self with the notion that our kids would be grown while our friends would be dealing with teens. Whatever it takes! And boo! to your brother who pointed out your grays, doesn't he know that protocol? We don't mention their receding hairlines and they don't mention our grays.

    Sherice - Oh, Sugar! You need a break. Can I help?

  37. Your in good company, like Emmylou Harris and my wife, forex.

  38. Silver hair, gray hair, it's a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter!!

  39. You do have beautiful hair and skin! Lucky lady! *smiles*


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