Thursday, January 29, 2009

With Singular Focus or a Lack Thereof...

I do believe that the combination of amphetamine and coffee is making me more frantic and manic than usual. I wish I were kidding you. Currently, I am multitasking at unhealthy levels. Even for me.

I'm uploading pictures to flickr. Reading and commenting on blogs, reading work emails and responding to them, working on this post, listening to music, having short online chats with friends, updating contacts in my email, going through my sitemeter to see who is visiting, updating Facebook, twittering (tweeting?), fretting about the upcoming busy weekend, and trying to figure out how to edit a video using Picassa so I can upload it to youtube and bore you to death with a snippet of life from Golden Manor.

Plus my hands feel dry and I need to dig out the lotion from my purse, but if I stop typing now and do that, I'll end up doing six other things before I get back to this post. Now I just paused to read a text message on my phone and before I got back to this post, I checked my gmail and deleted a couple of things without reading them, took a drink of water and thought for a second about opening my flickr tab because pictures have uploaded and I need to tag them and finish the process.

Please, oh please, tell me that you are just as scattered.

I remember when I was a kid and my siblings and I would be sprawled out over our M&M colored beanbags watching The Price Is Right or The Flintstones and my mother would say something to us through the passthrough to the kitchen. Not one of the three of us would respond and she would raise her voice and would finish by bellowing at us that we couldn't do anything when the television was on. Her point was that our focused attention was a bad thing. We were not so easily distracted.

I do believe I have said the same thing to The Spawn. Now I'm thinking that the ability to do just one thing and to focus on it completely is a skill I need to relearn. Seriously.

So, on to the real purpose of this post. I have been asked to dig through my obsessively sorted and categorized photo files because susan has tagged me with the photo meme. I cannot deny susan who thinks possibly naughty things when she sees the milk mustache advertisements, so here goes. Business first, though.

The Rules:

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

So here is the picture in my 4th folder. My folders go like this: Baseball, Birds, Blogging Pix, Bloomington, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

That is MathMan in 1990 during one of our trips to Indiana. We'd already graduated from Indiana University, where we met and married. When we visited my family in southeastern Indiana, we would typically swing through Bloomington. On this particular trip, we went through the campus and took a bunch of pictures.

MathMan is standing in front of the old arcade at the corner of Kirkwood and Indiana. What was it called? Spaceport or something like that? Anyway, look at him, so young! So hairy! Dang, he was such a hottie back then. (Still is.) No wonder I propositioned him the second time I met him........

Oh, and about that shirt - it was a gift from my parents who had just returned from a cruise. Looking back over the years of grief I have given MathMan, the message on that shirt seems a bit cruel. I think I'd better have a word with my mother about that........of course, she'll have to turn off the television and put down her crossword puzzle so I can speak to her.

Consider yourself tagged, my happy little amphetamines:

The Earth Bound Misfit


  1. Acknowledging the tag. This could be interesting. . . or it could turn out to be a slide of some e. coli if I do it while still at work.

  2. Breathe...

    When I get that scattered I generally find myself teetering a little too close to a panic attack. So I take a breath, self-medicate with a beer or eight, and make a list with boxes next to each item.

    Note: It's almost time for a new list. On that list? Try to ad order daily by setting at least a rudimentary daily schedule. Wish me luck.

  3. ....honestly? I'm both jealous that you are losing weight so successfully, but at the same time nervous that you joke about using "speed" to do it.... (My personal drug of choice, if I have a choice, but don't tell anybody!)

    Isn't that stuff addictive? Even thought I understand you are under a doctor's care to get the job done? (What happens when you've reached your goal weight?)

    Yikes! OK....I've unloaded now... (And I'm jealous 'cuz I can't get done 1/10th of what you're doin....!)

  4. Have you thought about starting a series of small fires? It'll keep everyone out of your hair, thereby freeing up more time to perhaps even triple multitask.

  5. Believe me Lisa, the last thing you need is amphetamines! And with coffee??? You have enough engery for 10 people. Give MathMan and the Spawns a break and slow down! They need the rest.


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  7. Hey, it's a picture of me. Shouldn't you all be talking about me?

  8. Lisa, you need a recess. Go outside and play.

  9. I like hairy guys too.

    I thought I recognized that fountain. Last time I was there we were lined up to hear the Dalia Lama speak.

  10. Nan - Nicely done on the tag!

    Ricky - Lists? Ha! Now if you want to see me really get my ocd freak on, let me sit down and make a list.

    giggles - yes the speed is actually an appetite suppressant, and I'm under a doctor's care. Never fear! I'm still quite the curvy chick. I always will be.

    Randal!!!!! Fire? Tempting, but messy.

    MaryCatholic - That's right, you know me in real life. That's a scary thought for a lot of people who read this blog. Okay, I'll settle down.

    MathMan - What? I'm only saying nice things about you.

    Roger - If you say so! Hey - we need to get together! I promise to not behave like a poodle on crack.

  11. I'm allocating payroll for 3 quarterly state expenditure reports for 4 different programs (that means I have 6 different spreadsheets open right now), answering a never ending flow of work emails, digging out my company credit card so a manager can order a pizza for a meeting that I have to attend in an hour, talking to the bank on the phone (I'm actually on hold), eating some strawberries, texting a friend, listening to the Blago impeachment proceedings on NPR, and commenting on your post.

    Nonprofit work is all about multi-tasking!!!

  12. I'm not that scattered right now, but that's because I don't have a job. (and Mathman--every time I get together with friends, my husband wants to know if we talked about him.)

  13. I'm doing photos, thinking about my next post, eating prunes, needing to get dressed for the shrink appt., wiggling, fixing my hair, thinking ALOT, getting dressed for the shrink appt., answering phone, talking to husband, worrying about kid, and wondering where my shoes are...oh, and I take speed too but it's for an entirely different reason. ;) but I am getting really skinny so keep it up, it's a good are a very sensible woman, I can tell.

  14. that's the 909's version of THE MATHMAN?


  15. woah, mathman is frakkin hot. Now what was I going to post here about your multitasking?? Ummm.... Oh yeah, I'm surprised you are able to write such long, seemingly thought out blog posts. Since I'm usually doing six things at once when I'm at my desk my attention span is too short to post more than one thing a week. And even then I am in a rush.

  16. 'Don't worry, Be happy' was what Meher Baba told all his western followers, including my favorite of of his fans - Pete Townsend. Mathman could have given Pete a run for the money of 1990 Hotty of the Year.

    I knew you'd do a great job with the challenge :-)

  17. I am SUCH a multitasker, too!--it's scary sometimes! I don't remember the last time I watched a whole movie without doing anything else. I need to stop doing that.

    Anywho, that's a great pic of Mathman--and I love the shirt. :)

  18. The description of your multi-tasking was deeply exhausting to me, Lisa! Yesterday I did not get on the computer once . . . and spent some quiet time reading instead. Perhaps you should try shutting out more than the cats . . . for at least a few hours? You can catch up to the rest of the world later.

    I love the picture of Mathman. I can't believe you've been organized enough to get your old pictures into digital folders.

  19. I'm planning a post on this very thing. But first I have to go and do a video tutorial movie on self-hosting Wordpress ... ahhh!

  20. The level of multitasking and organization in this post made my head spin. I can totally picture you flitting in 85 directions at the same time.


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