Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty Day This Is NOT a Dress Rehearsal, People!

Blogroll Amnesty Day (B.A.D.), brought to you by Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and Jon Swift, promoted through the wonders of technology by Blue Gal. The idea behind B.A.D. is that we give each other a hand by highlighting blogs smaller than we are. It's a very democratic idea, one that I can definitely celebrate because it is through the kindness of strangers back in the day, that my original blog PoliTits gained any readers in the first place.

I still marvel at the idea that people read the things I put out here in the blogosphere. Thank you for your first visit and thank you for returning, if you do. I know where some of you came from - links from other blogs or coming here after seeing one of my silly comments somewhere and I'm grateful for the fact that you read and comment and engage with each other. Blogging has become such an integral part of my life, really of my family's life, that it's hard to imagine what life would be like without it.

Recently, I noticed that when MathMan and I talk about what our friends are up to, it's as likely we're talking about people we've come to know online as it someone we know in the meat world. Having been a latecomer to the online world - I never participated in chat rooms or bulletin boards before I started blogging in 2006, this surprises me. I can remember thinking that all that online stuff was kind of sad and lonely.

Well, hello there, mirror, mirror.

Really though? This isn't sad. I'm less lonely than I've ever been. I'm more engaged with more people from more places from more walks of life than I've ever been in my life. My default position is loner, so the time I spend writing is the easy part. The time I spend out visiting and commenting and emailing and chatting is the harder part. But it's good for me. When I read something that speaks to me or stokes my imagination or makes me laugh or cry or grind my teeth, I want to leave a thought, a comment, something to say "I'm here, I'm reading you and this is my reaction...."

So where am I going with this? Well, the purpose of Blogroll Amnesty Day is to promote smaller blogs. I so want to be a purist about the purpose this year, but it's hard to choose which blogs to highlight. Lately, I've added new blogs to my reading list. Their content is varied and they are written by people all over the world. One is even written by a dog, and has a larger readership than this blog, but I said I wanted to be a purist, not that I was going to be. You're shocked, I know.

So here's my attempt to introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers with the emphasis on those how might have smaller a readership than me. Give them time. They'll be kicking my ass.....

I've actually met Sue J at Nailing Jello to the Wall. I know I let her down when I closed PoliTits because it's just not as much fun to have your neighbor shout "I love That's Why" across the street. Sorry, Sue J!

You know how you see the same people commenting at the blogs where you hang and you think, I should follow them home and then you finally do and you wonder what took you so long? Yeah, me, too. That's how I felt when I read Missy. And Gifted Typist. And linda at Vulture Peak Muse.

And then there are those blogs where you see the name on a blogroll and you think "I've got to see what that's all about......." Hairshirt, for example. And Mrs. Slocombe Regrets. And The Earthbound Misfit. And Color Sweet Tooth.

There are the good friend blogs. susan. Liberality. CDP's (Parenthetical). This Journey. Pagan Sphinx. Mauigirl. MathMan at When Will I Use This, of course!

And new friends Travelingman Rick. Bee at Bee Drunken. Summer at Phoenix Berries. Kay at Perhaps we learned something.

You see what just happened here, right? I have no self control.

Go. Visit them all. There's so much to choose from, you're bound to fall ass over teakettle for at least one. Likely two. Okay, six. You're going to be cursing my name as you furtively surf blogs when you're supposed to be working.

It's a risk I'm willing to take.

And don't forget the blogrolls over there >>>>>>
(because it's killing me to not link everyone, that's why)


  1. Awwww, thanks for the linky love.
    Glad I found you, too. Mwa-mwa.

    Though I've been blogging for a while I'll never be big time. I just can't devote that much to it. Still, I love my bloggy buddies. Don't know what I'd do without you guys.

  2. wow lisa, you are a woman with power...you speak and people listen! I just came online to see what people like YOU were up to and *I* have 2 more people following me!! I was so excited! I couldn't come here and go and see who they were at the same time, so I came to visit you first, having a certain feeling you are my fairy god mother and sure enough, here *I* am...I feel like I must have something special about me and that feels really good...because I love you too...

    I just wanted to say that and hope you are having a better day today! many kisses and hugs for mentioning me and my little blog!

  3. Thanks for the link love! I will have to check out the blogs you've listed that I haven't already read and become addicted to. At this rate I soon won't have time to do anything but read blogs!

    (And yes, I'm reading blogs while I'm supposed to be working).

  4. How kind of you to mention me! Is it perverse that my first response was to take a photo of my res teakettle? I love that expression - ass over teakettle - and have added it to my vast list of rude colloquialisms.

  5. I can't believe you didn't type up all 752 links you have for this post. And I thought I was lazy.

  6. Well I now have some more blogs to add to my blog roll. I'm looking forward to the new reads. And yet I'm having trouble getting to the ones already there. I'm a slow reader, but I plan to get busy making up for my absence lately.

  7. thanks for the linkylove. I am on my break so I'm allowed to surf ;)

  8. You were right Lisa. Damn you! Professor X is due home in an hour and the place is a STY and it is ALL YOUR FAULT. Well, a little bit your fault.

    So many good blogs, so few hours in the day.

  9. I'm never sure the blogging life makes me feel more connected or more alienated. But then I arrive at a blog like this where it's all laid out with brutal and hysterical honesty and suddenly, I'm feeling connected...

  10. I've been sort of blogroll spelunking this week. Checking out who is on each other's "roll." Interesting what you find - some I totally "don't get" and some that are super terrific. I should do this more often. Have a great evening.

  11. i will visit them all soon! i mean i need one more excuse to stay in bed saturday reading more blogs!

  12. mmmmwah!

    I love that this like one big cocktail party and we get to introduce people around to others. Thanks for the linky love. I'll pass it on this week.

  13. Lisa, (formerly known as Dcup), I've hardly been online but I couldn't help but notice you new pic and I just HAD to say; you look gorgeous. Love the new pic and hey, new blog as well. Dang..so many blogs and so little time.I've hardly been posting myself so I feel less guilty about visiting..anyhow..I'll have to add you to my favourites which ought to be (ehem)my blogroll...I'm notorious for not having that up..one of these days..one of these days..

  14. It's always refreshing coming by to visit and I'm glad to have been noted as a friend. It's mutual :-)

  15. Wow - thanks! And, like you, I ain't followin' the rules and so I haven't clicked one of those links in your post yet, but I did go look at Toothless Alcoholic and what an interesting story on today's post, as well as interesting art. So now I'm following him... Gotta go look at some more.

  16. Duuuude! I got a shout out! That rocks!

    I will get nothing else done today as I stalk, errrr visit all those other little blogs!



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