Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Oh, this one is in the bag. It's a meme. An easy one. And I have Bob to thank for it. He is its creator, you know. Here goes with the rules, etc.:
  1. Grab the nearest book - no matter what it is. Textbook, novel, pop-up book, building code study guide, whatever.
  2. Turn to page 25.
  3. Read the 10th word on that page, or the following if that one is blank.
  4. Type that word into Google Image search.
  5. Post the third image.
  6. Tag 4 people and tell them.
  7. Link back to this post.
So the book I grabbed was It Is Folly to Assume My Awesome Lies Dormant by The Mincing Mockingbird, a gift from CDP.. It's a hilarious book with fabulous paintings of birds, each with a caption or saying that leaves me wishing I could be that clever.

So the tenth word on the twenty-fifth page? THIS. This? THIS. Okey dokey. I google image searched it and in a circular little event that nearly made me snore with excitement, I found the following as the third picture in the vast collection of bore.........

"Oh, what the hell?" I say aloud, rousing MathMan from his Facebook-induced lethargy. He shoots me a look of disdain (he can talk to me anytime, but he can only chat with his friends from grade school between the hours of 8pm and 11pm, apparently).

I blink slowly at him because he loves when I do that and then go back to this post, sucking my teeth and wondering what I can do to salvage it. I reach for the book once more and am comforted to know that the actual page I was instructed by the evil taskmaster Bob to select actually contains one of my favorite little ditties in the whole book...

"One more filthy sea chanty out of you and this trip is over."

I decide to halve the required number of ten and google image search the word chanty. Oh bother. I'd forgotten that I had my safe search off and was treated to the squishy bared buttocks of some young lovely named Chanty.

I give up.

Tags? If your blogger name ends with an r or a silent e, you are tagged. I would say if your name is Chanty, you are tagged, but then you'll want to show us your bottom and all hell will likely break loose, the police will be called, you'll stain your new white linen dress when you're getting fingerprinted, someone will spill a Diet Coke in the backseat of the cab as you come home from the police station, you'll drop your keys down a storm drain as you fumble around trying to get into your apartment, there will be a clap of thunder and a dramatic flash of lightening and then you'll wake up from the bad dream that is this paragraph and wonder why you are bare-assed on this blog and not on one where you might get seen by someone who can get you a job in the porn industry.

So see? We'll stick with this. THIS.


  1. Oh I should have known yours would be brilliant!



  2. Nods in agreement with FranIAm...Now I have to google Chanty and see some bare buttocks...woohoo what a great way to start the day.

  3. eyes, my freaking eyes, it's all boobs and butts and all women. That Chanty is a tart with some like Z size boobies. Why couldnt you get a better word!

  4. This was great - you did so much with it! I too have been tagged by Bob and hope to get a chance to post mine at some point!

  5. omgthatwasfantastic!!!!


    Well done, Lisa. Very well done.

    Thanks for playing along!

  6. Fran - why thank you! I love a good meme to kickstart my blogging on a day like yesterday.

    Travelingman - Thank you, too, but what? You thought I was kidding? I never kid about nudity. Much.

    Maui - What are you waiting for? Be sure to turn off safe search when you google.

    Bob - Thank you and thanks for tagging me. It was just the excuse I needed to look at naked women without feeling too naughty about it.

  7. I thought it was spelled shanty. Like a sea shanty. You crack me up. I played also when I read Bob's blog.

    Have a wild and wacky Wednesday.

  8. I guess my word is "Barcelona" from page 25, 10th word in Fast Company that lies on my desk.
    Now I want to go there I'm afraid.

  9. OK. I figgered I could take some time. I got a rather interesting result. I have added it as an addendum to a post I did. Yaz gotzta check it out.

  10. I'm ever so happy my name is NOT have all that crap happen to me - no way Jose'. Excellent job Lisa, as if I expected anything less!

  11. ** Peers up. Way up. Squints. Juuuuust makes out the fuzzy outline of the bar for meme participation... **

    You're not going to leave it up there, are you?

  12. My book is a xombie book so I had high hopes.

    But despite the words around luccky word 10 being fun things like "blood" and "Shiva"... the actual word that I got to look up was "from"

    The result was pretty much like your "this"


    If I wasn't at work I would soooo be looking up "Chanty" right now.

  13. My brain has turned to mush and I can't write anything meaningful that isn't totally offensive to me and probably a lot of you, so this meme is just what I need. My name doesn't qualify me for this meme, but I don't care. I have nothing meaningful to do today, nothing to say, so this just might be the thing that jogs me out of this funk. Thanks. I'm hoping for Chanty.

  14. I think you are making some pretty broad assumptions here. Like what makes you think this blog isn't one where Chanty would be seen by someone who has job connections in the porn industry?

    Huh, Lisa, huh?

    Why do you think all of us are so out of the nekkid picture loop?

    Excuse me, I'm being called to get in position for my next scene...

  15. pretty broad assumptions... Chanty

    Intentional Puns?

    Feh, curiosity got the better of me, so here is my submission. Code Word "Larval".
    Remember, you asked for it...

  16. OMG this turned out to be so boring and it's a book about french women too!

  17. I totally looked up the word chanty (NOT the image *grin*). Thanks for expanding my vocabulary today.

  18. THIS was a rip to read. I'm tempted to search for Chanty just to see what sort of bare behind inspired that last paragraph. But I realize it actually had NOTHING to do with her - it's all about the fertility of your mind.

  19. OH MY GOD I need that book. That CDP is just priceless, as are you.

  20. Okay, well, I guess that means I'm "it"...

  21. Ooh Lisa! Do it again with "filthy" or "sea" or "shanty"!!


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