Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Am the Invisible Woman

Dear People of the Internets,

Before I do a faceplant on the bed and start the nightly wrestling with MathMan for the covers (stop it, you filthy-minded boogers, we're married, we don't frolic anymore - sheesh), I just wanted to say a few things.

(1) Thank you. For everything. For the kind words, the compliments to the family, the laughs, the encouragement and support. You guys buoy me when I need it. And you give me that swift kick sometimes, too. Thank you. Really.

(2) I haven't stopped reading you. I've been swamped at worked (you mean I don't get paid to comment on blogs? what?) and with kid things and work and packing and moving and work and driving and lying in a fetal position in the back of the closet to hide from all the have to things that still manage to find me and drag me clawing and screaming from my safe haven back into reality.

(3) Following up on number 3, I'm sorry I haven't commented like I normally do. My wit and energy got packed in some box and I can't find it. Okay - I know, the wit? It fit in a tiny ring box, but it's packed nevertheless.

(4) I'm easily distracted. And MathMan isn't helping. I just whipped my bra off through my sleeve and threw it at MathMan because I'm feeling churlish, I guess. He is now sitting there with the damn thing on his head.

And it fits.

(5) Hell. Where was I? Rachel Maddow is distracting me now.

(6) Oh, yes, dammit I'm really sick, but I'm not. I mean I'm hacking and wheezing and things are leaking from my body and it's most unpleasant. But like many moms, I'm not sick enough to take to my bed. Fever? Hacking cough? Leaking wee when I cough and sneeze, despite my best attempts to practice my kegels and squeeze really hard to the point where my legs are crossed and my eyes are shut? Please. That's not sick. That's inconvenient. Oh, look! I just coughed up a lung. That might make me a little late for work tomorrow, but if I move double time in the morning, I should still be able to make it....

Shut up. I'm liking the view from this cross.

Now I'm just getting abusive. Sorry.

(6) We're making progress with our move. We've gotten several loads of boxes and things moved to the new place and we've even unpacked a few things. Oh, yes, the love tub decor is nearly complete.

Anyway, this is my long winded stab at telling you I'm sorry I've not been about saying hi and leaving comments and behaving inappropriately on your blogs. I'm stuck here acting the fool and being grouchy and snotty. Literally.

Thank you for visiting. Sooner or later I'll be back out there and then you'll be sorry. You can take that as a threat or a promise. It's up to you.




  1. I guess I should be flattered that you're still commenting at my site.
    But then I guess that's easier for you than the whining e-mail asking where your comments are.
    Feel better soon, Sneezy.

  2. First of all, your wit is far bigger than a ring box.

    Second, I love doing the bra through the sleeve thing; excellent party trick.

    Third, I hope you get over the not-sickness soon and good luck with the moving [I have to move from my classroom in a few months and I'm in the denial stage, not packing...].

    be well, and thanks for getting to my place whenever you can. If I could pay you, I would :D

  3. Hey, real life intrudes. Take care of the things you have to get done. We'll be here when you get back.

  4. Ksren you snotty little... She like you better than me? Oh no, it's not possible...

    I know you love me best of all and you're saving the best for last.

  5. I was wondering where my usual ass-whipping was. I need it like a drug.

    Love the bra trick. I use it when I'm out at the bars. A very nifty trick, indeed.

    Feel better soon.

  6. Oh, yea, I forgot, you're sick and moving and working, and mothering and wifeing, have social obligations. I remember curling up in the fetal position in the back of the closet. I say rope in every blogger in the state of Alabama. Isn't Comrade Kevin in Alabama?

  7. Feel better soon. Everybody's gotta take that down time to take care of themselves without feeling the slightest bit guilty about it. So do that, and then come visit me. :)

  8. Girl, you are awsome! Don't ever lose sight of that! When this is all over, and you and Mathman are soaking in the bubbly-love tub, you can toast each other with some Prosecco for me (unless you like dry champagne, then try some Gruet Brut; from New Mexico. Some award winning stuff. Seriously, five star restaurants give it the thumbs-up! It's also quite affordable; under $20.00. Trust me on this one!)

    I just want you guys to take care and get through this, and then you can get back to seeing us. We'll all be waiting!


  9. Moving and not feeling well?
    Sounds like you need to run to the shelter of mother's little helper...

  10. Oh, cold chilly weather, there is a wind streamer wave. :)
    Health information
    Humor & Fun World

  11. We'll be here when you get back. You need to take care of yourself, seriously. I'm already in awe of the grace and wit you've displayed and continue to display through this whole ordeal.

    Go easy on yourself and get some rest, would ya?

  12. So Mathman has some kind of bivalve head?

  13. Do I know you? (*snort* sorry, that was mean, i hope you still love me.)

    BTW - this line will be with me all day. And you know where I work...

    "Shut up. I'm liking the view from this cross."

    That would be a great name for a blog!

    Love you honey, feel better and know that you are loved.

  14. It's sad that you are sick AND moving. My wit and energy got packed away in a box some years ago, along with all of my brain cells.

  15. all is well Lisa- be kind to you and oh, if only we did get paid to comment !!

  16. You are funny!! I agree...your wit requires a container MUCH bigger than a ring box....

    Hang in there...it'll be over soon.... (Although I make no promises to that effect!)

  17. Get the big stuff done.. we will still be here when you are done.. we always appreciate when you do stop by, and all your insightful comments.. so we have the patience to wait for them (NOT) when you get moved and back.

    Take care of you.. and be safe in your move.

  18. Lisa, life is sometimes just too damn busy to do all we want, this is certainly one of those times for you. While I miss the visits, I've more than enjoyed the updates and blogging of what's going on in Golden Manor transfer........so it's all good, as my teens would say.
    Mom's are not allowed to be ill.......you have to bleed or need a major organ or body part removed to slow down.....damn that sucks doesn't it?

  19. Thank you again for always taking time to comment on my Blog.

  20. First of all, there aren't any boxes big enough to contain your wit. Ring box, indeed. Hmpf. Secondly, I will tell you (and not for the first time) to GET DOWN from the cross, so that I can get back up there.

  21. No worries Lisa... keep those bras flying.

    I feel your pain with moving... I get to do it myself in less than 2 months, -gag-

  22. That takes me back. I haven't worn a bra on my head since college...

    Sorry, where was I?

    Fingers crossed that you feel better.

  23. Number 6, the first of two, was almost a prose poem. No, that doesn't mean you should remain sick, although one must sacrifice for art.

  24. Air smooches and wishes for you to have a swift recovery. I must admit, though, that I am glad to hear that I'm not the only one with the wee when coughing problem. My strategy is to avoid cleaning. All those solvents just make the nose run fonder.

  25. Lots of hugs to you. Hang in there! You are strong and you always keep your sense of humor and that makes all the difference.

  26. Oh sweetie,
    I wish I had the wit to have written this post instead of just evaporating from even my place the last few weeks.

    Sure, my excuses would have varied slightly. Mostly because I can't get to the back of the closet so am forced to take the fetal position right there in the open where anyone can drag me into something.

    Hang tight. It will all be over soon. One way or another.

    And FranIam is right. Best line ever. And you know one of the places I work! ;-)

  27. Get well, get moved, maybe drink some.

    I usually do when I have a bra on my head...and you, uo der on da cross! Geddouwn wouldya


  28. You just crack my shit up! *grin*

    "Oh, look! I just coughed up a lung." LOL! :)

    Hope you feel better soon and life returns to "normal" (as you normal as you get! *tee hee*) soon. :)

  29. I'll tell you what I tell Jen.
    I don't need you to read or comment on my blog. I like it but don't need it.
    What I do need is knowing that we are friends and realizing how so super duper cool it is that somehow my interwebs got caught up in your series of tubes.
    or something like that :)
    Tell Mathman and the kids "HEY" for me and hope the unpacking and settling in goes well.

  30. ah sweetie, it's OK if I never see you again as long as it's not too much longer....i will admit to being a tad bit jealous of the woman up above me who twice said thanks for your sweet words....sigh....


    take care of YOU, you're such a sweetheart to worry...

  31. Ah, Lisa. I've been half-heartedly cruising the 'web for the last hour, and finally found some rest right here. :-) I'm with you, friend. Too much stuff going on and the brain cells go *TILT* ...

    Rest your sweet self and your wit will fire up again. I have no doubt you'll be back to fine form soon, if you're able to whip your bra out from your sleeve. I've tried to do that and can't, even when I feel a surge of Olympian strength and motor control. I get everything tangled and snagged and my husband just ... laughs at me. While I fume about my lack of brassiere finesse, I realize how tardy my own blogging has been. Then I see your lovely note on my blog and think, "Yum." Thanks for dropping by ... and yes, our beautiful cats look alike!

    Bless you and be well xo

  32. Hey, Lisa, I have some Depends and Poise (actually Dominick's and Walgreen's brands) from my mother. Now that she doesn't need them, I can send them along to you!

  33. Im glad you are back to commenting on other people's blogs because some of us have 1 comment and some of us have 32. heck when I saw how many people comment on every one of your posts I almost did not feel like thanking you for the comment you left on mine but let's face it...i don't have any readers left and you might be the last one...so I better take good care of you....either way I still read your blog even when I am wallowing away by myself in the real world.


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