Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Not So Silent Scream

I know, I know. I said I was taking a break.
Then I opened Facebook to leave comments on the statuses of friends.
Then I remembered that I needed to download stuff off my camera.
Then I came across a video I made yesterday as I drove home from fabulous Macon.
Then I called about some houses to rent. (How do you like those priorities?)
Scratched my right butt cheek.
Hollered at a kid. Or two.
Played footsie with MathMan under the desk.
Convinced him (don't ask how) to phone up the storage unit place. Thank you, MathMan.
Listened to MathMan holler at a kid. Or two.
Told the Fighty McFightersons (aka The Actor and Garbo) that no one should want to watch television in the master bedroom since that's the primary place where MathMan and I have hot, sweaty, dangling from the ceiling fan monkey sex.
Asked MathMan if he thought we should dial 9-1-1 to send someone out to revive The Spawn. He said no. The quiet was kind of nice.
Did some photo editing.
Considered scratching my left butt cheek, decided it could wait. Ate a Pop Tart instead.
Asked MathMan if he thought we could pick up a banjo while we were out today.
Twirled my hair as I waited for the internet to come back on line.
Remembered to take my Phentermine at half past noon. Whoops. Guess who's gonna be up all night?
Remarked for the sixty-sixth time that I'd better get in the shower so we can get started on our quest for living arrangements, etc. (1:15 p.m.)
And put the finishing touches on this.......

Language alert - if you don't like to hear the lord's name taken in vain, please mute or do not watch.

Okay. Now I can move on with my day. I've gotta get that shower. And I better fetch MathMan. I believe he said something about wanting to watch. How unproductive of him though. Honestly. I mean, if he's going to be in there anyway, he may as well (fill in the blank.)

P.S. I'm inching closer to actually being on the video.


  1. Hah!

    Short but sweet vid. ;)

    It's hell just making it through a day lately. I can relate a little to your frame of mind.

  2. 85,285, I don't think it matter on a Friday? Been there, done that, in the mid 80's. Stayed 3 years off of Jimmy Carter / 85. only go for visits and I make them drive.'d you like Macon? lol

  3. He wants to watch you drive through Atlanta? That's not very sexy.

  4. good luck with the searching for a new dwelling

    and I disagree with Randal I think watching you drive through Atlanta is very sexy (but I've been exposed to paint fumes all morning too)

  5. I love it! I was right there with you on Friday, except it was Baltimore, and it was "I should have taken 895."

  6. the less we have the more time it takes to use it. I'm getting exhausted just reading, and I have a list as long as my arm of my own. Keep up the valient effort!

  7. Damn, if I sat twirling my hair while waiting for the internet, I'd be a ... damn, what's the name of that woman with the tangled hair...yeah her...bloody internet.

  8. That scream was way too silent. While I was waiting for it the oven timer went off on my cornbread. I found cantelope for .50 a pound yesterday. It must be Spring.

    You do look maavelous dahling! Did you know our eyes are the same color?

    Tell Mathman I have a little something for him.

  9. Such a young voice! You whistle in the dark like no one else on earth.

  10. Been there done And yeah.. usually 285 isn't much better... or at least I never found it so... but then I never managed to get past Hotlanta before 5 PM on a Friday afternoon

  11. So Mathman is into a little shower vouyerism.....He's a keeper :)

  12. I thought when you said something about blasphemy that you would invoke Jesus along with toothpicks, toast, or any manner of Catholic kitsch trophes, as in J---- H. Ch---t on Toast! or similar. All you did was try to damn Atlanta traffic, which sadly seems to be experiencing that reward already. Sigh. When will atheists learn to swear properly irreligious oaths?

  13. I am sooooo envious of you two; still having "hot, sweaty, dangling from the ceiling fan monkey sex" after all these years together. Maybe I should move further south.

  14. Well Dammit next time TAKE 285.

  15. you need to try 101 if you think that's would still be driving! and where was the scream? I was waiting for the scream with the sound turned up in bed with my hubbie asleep just because i thought it would give him an idea of the people I hang out with on here or make him jealous or something....and NO scream...although you still woke him up with the goddamit well know I know, that's not the point.....sigh....nice voice too, i must add....

    you are so gorgeous, my darling dear woman, but please stop making those frowny faces, or your face is going to freeze that way and you will be having to go into debt to buy my stuff and you don't want to go there... you have lovely peaches and cream right now, let's just keep it that way and where did those eyes come from, are you wearing contacs and are they fake or is that really the color...just a gorgeous woman, you just will never be able to escape it, that's it, pure and simple...glad it's you and not me! ;)

    what a curse is beauty....

    now about that break...

  16. this is becoming a matter....I mean maybe we could consider the phone...

    I meant to say else, your reporting about your butt cheek scratching cracked me up and I was thinking, "she really has balls AND butt cheeks, this woman, I would never discuss scratching my butt cheeks(if I had any-you do know what happens to butt cheeks over time? well, if not, I will let it be a surprise) on my blog and if i did, well come and remind me I screwed up because I am a lady you know....

    if you have butt cheeks, you can discuss the itchiness of them, if you don't you never want to draw attention to the woefully inadequate appendages...yes, I said appendages. now just think about that , missy!

  17. Love the post, loved the vid. Know the feeling about wishing you'd taken a different route. I feel that way a lot at the moment:)

  18. I liked hearing your voice.

    Isn't it weird how putting off the shower just delays the entire day? If I haven't showered, I always think,"Well, I might as well have another cup of tea and (fill in the blank for a time-wasting activity)".

    When do you have to be out of this house?

  19. Sweet,
    v. thelma and Louise, but more understated.

  20. You were taking a break? See,I missed that.

    Then - you're back.

  21. I'm with Madame Z. Really, Mathman is one lucky fella.

  22. 1. By all means, put yourself in the video next time.
    2. Thank you for not having a Southern accent.
    3. Had that been my video driving on the highway, you would have heard, "You slow motherfuckers-- stay out of the fast lane or I will ram you."

  23. OMG, you have time for a blog AND Facebook, in addition to all else!! I must be a total slacker.

  24. Your video says it's "no longer available"--what the heck?!?!

    Still, your writing was sooo entertaining in itself--you never fail to make me laugh! :)

  25. Sherwood was here . . . .


  26. That's about one of the longest showers I've ever heard of.. :-)

  27. I was going to say what makes you think 285 would be any better, but several others beat me to it. There is no way to figure out Atlanta traffic, one day it is clear sailing and the next time it is bumper to bumper. If it had been me, I would have been saying "Lead, Follow or get the Fuck out of the way".

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Love the vid...the photos are beautiful! Sorry traffic was a bear. I think it is that way everywhere. Keep smiling and might I suggest taking a differnt route weekly. It keeps things exciting.


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