Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ain't No Rest This Saturday

Busy day for the, um, well.....just listen to this.

Until we close our eyes for good.....


  1. I've been busy today also. Cleaning the bedroom including the closet. OMG where did all these shoes come from? Off alot of them go to the 2nd hand store.

    After all this, I hope we both enjoy a relaxing evening.

  2. Hey I like that song a lot! Who is that?! Gonna find out! It's catchy as hell!

  3. ditto Micgar....

    be just wicked enuf to, well...have fun! Hope you got lots done! ;-)

  4. I searched for and applied for two tech writing jobs online today. Wish me luck.

  5. Lisa[off topic]

    This is to inform you that you have been chosen to receive the coveted Neno Award.

    To discover both how your blog was chosen and the obligations of this honor, go to Wee Mousie's Stuff+Nonsense.

    To research the background of this award, go to Utah Savage.

    Good Lock, award winner, and take care.

  6. Good Lord honey, you picked a winner.
    I must have been Ghengis Kahn in a previous life, there ain't no rest fer the wicked.

    I have been trying to actually move in to this fifth wheel and I have come to the conclusion that I just plain have too much crap.

    I assume y'all know what comes next.

    XO XO,


  7. i need some down time to... and rest. how about a nice tropical island with no electronic anything

  8. I am feeling tired and unrested this morning...

  9. Linda - Even the closet? Yikes, that's determination. We had a very nice night last night. We went to a dance performance at one of the school's that The Dancer is considering. It was lovely.

    Micgar and Giggles - I emailed you the details about the band. Isn't this song fantastic?

    Roger - Thank you for letting me know. LUCK!!!!!!! I'm wishing it to you in big quantities.

    Wee Mousie - Thanks, watch for an email.

    Busted Knuckles - Love this tune. Watch your email, too, please.

    DCap - I hear you. Sounds like you've absorbed someone else's job like I had to do. The scratch is good, but the pace sucks.

    MathMan - That's because you are one of the wicked. No rest for you!

  10. Love this! Never heard it before, but would like to hear more of them. Thanks for introducing me to them, Lisa!


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