Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bizzy Blogger Placeholder: Dear Memphis, Please don't take this personally

So what is it that you want? LOL Cats? Well, the cats I know don't make me laugh so much lately. The stealth pooper is still at it and I'm perplexed about how to fix him. Nothing seems to work - massages, sweet nothings in his pointy, twitchy ears, tearful threats, a new natty diamond collar....nothing.

So instead I give you the song that has me dancing around my office and embarrassing myself because I forgot to close the blinds and the people coming and going in the therapists' office across the way need a good laugh anyway.

Shimmy with me, why don't you........?

I defy you to not sway.
Liars to that effect will be treated to what he keeps in the Royal Crown bag.........you heard me.


  1. I didn't sway and you damn well know it. Where are the power chords, dammit.

    Wait, there's booze? (I'm pretending you typed Crown Royal instead) Yes, I swayed like a shimmying shimmer of the shimmiest hips a hipster hippie ever did see, hep cats.

  2. Will only sway if you post a video of you lip-synching to this song, using a brush as a microphone, and MathMan as the bass player.

  3. Oh ...I'm swayin' alright... and singing with her, too...cuz I can't help myself...and she invites you to join her.... I've seen her live, in very "intimate" venues and she rocked the place down around us.... She is S-s-s-s-mokin'!!!

    She was recently on Letterman, too. Did you see her? She rendered him practically speechless!
    Your taste in music, my dear? Impeccable! (or however you spell that)

  4. shimmy to the right

    shimmy to left

    then sway.....

  5. I was raised Presbyterian, the people who want to eliminate all pleasure in this world, and so I can tell you that you can take care of that shimmying if you get a good alignment job at the garage.

  6. So should we roadtrip to Memphis?

  7. I am doing the white girl shimmy.

    This is to say that I'm bobbing my head and swaying quickly.

    I suspect I look like I'm epileptic.

    My kind is better built for mosh pits. Those do not require rhythm.

  8. omg, you were caught by the office staff? Lol....purrrrrrfect, said the poopin' cat in the diamond studded collar...:)

  9. Walked across the room
    In a neon light
    Dark pair of shades
    Blocking out the night

    Smoke ring blowing
    White Owl Panatella
    There wasn't a thing
    That man couldn't sell you

    He kept a 45 in a Crown Royal bag
    Wiped the fingerprints off
    Handed me the rag....

    just f*cking awesum....

  10. Sway? Okay but after I leave this OT link for ya

    Urge your representative to support legislation introduced by Rep. John Lewis (GA) that would enable conscientious objectors to pay taxes only to non-military programs. Find out more.

    I thought this was cool from down your way.

  11. Yep, can I brag? I have her autograph, too...

    I have a crush on her guitar player...

  12. yes....I have been "chair swaying." You caught me!!! Rats!!

  13. if rennratt can do the white girl shimmy i am doing the white boy shimmy
    that is lifting up my left foot then right foot in alternate steps and not moving another part of my body (hey it was a killer move in high school before we had stereo)

  14. You know Randal's lying to you, don't you?

  15. Oh, wicked stealth pooper... Why do you vex Lisa so?

  16. What is in the bag?? A Moon Pie and a RC Co-Cola??

  17. All-Mi-T needs to see this.

    The dude on the guitar is jamming... and I do love me some upright bass playing.

    Nice pick!

  18. Mighty fine singing there. Thanks for the mid-morning pick me up!

  19. I have no rhythm. None. I looked positively comical and I blame you.

  20. I bet she went back to Memphis. Is that a gun in your Crown Royal bag or are you just glad to see me?

  21. you should have opened the door and demanded that they join you :)

  22. Love it.

    People don't look twice if I dance in my office. So I had to start taking my shirt off to get their attention.

  23. Great song - great performance. There's a whole lot of very sexy, fascinating woman in that voice. And the music moves her all around the stage. I would love to seen this in person.

    I went on to watch her on the LRBC '08 - "Has Anybody Seen My Man" - She's something else! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHakJ1pcBfA


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