Friday, May 22, 2009

The Internets are Full of Very Busy People

Maybe it's the season?
Maybe it's because I'm so very much in denial that I'm old enough to have a kid graduating high school?
Maybe it's because School's Out For Summer! Forever? (for me, at least)
Maybe it's because I get to leave work early and there's a long weekend ahead?
Maybe it's a result of a conversation I just had with someone who knew me when I was just a silly young thing?

No matter. I'm feeling the need to embrace my inner adolescent. That explains the song.

So what explains the top picture? I'm editing the next Commute Chat video and the picture is relevant. Stay tuned. NowI've got to get busy taking sexy pictures of myself with my cheeks sucked and video games to play editing video............


  1. Being young is a good make me laugh!

  2. How's this for sucking up? Ahem.

    All your pics are sexy.

    The request for $ comes later.

  3. Because you make me feel young reading about your kids and you and I live vicariously through

    Not really, but it sounded good. I do enjoy reading about your misadventures...and of your times with the spawn. They are enjoyable, and I can laugh with you and close the window and go to sleep, like a Oh, that's right, I am a grandparent... gee maybe that's why I feel so old. That's why in a couple of years I am going to be seeing my oldest graduate high school so I will be feeling like you, except it will be my grand, not my daughter.. see I told you I was Now I forgot what I was even talking about.


  4. Summer always makes me want to go back to my younger days. I think I'll embrace my inner adolescent by stealing some beer from the garage refrigerator and meeting some friends at the park. Perhaps we'll break curfew.

    And those pics are hawt, as the kids say. ;)

  5. I knew we were smart to have kids in our teens. I'll only be 37 when we can kick our oldest out the door. Muahahahaha, etc.

    Why do those pics suddenly look less sexy and more 'I'm going to set you on fire, bastard?'

    Good luck to you and Mathman with your casual sex. Does that entail putting minimum effort forth, 'cause that's a plan I could support.

  6. Heh. Enjoy. Make noise and traumatize the kids. (Because they need something to tell the therapist.) ;-)

  7. I went to the ocean today and I feel like a kid again. It was wonderful. I've vowed to go there at least once a week for the whole summer... and have to wear sunscreen as I got fried just from strolling along the boardwalk.

  8. Oh yeah, I am so "very busy people" these days. Yup, that's me. Now where is the damn video woman??

  9. My inner adolescent wants to go play frisbee, drink 2-fers, and watch Young Ones.

  10. LOVE the poster! It made me laugh.

  11. They actually used the word "pixilated" in this song. Once, when I was young (20), a man told me that I was pixilated. I didn't know what he meant, and I still don't . . . but it reminds me of being young -- which fits your theme.

    Love those pictures! (You know all the teenage moves, girlfriend.)

  12. Busy...? I wish I was just busy! I am overfreakingwhelmed. But hey at least I am still kicking right?

  13. You are only as old as you look before breakfast. :) I'm not old enough to have a daughter getting MARRIED!!

    That's just crazy.



  14. It's all good.

  15. "cheeks sucked" ? lololol giggle..ok, i realize it's not funny now but it was, you have to admit..

    have a good one..can't wait for the next installment..X

  16. I will be waiting for you in my khakis and red polo shirt. I am not sure we can do business casual because there is no copy machine in our bedroom.

    I can't wait for the video... not that... the commute chat.

  17. Well, at least I've got a puppy to keep me warm.

    And I'm still counting on the webcam.

  18. Casual Sex Friday? Not with the co-workers I have.

  19. Midlife crisis in progress, huh, Lisa? :)

    Congrats to The Dancer for her graduation!

  20. Dig the sexy pics. Sexy and defiant.

    Just wanted to let you know that a couple of your recent posts about the changing nature of your blog have really inspired me lately. Glad to know I'm not alone there.

  21. yep, you look sexy to me !


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