Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Song Saturday

A set of two.

The Thermals. Now We Can See.


  1. I sure hope that's not yet another example of Green Day being unpatriotic Marxists.

  2. Heehee Randal...have a great weekend.

  3. Green Day is still around? Wow.

    They came out when I was in eighth grade. Now I'm 28.

  4. You are all to cool for me. Green Day? Never heard of them. And they've been around for 20 years? I've been living in the turnip patch I guess.

  5. I love the days when you post a music video. I may or may not listen to the music but at least it makes me feel a little less lazy for not posting long, funny stories on a daily basis.

    Utah, I don't think you're out of it at all (you sly woman :-)) but like us, passed on some western cultural stuff a while ago. Green Day were sometimes compared to the Ramones among other punkers.

  6. My eleven year old (and I) are salivating at the thought of the new album. That's how old I am, I still call them albums. However, he does think Billie Joe looks like an old fart these days.

  7. My step-son and i love Green Day. I was working in radio when they "broke". Ah, the glory.

    Billie Joe is married to a gal from Minnesota...that is if they are still married.


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