Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why I Don't Like to Write Sales Copy - UPDATED

I suck at it. I'd rather let the pictures speak for themselves.....

Thank you, Linda, for these. They are gorgeous.

Ankle bracelets! My favorite!

People of the internets - the holidays will be here before you've had time to finish picking last year's tree needles from your baseboards, so why don't you consider ordering some gifts, hmmmm?

Here are some more gift ideas: Susan of Phantsythat and Adventures Ink has opened her etsy shop. Handpainted silk bags are vastly nicer than a Target gift card, I say.

Lucinda at Lavender Moon Jewelry and Lucinda's Charms has some beautiful gift ideas.

Kimonomomo has an array of gorgeous items, too.

Oh, and have you seen Red Hot Pottery? I love Christine's work!

And of course, there is always the gift of relaxation you can give your friends, family and yourself.

Okay - a little catching up....

Yes, Mother, I'm still working!
I don't hate the new office. It's pretty and new and clean and most everything works! It's pimped out pretty nicely and reflects a rich, new-money sensibility that isn't my style, but I don't mind it either.

The commute sucks, but I'm trying to make the best of it. Placing prank phone calls, taking photos of strangers, trying to name the flora and fauna, having long, meaningful discussions with MathMan. Now, if we can stay out of the Dairy Queen drive-thru......

I locked myself out of the office on Friday. That was fun. There are lessons to be learned, but I do know this - I can kill an hour and a half pretty easily and without much blood.

One down, two to go...
Chloe, formerly The Dancer, is now firmly ensconced at her new school. We had a couple of shaky moments where she was calling home a bit too much, but she seems to have recovered from her homesickness by finding a new home.

Shrinking violet that she is, she's now the Freshman Class President and joined a sorority. Thankfully, she didn't pay much attention to those derisive things I might have said about greek life at the schools I attended. She paid much more attention to the stories about how I never reached my much-rumored potential. Nothing like having stark, bare-boned mediocrity lorded over you as a child to make you want to run screaming into every activity and leadership role you can find. Thank goodness. If someone can't learn from my hard-headed mistakes, what's the point?

Ark for Sale!
Thank you for the concern. We've not been flooded, but MathMan's school is closed, many families and staff at his school have suffered material losses. It's so sad. I can't get to my office because of road closures and the one route that I can use is horrendous on a good day, so I'm working from home.

We tried to look contrite and appropriately sympathetic when we sent Nate and Sophia off to school this morning, but I think the party hats and martini glasses were a dead giveaway. "Work from home, indeed," I heard Sophia grumble as she slouched down the front steps to wait for the school bus. As he left the house a half hour later, I believe Nate caught MathMan and me high-fiving each other. Oh well. Someday, they'll be adults with all this "freedom."

In the meantime, I'll continue to keep my rebel teenage-psyche duct-taped into her safe place. However, she wants you to know that she loves this song is rilly glad it's out on video finally.

P.S. I almost wrote a post about writing, but thought that might make you want to put your head in an oven, too, and I like you too much for that.

Until next Wednesday,



  1. Oh, hello. I am wondering why people ventured to work at all. People by my school don't need more traffic to clog up the neighborhood. I envision myself sitting in a cold vaccant RadioShack duirng the flood of '93and it was riduculous then,too. And thanks for the gift Ideas.

  2. I love it. Party hats, martinis and high fiving the kids going to school. Way to go.

  3. Our stuff is really good. Buy it or get your ass kicked.

    Is that good sales copy?

    May you all not float away. And now that you *told* us you were going to write a post about writing but didn't, what blasphemy, some of us might go Plath anyway, hope you're happy.

  4. So glad you are all OK. Have fun "working" from home. What, no naked catch-me catch-me going on?

  5. I'm a big fan of Kimonomomo!!
    you just crack me up Lisa. I do a little happy dance when the bub heads off to school each year....picture me in my MC Hammer pants boogying in the studio...
    sorry about the floods--we've had our share out here too this month...

  6. My parents flew to Atlanta today. Maybe their timing wasn't the best?

    The martini party at home proves my most dearly held belief: there is always a silver lining.

    The paragraph about Chloe and mediocrity examples (not you, silly) was hilarious.

  7. Glad you're not floating away (not sure where you are relative to Atlanta)!

    The earrings are beautiful, and is that an old lamp? because that actually is a terrific display backdrop for jewelry.

    They do grow up.

    (Party hats. Hee hee hee.)

  8. Good to hear that you've been spared from the flood!

  9. This was like the most fabulous all-around-multi-topic-serious-yet-fun post possibly ever.

  10. Wow -- hadn't even heard about your floods. We had drought for the last month! Take care!

  11. Glad to hear that you weren't flooded out (and got to work from home, wink, wink). And not surprised that The Dancer is wowing them at college. Good for her. And you may not like to write sales copy, but your display skills are first rate. Kudos.

  12. one day there will not be a Dairy Queen Drive Thru and you will you will not being able to thru it! :)

    do me a favor post the gift links again on November 1?
    The silk purse thingy looks like a nice gift for Sheri or one of the nieces but I never learned how to book mark lol

  13. I'm glad your house wasn't flooded--I was worried about you guys!

  14. Oh Lisa, you shouldn't have but it was very sweet you did. Now I have a couple of new favorites too.

    I'm so glad for Chloe. Your children do you proud.

  15. glad you ark isn't needed. Nice t hear Chloe is settling so well. Love the earrings

  16. oh, look at all the pretties!!! thank you thank you, except they are all things I want for me... :( the usual christmas dilemma..

    glad you didn't need to swim anywhere nor the kids and really glad your dear daughter is doing very very well in her new digs! that's so wonderful....mine went and had a nervous breakdown instead so be grateful!

  17. Should either of my daughters consider joining a sorority, I might just wonder how successful I was at raising them. . .

    On the commute, you should make sure someone in the lane next to you is looking, and pretend to pick your nose and flick it out the open window in their direction. It would certainly provide a moment of entertainment.

  18. Brilliant. That was the most entertaining post I've read for months....

  19. Brilliant. That was the most entertaining post I've read for months....

  20. I was thinking about your daughter. Glad she has really settled in. Can't believe mine is in her senior year - she srill calls too much, sometimes.

    I'll be shopping soon. Thanks for the ifeas.

  21. I've been away for a while. Now I'm back, and I needed a smile. Your post gave me one. Thank you, Golden Girl.

  22. So glad you aren't personally flooded but sorry to hear about the flooding in the area that is affecting others.

    I'm impressed that Chloe has recovered from her homesickness so quickly! I think I was homesick the whole first semester freshman year. I also called home so frequently that I even called to ask my mother how to spell stuff. They gave me a dictionary for Christmas that year...

    Lovely jewelry and gift ideas, will make sure to come back to your links when I get around to thinking about the holidays!

  23. I'm obsessed with ankle bracelets. Especially for beach vacas!

  24. Hey, girl...just checking in to say hello, and glad you are relatively high and dry.



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