Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Thousand Kisses Deep

I know it's Wednesday and I'm supposed to post something today, but last night I actually went out and did something social that wasn't demented and sad and now I have a pile of work to do and so writing a blog post is way, way, way down on the list of priorities.

It's not that I don't love you. It's just that I needed last night. I needed to go out and be with adults and listen to some fine, fine music in a beautiful venue. Blame it on the stars that twinkle among the blue and the wispy clouds of the fabulous Fox Theatre. Blame it on the cold that is making me sit here in socks and sandals. Blame it on that gorgeous creature Beth Coffey who suggested the night out in the first place. Wait - don't blame Beth. Thank her. Thank you, Beth.

Because now I release you from the thrall (not) of these words and into the magic that was last night.....

Or this

And oh my - this...

And THIS, and, of course, this, and this.

You know, last night as I sat and just absorbed the music, it occurred to me that the longer I walk this planet, the more I get Mr. Cohen's music......

Until next Wednesday,




  1. "I actually went out and did something social that wasn't demented and sad"

    Oh how I miss your writing! But so glad you got to see Mr Cohen -- and I've always wanted to go to the Fox Theater!

  2. Let me guess--you got to see Leonard Cohen.

    Isn't he amazing?

  3. "You know, last night as I sat and just absorbed the music, it occurred to me that the longer I walk this planet, the more I get Mr. Cohen's music......"

    Profound statement, and I totally agree with you.

  4. I love to see live music...especially with gorgeous fellow bloggers who enjoy that kind of thing.

    My friend Faux Martha and I do it as much as we can...

  5. Thanks for a nice bunch of music to start my morning.

    Hope you get over your cold soon. Or is it the coldness in the air? Socks and sandals sounds super glamorous.

  6. Nothing can top a night out listening to some live tunes.

  7. You (and mathman ) deserved it!!

    And isn't LC brilliant!!!

  8. 143dolan143glad you had a good time

  9. That sounds like a perfect evening.

  10. Cohen is a really good excuse.

    Almost every day I think of these words, "Like a bird on the wire . . . more lyrics . . . I have tried, in my way, to be free."

  11. you saw LC in concert?
    I am so jealous and also very happy you got a night out to just relax.
    hopefully i have a few of those coming up this weekend.

  12. What about "Everybody Knows"? I LOVE that song!

    I am officially adding LC to my list of 'old guys that sing...and I love them". Right next to Rod McKuen (thanks to my mum).

    I listened to almost all of the songs here. Beautiful.

  13. Good for you. We'll be here next week. Ok, before then, but you know that.

  14. it's good to go out and do SOMETHING!!~~ I went to the Fox Theater years ago...........over 20 years ago to see South Pacific......I was in town on business............
    I'm glad you got out, I regret I can't seem to write or read blogs lately.......I'm cursed!

  15. I don't know if he performed Anthem or not but I hope he did because it contains one of the most beautiful verses I've ever heard:

    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack in everything
    That's how the light gets in.

    with love to you.

  16. I love Leonard Cohen. Love love love. Was going to comment on the newest post but I get squeamish giving my own blood and didn't think reading was wise.

  17. Gosh, it WAS wonderful, wasn't it? I've been so busy, there's been no time for blog reading until now. I looked to see if I could recognize y'all, but there were far too many people. We were in the next to highest seats (the nearly-not-affordable, not the completely-not-affordable). I'll have to see if the pics I took on my phone came out halfway decently and, if so, will post on FB.


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