Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Moment of Seriousness

Regular readers know that the only way I deal with stuff is through humor. I'm pretty transparent. If I can't laugh about something, it's possible that it will eat me alive. So I hoot and guffaw my way through the crazy stuff that happens because it is my one true coping mechanism. In other words, I'd rather laugh than cry.

However, there is one thing that I've been incredibly lucky to avoid and that's anything resembling a tragedy when it comes to my kids. No matter how much I joke and complain about them, I think you guys know that if something bad happened to any one of them, I would likely never recover. That would be the one thing that would finally push me over the precipice on which I shimmy and shake most of the time. To be honest with you, I don't even let myself think about the bad things that could happen to them.

Well, the other day, my friend Buelahman emailed me and asked if I'd post about a young couple who have gone missing. The young woman is the daughter of one of Beulahman's friends. How could I not want to help? Of course, I responded. Of course!

So please, my friends, click this link, look at those young faces, read the short narrative and pass it on. The more eyeballs that roll over the photo, the greater the chance that someone might recognize these young people.

For the record, were this one of my children, well, nevermind. I can't even wrap my mind around the horror of having a missing child. I just can't.

Do your part, whatever that is. Click the link, study the faces for a few seconds, pass it on if you can. As MathMan is always telling me - it's a numbers thing. In this case, more is better.

Thank you, people of the internets.


  1. Thank you, Darlin'!

    There are a few theories abound, but none make sense to the parents. They simply do not believe that these kids would go away for so long without a word or hint that they are ok.

    There is a very dubious character involved and every young person I ask around here knows about this or even knew one or both these kids.

    Thus far, the story always leads to the same character and the likelihood of a bad ending.

    The boy's mom is medicated and barely coping (telling me she felt like she was going crazy).

    The parents just want peace.

  2. Oh my- what a tragedy. I hope that against all odds, these two turn up safely.

    I can't imagine the anxiety, despair and more of this situation.

    I send my every thought wish and prayer for these young people and for their families.

  3. Twitter is the place to post this. You will have people all over the country who will see these faces and start seeing young people and actually looking at them to see if these could be the missing kids. Feel free to poach from my followers any time you like. I'll tweet about this and so should you.

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  5. I sure do hope that they are found and they are safe.

  6. my hopes, love and prayers are with them.

  7. It seems sad to me to see the distinctions that are often made between the "deserving" and those that are shunned or ignored.

    How often do we hear of tragedies of the Poor,particularly of Minorities vs. those who are middle class or wealthy.

    I know that I'd be desperate and hanging on if I faced a similar situation - and it would be very, very hard not to isolate myself in a cocoon and Not be able to relate to others who wanted to help emotionally.

    Cases such as this are so, so hard! I'm sorry!

  8. How sad, hope they are found. It must be awful for the parents.

  9. That really is dreadful, I can't imagine anything worse than losing a child except for possibly this...just never knowing and always imagining the worst. I hope they're found and that their parents find peace.


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