Saturday, March 6, 2010

Going to School. The Down Home Writing School.

As Dr. Zaius says, no time for blogging today. I'm attending my first ever writers' workshop with The Cracker Queen Lauretta Hannon.

People of the internets, I've been looking forward to this since August. I can barely contain myself.

When I get back, maybe I'll tell you about the awful way I fell off the food wagon last night.....oh shoot, here it is in code:

Let's just say if I were a Republican politician, y'all would be scheudenfreud city over my anti-chocolate ice cream agenda.

And dang, I'd been doing so well. Thank goodness for my elliptical who loves me, even though I won't give him the reverse Olivia Newton John.....not even on his birthday.

Here's your assignment for comments. Tell us your favorite type of thing to read - a sports column, a magazine, what genre of novel, non-fiction, graphic novels, the back of a cereal box? Let's have it.

Until next time,



  1. I like to read magazines, random books I find on clearance or free, and news on the internet.

  2. well, if you must know, sex manuals.

  3. Yes.

    All of the listed items.


  4. Mostest favoritist? La poesie, bien sûr.

  5. First time ever I'm thrilled to follow Randal. He likes my poetry.

    I'm a sap for literary fiction. Good novels are my crack.

  6. I like humor in a mix of fiction/non fiction.
    Hope you get immersed & all fired up & inspired & all that good stuff.

    You have a kind of Erma Bombeck style that I love.

    You love your kids, but damn they are annoying.
    Love & marriage & the real word have their limitations.

    Real life is messy, and takes you all over the map- laughs, crying-- and everything in between.

    It's refreshing to say what you think, and social norms be damned.

    Real life has more twists & turns than fiction.

    You ride that wave well.

  7. That & I love to mock stupid labels that try to wax poetic....

    The back of a wine bottle.....

    Now they could say "It's cheap red wine. If you like cheap red wine, buy it".

    But they say" Reminiscent of a summer picnic on a verdant green lawn, sipping the nectar of this wine will immerse you in summertime, and happy memories. Envision yourself ina Renoir painting...."

    That & Coldwater Creek catalogs:

    This cobalt blue patterned print skirt will envoke thoughts of floating on a gondola in Venice. hear the music in the distance. Share sweet nothings whispered with your special someone.....

    Or " It's a blue print cotton skirt. If you like blue print cotton skirts, buy it".

    Good thing I don't write text for prescription med commercials.

    This med can cause serious irreversible damage, if you are willing to take that risk, buy this medication.

    Ok, I've had my fun.

  8. Reading my favorite bloggers (sic) has cut back my usual reading of science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, history, literature, theology, cooking, and mystery books by a third. It's been worth it. Nevertheless, if I ever disappear for a while it's because I found a hard core sci-fi book I can't put down. I like to imagine we'll get through the hard times.

  9. Well written fiction of any genre is my drug of choice.
    I'm a literary omnivore.

    Have fun with the workshop.

  10. history. I don't know why, but I'm addicted to it. Enjoy the workshop!

  11. I read everything.
    And nothing.
    It used to be just any book I could get my hands on, but I'm officially postmodern now and do most of my reading online. And like, who has time?
    I like creative nonfiction, but a good dramatic story or mystery is always nice.
    And I love to laugh out loud while I'm reading, so bring the funny.

  12. I read pretty much anything except romance novels. Well, except the romance novels written by my college friend. I'll read THOSE any day, since I know the author is smart, funny and an excellent writer. She's also fairly successful, which is encouraging.

    I gave up on trying to read the classics YEARS ago. It's not that they aren't 'good'; they aren't good to ME.

    I love the Stephanie Plum series by Janet E, the colorful writings of Sara Paretsky, the snark of Laurie Notaro, the raw emotion of Laurie Perry, the science of Tim Downs, the creativity of Susan E. Issacs, the beauty of Brennan Manning AND Donald Miller...

    The list [obviously] goes on and on.

    I guess it depends on the day. Make me think. Make me laugh. Be my escape...

  13. I've always loved stories best of all. Fiction. Short fiction. Novels. Fiction. An occasional amusing travel book. Poetry by modern and living poets(not so much in recent years.

    Lately I've been into fictionalized stories about famous people. Wild Nights by Joyce Carol Oates and right now I'm reading The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson by Jerome Charyn.

    There you have it.

    You've written about The Cracker Queen so enthusiastically! Sounds like the perfect writing coach! I'm so happy for you!!!


  14. What do I like to read? Same as Sarah - all of them.

  15. I have a thing for seed and plant catalogs right now. Spring has almost sprung, and there is nothing sexier than reading about big bold juicy heirloom tomatoes on a balmy pre-spring afternoon in these here parts. Eh, something like that.

    And then Fran is making an excellent point about wine bottle labels.

    (Honestly? I'll read just about anything but Cosmopolitan. Depends on how often I nap on public transportation to and from work.)

  16. I love to read self help/spirituality type books, and good blogs. :)

  17. Oh, also, I love to read anything Iwanski writes. He's awesome--and I say that without any bias. :)

  18. Magazines - The Economist, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair; blogs; and lots of books - magical realism is one of my favorite genres, but I also read classics, thrillers, nonfiction, you name it.


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