Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Was No More

I've finished attacking the word was and completed (for now) the Ethan story.  That project proved to be a great writing exercise.

To be sure, the story goes on.  Ethan remains one of my best friends.  When we reconnected a year or so ago after having not been in touch since the mid-1990s, it seemed as if no time had passed.  But of course it had and we've had all kinds of fun catching up and creating new stories.  For now, the story of our shared youth is captured here on its own page.  Whether he likes it or not.

Thank you, Ethan.


  1. I was actually wondering if that was him!!

  2. That can of Hershey's chocolate syrup ... reminds me of my dad. He could live on the stuff ... that and the thicker stuff he puts on his ice cream ... ;-D

  3. Chocolate syrup? I bet there is a story there. I am off to click over to see if you are going to tell us.

  4. i was expecting a different kind of picture (although hershey's syrup may be involved) from the one i got on this post! :)

  5. I'm looking forward to reading through all of them but not tonight. It's late and I have a book to finish :-)

  6. I just came by to read the Ethan stories and I must say they really are wonderful. A couple of times I felt my eyes tear up at the subtle way you addressed the sadness of a relationship doomed by circumstance instead of a lack of mutual care. The erotic scene in the parking lot was very well done too including the dangerous aspect of possibly being caught. Most of us have memories of such moments when passion overcomes usual public sobriety. I liked the scene with your brother and father too as it was a situation of complete family normality faultlessly described.

    You know, I think you've always been a very kind and discerning woman. I'm glad you write so well.


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