Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Rush and A Push

I usually do his on Facebook and Twitter, but today, because I'm short on time and because I love you so, I'm doing it here, too.

Midweek - how is it for you?  Go on, tell us.  You know you love the open ended question.


  1. I don't read the paper everyday. I don't exercise everyday. I don't even take my vitamins everyday. But I NEVER miss your Smiff song of the day.
    My week? Let's say that it is the kind of week that is too dull to write about and too physically painful to not need prescription drugs.
    p.s. I do not love the open ended questions.;-)

  2. This is first one I listened to. Who are these Smiffs? Cool song. Midweek is going well, just BIZZY.

  3. THe Smiths!! Excellent band.


  4. Your video link kind of summed up how things are for me right now: "An error occurred. Please try again later".

  5. Well, Lisa, I couldn't pull up the video but I can answer the question. We're driving east on I-40 towards Phoenix back from our California vacation (thank you iPad!) and I'm happy to say that a week that started off with me a hormonal mess and nowhere on my writing ended in a very different place for me, with no small help from some hormones!

  6. Smith. How'd you know that's my name when I use motels?

  7. not sure there is enough room in the innertubes for me and an open ended question!

  8. I am at my ropes end with the corporate world. They sent corporate honchos to do projector presentations with flow charts (have they heard of E mail???) well regardless of what they say....
    I know the real flow chart- Shit runs downhill.

    they are having a company picnic on 9-11.
    They will provide burgers, hot doge & veggie burgers. Bring your own side dish???

    They had a $10 million quarterly profit & can't afford a few side dishes??

    Well at least I feel half appreciated.
    I could get my revenge by bringing along my starving college student son....
    He's long & lean, but eats like a horse. Not exaggerating... that kid can wolf down food like crazy.

    My job has become oppressive & I feel like I can't breathe, but have to tough it out till 2011-- ***IF*** there is some other job to change to.

    The floggings will continue until morale improves.


  9. i am sorry but i have absolutely nothing to say probably because it's 1am....xoxo to you, my sweets, don't leave the shade or sit in black cars that have sat in the georgia sun-that's my advicexx

  10. I've been up to my ass in The Mom Thing this week. Productive and Proud, but looking forward to Back to School

  11. it is sunday and a nice day for music


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