Monday, September 6, 2010

Black Magpie Theory: Goodbye, Norma Rae

I have a new post up at Black Magpie Theory.  It's Labor Day so you can guess the subject.  Yes, I'm writing about shoes.


  1. You've written a very sad story, one that's not currently geared for a good ending.

    History has not been learned, bosses are doing what they've always done - pay low wages, minimize workers, divide and conquer ... but what is mostly new is the almost rapid ignorance of many people as they boost and support the greed mongers, rogue corporations and they support legislation which hurts only themselves, not the uber wealthy ... while pointing at themselves saying "I'm part of the problem" (as defined by the bosses.)

    Then there's the misuse of language. All of a sudden "Socialism" is a negative tag said by people who have benefited by countless social programs.

    Until workers and common people decide they're tired of being screwed over - and then organize with purpose and determination and then act on their convictions ... nothing will change.

    The "Have's" will continue getting richer and the Have-nots" will continue getting less. That's a fact.


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