Thursday, October 7, 2010


One of the things I really like about social networking is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with people with whom you might never have had the chance to interact with for reasons ranging from geography to the constructs we create to keep people separate.  Celebrity/fan, politician/voter, leader/follower.

Just yesterday, I responded to a Tweet put out by Ayelet Waldman, author of Bad Mother and Red Hook Road.  She'd asked for readers to resend their Tweets about typos they'd found in the hardcopy of Red Hook Road.  So I did:

And she responded without calling me a goon.

I'll never wash my twitter again.

Tell us about your brushes with greatness, celebrity, the law.


  1. I'm sure Mathman would SOUNDLY object to that! Tell him I got is back on this one.

  2. Social networking is awesome.. it helps me keep in contact with friends worth keeping around

  3. I love Ayelet Waldman. That's cool you guys exchanged tweets.

  4. First, washing your twitter should be a part of your daily hygiene regimen. Ask your husband to help, I'm sure he will volunteer.

    Second, it is at a moment like this that I have to agree. Having one's existence acknowledged by an individual whose work we admire, and whose position puts them in the public eye is marvelous. It isn't an affirmation of existence; it is just one of those moments where we brush by those in our celebrity culture (in its better aspects, anyway) who turns out to be a genuine human being. Having been there a time or two myself, I have to agree.

    I kept Rick Perlstein's message on my answering machine for months. Trust me, I understand.

  5. //
    Tell us about your brushes with greatness, celebrity, the law.//
    well,,, forget the law. In college I helped book quest speakers at the U. I got to meet bunches of folks...Margaret Mead, Buckminster Fuller, Florence Kennedy..PJ O'Rourke(before he became an asshole)...most of it was "Hi, pleased to meet you stuff. But I did get to meet Ken Kesey, author of "Cuckoos Nest". That ended up passing a tequila bottle with Ken and a couple of others at 3am. That was fun.

  6. I am a Twitter Addict these is way more crack than Facebook!

  7. Yoko Ono is following me on Twitter, does that count? And I'm facebook friends with a couple of dudes famous in Canada - but it's not like they write on my wall on my birthday or "like" my posts for things like vegetable split pea soup.

    A couple of years ago I told one of my writing classes that "my boyfriend" Michael Ondaatje had won the Governor General's award for his book Divisadero. They all clapped and went "yay!" For a split second I thought I'd go on letting them think he was my boyfriend instead of explaining that I only called him that because of my huge literary crush on that huge literary talent.

    *BUT* - another huge literary CDN talent, Alistair McLeod was my English professor for all of my Romantic Lit classes. I guess that's my one real brush with literary fame. (Ps - don't think he's on facebook or twitter.)

    I'm not telling about the brushes with the law.

  8. Awesome. I like that we have to pretend we're being immature when we laugh at naughty words and farts. I think that bawdy humor may secretly be part of adulthood.

  9. At the outset of the war on Iraq, I sent British member of parliament Claire Short an email thanking her for her outspokenness against the war and she responded. It was very cool.

    I love social networking because it has led to knowing you!

  10. I went to see a crappy pop punk band that I have a huge soft spot for on Tuesday. They're called The Maine, and they're very enthusiastic. I was the oldest fangirl in town after their gig; it was great.

    Furthermore, I have a Ryan Adams tumblr ( that two members of The Maine follow, as they're Ryan fans. I said, "Oh you follow my tumblr! Let it ride!" Jared, guitarist, goes "NO WAY!! THAT'S YOURS?!?! I LOVE THAT SITE!!!" so I'm busy gleefacing at him and THEN he goes "Now I have to give you a hug because I love that site so much!!!"

    So he did.

    I think he fanboyed me a little?

  11. I know exactly how you feel!! When I've written some book reviews and had more than one reply/email from the author I was so touched and honored........I'm geeky and I like it that way!

  12. My mother met Lord Mountbatten. Does that count?

  13. I saw Ricardo Montalban once. Ages ago, at Rockefeller Center. He was far away, but he waved. At me, I'm pretty sure.

  14. Ran into Richie Havens (The guy who sang Freedom @ Woodstock)....
    he was doing a gig @ the local University. It was an outdoor concert & had been raining like crazy.
    The rain let up & there was this fantastic rainbow in the sky & he was just standing next to us & we all admired the rainbow together.
    Far out man!

  15. Very good to get a famous tweet! (and nice to document it here so when the feed expires, you can come here for it!)

  16. I once fixed the telephones in both Elliot Gould's and Zsa Zsa Gabor's homes. Zsa Zsa has a needlepoint pillow on a chaise lounge upon which it said,"Short visits make long friendships".

  17. every christmas you can see me on TV in a commercial singing in front of the tree in rockefeller center....... this year it is Jingle Bells

    does that make me famous


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