Monday, November 15, 2010

Black Magpie Theory: Libertyland Part 1

So what if we agree to disagree
And draw lines in the sand
That become lines on a map
And then borders between
Our vision and theirs.

I'm writing a serial fiction at Black Magpie Theory.  I hope you'll join me there for part one.

(I've contracted the plague.  I'll see you guys in a day or two.)


  1. This is probably totally irrelevant, but your poem there reminded me. One of the interesting things we talked about when I TA'ed a course on Rwandan Genocide was how borders are imaginary. But once you believe in them, they have to be defended. Ethnicities are largely imaginary as well, in terms of actually separating people. If you didn't know better from what was written on a form, many more people would look exactly alike in habit, custom, beliefs, and so on. Borders are one of our most powerful imaginary friends, I guess.

  2. Going there right now. Feel better. I have it too...


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