Monday, November 1, 2010

What's Your Story, Morning Glory?

1.  I'm blogging at Black Magpie Theory today.
2.  I'm not really blogging.  I'm driving Chloe back to school, but I have a post up at BMT.  I received some mail I want to tell you about.
3.  While wearing nothing for Halloween turned out to be an inspired yet easy costume choice, it did come with some unforeseen problems.  Some near-sighted adolescent playing ding dong ditch mistook one of my pointy-outy body parts for the door bell button.  I don't think either one of us will ever forget this Halloween.
4.  I tried not to eat too much candy, but let's just say it'll be a long time before I want another Butterfinger.
5.  I introduced Sophia and Nathan to the movie Freaks.  Gooble Gobble will forever be a Golden family tradition.
6.  Because I am (1) a glutton for punishment, (2) in need of something to keep me off the streets, (3) sick of editing my first novel and ready to do some new writing, I've signed up to be part of NaNoWriMo again this year.  Last year I did it and finished writing 50,000 words while holding down a full-time job and commuting four hours a day. This year I have no excuse for not finishing.

And the best part about this second novel is that I've been preparing for it for years by conducting "research" that doubled as a hobby.  Write what you know?  Oh, you betcha.

If you're taking part and want to be a writing buddy, here's my profile.  Unlike most things in my life, I take this 50,000 words in 30 days goal very seriously so if you blog and wonder why I'm not commenting during November just remember it's not you, it's me.  I'm pacing around, gnawing pencils, meditatively ironing, brainstorming with the Pussies for Peace, twirling my hair around my finger and staring off into space, consulting my thesaurus or doing "research" on xhamster.  Research.  Oh, and I still have to finish revising my first novel which finally has a working title:  History We Don't Know.

After the month of November is up, all will be back to normal such as it was.

And so you are all caught up with me.  Now I'm driving back from Gainesville.  I'm stuck on a two-lane highway behind a slow driver.  I drank too much coffee and now I have to pee.  Should I stop at the Kroger to tinkle?  I sing to the radio or listen to old time radio shows and think about the plot for this new novel.  I ignore my phone when it indicates that I have a new text message.  I try not to think about that rise in the road where I ran over an already dead cat but the thunk thunk still haunts me three weeks later.  That bothers me almost as much as having to go pee.  I will the slow poke in front of me to drive faster.  I think about how if I stop at the Kroger to pee, I can also pick up a green pepper for the chili I'm going to make for supper.  And then my phone will ring.  Maybe it's a potential employer calling about an interview or one of the kids.  Maybe it's one of you.

If it is, will you tell me to just stop and go pee?  Oh, and remind me to get a pepper, too.

Thank you.

Now catch me up with you.  What's shakin'?


  1. Okay, if I can get 2,000 words in today, I will join you in writing a novel this month. I've never done it before, and now is as insane a time as ever, so why not? I just wrote the first 200 words, and there are lots of cusses, which bodes well, don'tcha think? If I finish, we should do a Skype where we read from our novels in British accents, the best five minutes of the book. What do you say?

  2. Not officially in Nanowrimo this year, but I am attempting to write a novella -- erotica -- with a 2,000+ word a day goal.

    Oh help me god.

    Gainesville, FL? You were only 45 minutes from me, if so, chica. Happy November, and good luck on the sprint to the 50k finish line.

  3. You go, Lisa! Go you for taking on this challenge--I know you are more than equal to it.

    Totally stop at Kroger, get comfortable, get a pepper and another coffee :).

  4. I look forward to hearing about your NaNoWriMo experience. Are you going to post your chapters some place?

  5. I tried a drawing a day and couldn't even manage that. Gabba Gabba Hey!

  6. I did the 30 post in 30 days challenge one year - but writing more than that? I admire you!

  7. This is a good time to be taking a break from my blog, believe you me. I won't hold it against you.

    Also, if I never see another Snickers bar it will be too soon.

  8. Summer - Let's do this! Join me! And when it's all over we're going to Skype.

    Fragrant Liar - I was in Gainesville, GA. Thanks for the good wishes on the goal. 2,000 words a day is doable. And erotica? Yes! Let us know when it's ready to read.

    Hannah - Thank you for your confidence! I did stop for that green pepper and other stuff. The ride went quite well.

    Susan - I don't know yet about posting the chapters. Maybe!

    susan - hey, ho, let's go! The drawing will come.

    Susan - I've considered the 30 posts, but I don't think I've ever tried this. Since I need to get my next book written, this 50k words in 30 days is just what I need to get my fingers flying.

    glasseye, you tease! Now you know I'll be over to see what's up.

  9. get a pepper. dr. pepper and a chocolate covered cone at DQ (gads I have such a one track mind sometimes)

    My friend Marjorie has some advice at her place on the writing for that thing you are writing for

    Hope this finds you well


  10. Good for you Lisa, and good luck with NaNoWriMo! I commend you for tackling that kind of a challenge!

  11. That is a hell of a lot of writing. I could never write for a living as I get total writer's block when I have a deadline. I currently write for on online publication and only have to submit an essay of 800 words per month and I sweat bullets over this. I am pathetic.

  12. I agree with those who are impressed. 2,000 words a day, that's, um, 8 double-spaced pages per day. Nothing to sniff at. Good luck. I'll join you in spirit.

  13. I know, you missed me. Don't forget the pepper.

  14. You wore "nothing" for Halloween? Seems that would be wraught with problems.

  15. I hope you've had a chance to pee between submitting that post and right now.

  16. I'm darned impressed that you can blog while driving, though frankly, am glad I'm not on a highway in Georgia.

    YAY for the WriMo! Long Live the WriMo! Yay for Naked halloween! If questioned, the easy answers are Godiva and Eve.

  17. Congratulations on participating in NaNoWriMo. I consider posting 1x every 2 weeks a bonus these days. Don't get me wrong; I have the time. I just don't have the imagination for more than that at the moment.

    However, I AM still working on the screen play. I scrapped a pile of it when it was going in a direction that my brain and esteem couldn't approve. I am now loaded with MUCH research, 10 pages written - and 10 due next Monday. My writer accountability partners will check in daily to make sure I write something every day.

    I hope to read/hear at least a portion of your finished product.

  18. Good for you, I'm sure you'll write lots this month! And yes, please stop to pee. I know how that is.

  19. Wow, you are amazing! When you're done with your ms, will you come finish mine?


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