Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Hope This Gets To You

I can't believe 2010 is winding down.
There is so much I've left undone.
Things I meant to do, but didn't start.
Things I started, but didn't finish.
Things I should have done, but well...you know.

I want things I can't have.
I want things that seem beyond the reach of all of us right now.
I want simple things, complex things.
Tangible and intangible.

I could start making lists for 2011.
I could rush to finish some of those unfinished things.
Because crossing stuff off the To Do list feels so good.
I could just read this pile of library books next to me.
And dream.

For now I give you this video because it's not just a fun visual, it's a lovely play on words.

With love,


Are you starting to assess your year?  Do you make lists?  Do you stick to them?  Do you remember where you put them?  Should we do a list here?  Has anyone seen my pen?


  1. Yes, I always have a list of New Year's resolutions...but for the past couple of years I can't seem to get past the first one on my list...find employment! I hope 2011 is the year for us to find great jobs! :)

  2. i love lists like i love Bravo TV (meaning more than i should)

    i'll have my what-i-plan-to-do-in-2011 list up soon, but for now, i've got a list item for you to add to your library book stack:

    Raising Hell
    by Jamie Court

  3. You know, I don't. I’ve been wondering what’s wrong with me lately? Holidays seem to simply be another day to me. My excitement has weakened for some reason. I am loving the holidays, but I’m not counting down like I use to. Perhaps it’s what happens with age?

    Do I think it’s crazy that 2010 is nearly over…YES. Where did the time go? But am I making a list for next year. No. Boring I know.

  4. Lists, we don't need no stinking lists. Altho I make lists to go shopping and then still come home without some things on the list. Go figure!!

    I don't make lists for next year. I just hope I remember to do all the things I told myself this year that I'll do next year!!

  5. Your poetry list is beautiful. Makes lists bearable (I do make them, I do want/ache/aspire). Shall we cross lists off our list??

    Okay, and LOVE the video!! MIght have to link that one too ;)

    xo B
    The Middle Ages

  6. Have you ever found an old shopping list in your pocket when you go to the store and bought what's on it rather than on the new one? I've found it usually provides what I needed.

  7. You got the year wrong, it's not 2010 ... it's 1984 and has been continuously that year since 1980.

  8. That was pretty cool. It reminded me of that scene from the 80s movie "Labyrinth" with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. I would love to do something like this for my wife but that would be setting the bar WAY too high. I wouldn't want her to expect something like that EVERY year. :)

  9. Wow! Great video Lisa! I will have to show this to my husband who is a musician. He will love the creativity as do I. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderfully creative people there are out there.

    I have made many lists over the years, but honestly, I've not been too successful in completing them. It is hard at the beginning of a new year to not think of things you wished you had done the previous year or what you might hope to accomplish in the next. I supppose a list is in my near future...yes.

  10. LOVE this video! The eyelashes!

    And I do write lists and then immediately lose them, cause that's how I roll.

  11. No, yes, no, on Tuesdays, impossible, it's in Turkmenistan.

  12. Oh, lists . . . I am known for leaving my grocery list on the kitchen table after I've left for the grocery store. Don't get me started on keys.

  13. I'm not brave enough to assess, but I think maybe I should do a 'strategic' list for the future and make more of an effort. It's possible I said something like this to myself last year too :(


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