Thursday, December 16, 2010

Right through the very heart of it

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I recently blogged about my friend Suzy who starred in the Seinfeld episode that featured the Black and White Cookie and the Chocolate Babka.  Suzy played the role of Barbara Benedict, the woman who got the last chocolate babka, leaving Jerry and Elaine to settle for the cinnamon babka, a lesser babka.

A day or so later, I got an email from a friend who is pure New York.  No really.  He's born and raised there.  He knows the city like no one I've ever known.  He's has that perfect city accent.  He's also gorgeous, funny as hell, is one of those genuinely nice people, talented, smart as all get out and generally wonderful.

But enough about DCap.  I have food to write about.  So that email.  He asked for our address which I provided.  I didn't think much more about it because we got distracted with an email exchange that I can't tell you about because it may show up later in wikileaks.  I'd hate to ruin the surprise.

So yesterday, the doorbell rang and I went to out to find a box on the porch.  The UPS guys are working in pairs now. I want to assume that's because of the holidays, but maybe it's because word has gotten around about me.  Anyway, when I opened the door, all I saw was a young man running after the UPS truck.  The guy behind the wheel, who may have been the guy I locked in the basement that one time, was already making a break for it.

Confused, I hefted the box and went inside.  On the side of the box was printed Zabars, a place I recognize although I've never been there.  A small sticker announced that the box contained New York Goodies.  Chloe told me later that she could actually see the light bulb go off over my head.


I went to the kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors and the squirt bottle of water.  I opened the outer box and lifted out this box.

Which had this postcard attached to it.

And was filled with all this.

Chloe came closer to see. "Black and white cookies!"
 I reached for the squirt bottle.  She was too rapt over the carborrific treats to notice.
"Chocolate Babka!" she sighed right and lunged forward.
I had to shoot her.
You can never be too careful with baked goods around that girl.

Zero Trans Fats!

In case you're wondering what a Chocolate Babka is, BEHOLD.

We had MathMan do the honors.

For the record, Chocolate Babka is divine. The cinnamon rugelach is to die for.  The black and white cookies are fabulous and no one broke a streak after eating them.  I'm hoarding the tea for a special occasion and the Ghirardelli chocolate has been stashed for future biological needs.  The I'm going to have the I heart NYC cookie for breakfast when I'm finished writing this post.

Update:  I ended up sharing the cookie with Sophie who's home on a Georgia snow day which is different from the rest of the world's snow days.  We had hot chocolate.  And maybe I ate another rugelach while, in a nice bit of symmetry, we watched Larry David go into the Yohah Shimmel Knish Bakery in Whatever Works.

And if DCap gives me the okay, I'll show you why that's so perfect for this morning.

Thank you, DCap, for the Zabar's treats.  Thank you for sending some of your wonderful city to a rural corner of Georgia.

P.S.  If you guys don't see me around, it's because I'm on the elliptical trying to keep from turning into a babka.


  1. Did you know that in New York to get a chocolate milk shake made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup(the way it should be made, not with chocolate ice cream), you have to order a black and white???

    The goodies look delish!!

  2. My son thinks social networking is cold & impersonal. Boy is he ever wrong!
    Thanks for this *sweet* story.

  3. Oh how very nice for you guys! Nothing is more fun than a goodie bag of delicious treats from NYC! Enjoy and have a lovely holiday.

  4. You are so lucky to have a friend like that. Is he looking for more friends?

  5. So yummy. I got a Zabar's chocolate babka last year - the online grocer I sometimes use - during blizzards and such - had a bunch of Zabar's stuff for the holidays. ;)

  6. Damn the lettuce. I want babka! Who do I know in NYC...

  7. Me licking the computer screen in frustration.

  8. dear That's Why comment-ers,

    i am completely jealous of the company lisa keeps here!!! cookies by mail? gift boxes straight from NYC? Really? talk about the best followers EVER.

    i'm right there with you, this girl knows her way around a blog for sure. but please, tell me how do i get keepers like she has? i want cookies in the mail. i want some freakin' baklava.

    (l, surprise gifts are a sure sign of someone worthy of as much and more. i'm just hoping some of whatever you got rubs off across the RSS feed-waves.)

  9. AmyG said it. What did you do to whip these delightful commenters into shape, Lisa? Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. Wow! Not just the choco babka, but an entire care package from Zabar's!! Sweeeet! That D-Cap is quite the guy.... Enjoy!

  11. I can't believe you fell for DCap's nice guy shtick. For someone that rails against the powers-that-be, he can only be one of their operatives. :)

  12. That's so awesome! I SO want to try a Chocolate Babka now...or even a Cinnamon one! :) (Lesser Babka? I think not! *hee hee*)


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