Monday, January 31, 2011

Silent Movie Reel

A hard to describe situation.
Filling that role. 
A long drive ahead of us.
But first a visit.
Details, please.
There and back, there and back.
Keeping a lid on it.
Tamping it down.
Don't light the fire.
You're good at that.
Washing, hanging, stretching, folding.
Writing under your breath.
You should make a note of that.
Mowing leaves in sunshine.
While Other People dig out.
Rap. Tango. Thrash. Grunge. Fast forward. Pause.
No time, no time, no time.
A chewed thumb nail.
Were the pork chops okay?
Nothing sucks. Broken boyfriend.
His belt won't stay up, his brush won't roll.
You need a new lover.
Sleep with dreams that made you
Angry and worried.
Fuck, that can't be true.
One is real. 
You know down in your knowing bone.
It doesn't matter. Hasn't for a long time.
The other cauchemar c'est impossible!
Impossible. Right?
Navy shower, find and edit. Don't drag your feet.
You always do.
Make a list.
Go, go, go.
Look for a fix. Hope it's quick and easy.
Oh, shit. See the signs.
He left with a cup of hot water.
More coffee for you.
Bonus jitters.

I know. It's not my typical offering. It's Monday after a busy weekend. It's gray. It's kindoftensearoundhererightnow. Look in your crystal ball. What do you see for the coming week?


  1. Hmmm.

    Jitters indeed.

    I was holding my breath and found myself gasping for air at the end.

    Well done.

  2. I agree with Brave Sir Robin. I feel the need to do some yoga after that one.

  3. I don't understand poetry much, but I have a hunch that this was a good poem. I liked the line about the knowing bone especially. Thank you for sharing it. I think that sharing poetry makes one more vulnerable than prose.

    Have you seen the latest season of Poirot? We're netflixing it now. Andrew read that they are making a movie of Curtain. That is going to be something to see.

  4. Bravo! I like to see you wade into new forms, Lisa.

    Especially liked this line: "Writing under your breath." That resonates with me right now. As does the feeling of "tamping it down" and all the little domestic references. Sigh.

  5. wow this is quite intriguing..i didn't know you were also a poet.. lots hidden under the surface :)

  6. I love this Lisa. You're a poet and you don't know it :-)

  7. Where do you guys come up with these incredible pictures?! I was just at Macdougal Street Baby and thinking this.

    This week .... this week I am off to a writers conference, AWP in Washington D.C. Anybody going? I'm hoping it charges my writing batteries and to see some old friends.

  8. BSR - Jitters on top of jitters! Thank you.
    MacDougal - I hope you've relaxed by now. Such as it is.
    Summer - Thank you. As for Poirot, the last set we saw was Poirot X. It had The Third Gird, Appointment with Death and Murder on the Orient Express. Curtain, you say? Cool. And I'm itching for them to make The Halloween Party.
    Meredith - Welcome back to blogging! Thank you. Yes, it seems I can't write prose or poetry without the domestic creep.
    Glasseye - Thank you. Poor MathMan didn't get any coffee this morning.
    SY - Hi! Thank you. When the moment strikes me, I guess.
    Susan - Thank you. So are you!
    Teri - I took that photo in 1987 at the Universite de Bourgogne. I saw the shadow and grabbed my camera.

    The conference sounds great! I hope you get to see friends and you come home ready to write. Safe trip and have fun!

  9. I see all kinds of good things coming your way. You certainly deserve only good. I hope my Madame Belette predictions are right on.

  10. Im sorry Lisa. I totally don't understand poetry!


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