Friday, March 18, 2011

Breathe out so I can breathe you in

Observations from my time away from the blogosphere with away being a very subjective term.

A search for a hammer can be a metaphor for life.

Not blogging is the fastest way to rid myself of blogger's block.

It's not the first bowl of Cocoa Puffs that's the problem. It's the second.

I really do like my coffee bold and dark with lots of warmed half and half.

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to build decks with material that is a bee and wasp magnet should be tortured with their own phobias.

I really love the way Stephen Elliot writes his overly personal emails.

Political television after 11p.m. does not make for easy sleep.

It's the leap forward that turns MathMan and me into night owls.

When I've completed an organization task, I'm so bloody pleased with myself that I feel like someone should slap me. Or spank me. (Freida?)

I still hate bad dialog in books. If I am ever published and reviewed and the reviewer says I do shitty dialog, I will pile up everything I've ever written, douse it in gasoline and self immolate.

One can go a long way by not being an asshole to people who work with the public - like cashiers and waitstaff. I wish more people knew this and practiced it.

Vinegar has magical powers.

Deciding to throw myself into writing is a great way to get drawers, shelves and closets organized. It also cleans the oven. With vinegar.

While I really have cut back on Twitter and Facebook this week, I did open Twitter to follow back someone who's following me and while I was there I found out the MTV is bringing back 120 Minutes. Ah, the great sex of my youth that happened with 120 Minutes on in the background. (The sex is classified as great mostly because I was thin and unmarred by childbirth, it's not a true representation of quality which definitely improves with age and experience.)

Also, Facebook isn't all bad, even if it is a tremendous distraction. A young man here in C-Vegas used Facebook to get help during a home invasion.

There are things that overlap that make me stop and wonder. But I promise, I won't develop a system of belief about it that prevents you from buying alcohol on Sundays.

A cat staring at me while I eat is fucking annoying.

When I laugh or cry at something I've written, I feel like a jerk and apologize even if no one is around.

Filling out online job applications is fun!*

Easter candy talks dirty to me. I respond.

Music gets me in the mood to work. I listen to a particular playlist before I write. Here's a sample of what goes with my current work in progress...

It's a song that will forever symbolize a moment. One tiny sliver of time that ripples outward.....



  1. If a band is wearing t-shirts I'm not interested. Even sweatshirts are marginal and if there are 5 guys jumping around, flashing $20,000 worth of tats, I'm gone. Clichés bore me.

    But if it's Vladimir Ashkenazy or Radu Lupu or Joshua Bell or Anne-Sophie Mutter then I''m listening.

    And for a wordsmith, who else but Leonard Cohen.

  2. I can't watch videos at work anymore. :( I cannot stream pandora either - which bites.

    Glad to hear a playlist is getting you in a writing mood.

  3. I gave up fb, and my house is still a mess, does that mean I enjoy reading too much?!
    I am determined to do something positive around here today.

  4. 120 Minutes, oh my!! I was totally obsessed with that show, and with Matt Pinfield. REJOICE!

    Easter candy is supposed to be eaten.

    It's Girl Scout Cookie season here.....Thin Mint time!

  5. I would comment, but I'm searching for my hammer.

  6. "Not blogging is the fastest way to rid myself of blogger's block."

    Isn't THAT the truth! Every time I say I am 'taking a break' I am flooded with post ideas! Go figure.

  7. i want a poem with the title of this post as one of the lines. please? please? maybe averil? c'mon somebody feed me some poetry. it's friday and i'm married with two kids and no babysitter; i NEED art.


    and if any reviewer ever gives you a bad review, i will swoosh down on them with the force of the four horsemen and whomp 'em.

  8. Love me my vinegar. Almost as much as my baking powder. But, truth be told, I'll always be a Murphy's Oil girl.

  9. Why don't you try filling out the job applications more funnily?

  10. I have not watched tv news since 9/11 for fear that I would never sleep again. Easter Candy talks dirty to me made me laugh out loud. Should I be ashamed? Love this post.

  11. Observations from reading your post from your time away from the blogoshere:

    I am so right and yet so wrong to be the one to admonish you for your errant ambitions, but I will give it a go, you know. ;)

    I am so bad at writing dialog, I just avoid it altogether. It holds me back, but I loathe a bad porno script, and that's all bad dialog reminds me of.

    Also, I enjoy reading and laughing at my own writing, guiltlessly even, but I'm sure that would change if reading my own stuff were a stated goal.


  12. I was on vacation for the last week and it was the first time I did not let myself even look at my blog for more than a few days.

    I carried a notebook in my purse and kept jotting down thoughts to put in my blog when I got home. I also can't tell you how many times that I thought to myself, "Wow. That is so blog worthy."

    So much for the idea that I don't really need the blog. I think that I have become one of "those" people....

  13. I'm pretty sure a cat staring at you while you are fucking is even more annoying.

    Just sayin'...

  14. "Everlong" is one o my favorite songs of all time, by the Foo Fighters or anyone else. I can;t believe it's 16 years old. It hasn't aged a day.

    I hate bad dialogue, too. Tell you what, Hun: If Simon & Schuster makes an offer for my book (a VP and Publisher solicited the whole ms), I'll use whatever pull I have to get your work looked at so you don't beat your head against the wall looking for a literary agent.

    I don't have one and, after a steady diet of form rejection letters, I decided to break the rules & go to publishers directly. Otherwise, if I'd confined my search to agents, Simon & Schuster, Doubleday and Random House wouldn't be looking at my novel now.

    Stick with me, babe, and we'll go places.

  15. "When I laugh or cry at something I've written, I feel like a jerk and apologize even if no one is around." Hello, the female Iwanski! *smiles*

    I loved reading this, always, your writing is very amusing and entertaining. :)

  16. Political TV needs to be shut off by three. Period. learn from your mistakes.

    What is it that makes people treat cashiers and waitstaff rudely? After witnessing some of these jokers, I guess it says it all that my husband says to me, "Please don't make me get bail money." So far, so good.

    Vinegar is one of those superpower things that I wish I was smart enough to know what the hell to do with it!

  17. What happens when you're on your fourth bowl of Cocoa Puffs? What then?

  18. Damn... I'm behind here on your blog.

    MTV 120 Minutes was some great music on the TV. Loved the alternative bands that were showcased each week.

    And the acoustic "Everlong" is a great song. Love me some Foo Fighters.


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