Monday, March 14, 2011

Thirty Days

I've had enough of me. I'm that person who finishes nothing and complains about it as if someone else can fix it. The book proposal isn't finished. Ditto the novel in progress, the humorous erotica story that's due for a contest on Tuesday, a story where someone gets killed also due on Tuesday or the manuscript I started for NaNoWriMo in November. My mother used to say something about too many irons in the fire. All I want to do is iron because at least there next to the ironing board, I feel in control. To remedy this, I'm taking thirty days away from blogging and social media to see what I can accomplish without the easily blamed tools of the devil getting in my brainpan. I know they don't mean to pull me away from the important stuff of busyness, the things I should be doing, but they do. I open Facebook to print a coupon for Ben & Jerry's and three days later I'm having chat sex with someone from the Federation of Russia whom I just met on tumblr via google translate, meanwhile I'm tweeting the results and can't remember when I last ate or had a shower.

To keep the blog's muscles from atrophying entirely, I might do auto draft posts once a week. Some of them might look familiar to those of you've been around since the PoliTits days. For those of you who are new, please note that over the years, the names of the characters have change. MathMan used to be The Honey. Chloe was The Dancer, Nate was The Actor and Sophia was Cupcake or Resident Evil, depending. But what am I saying? You're a smart group of people, you'll figure it out.

See you in thirty.