Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adventures in Real Parenting: You can't do this when they're little

Wednesday is penny coupon day at the grocery store so last night I was busy getting my coupons and grocery list together. As I pawed through the Smart Source coupons I called out the more "interesting" ones to Chloe.

A housecoat? You want one of those, right? They're plaid!

 (No reply. She was too busy looking at Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves)

Oh, and Trojans! Do you need any condoms?

Not if you're buying me a housecoat.

She's right. Her anti-depressants have improved her comedic timing.

What are your favorite guilty pleasures on tumblr? Also, what do you need from the store?


  1. She is so funny...

    Awkward Family Photos is probably my favorite:

    But Cake Wrecks kills me, too.

  2. Housecoats aren't in? Shit, no wonder I'm not getting any.

    I'm not guilty about looking at naked ladies. Could you pick me up a box of those delicious Triscuits?

  3. My mom used to wear house coats. And she sewed a bunch of new ones for her mom every Christmas.

  4. The last person I remember in a housecoat was my grandmother - she also used to shove hankies in her bra.

  5. Funny mom, funny daughter.

    Nothing says no need for protection like a plaid housecoat.

  6. My first husband was oddly attracted to flannel nightgowns. I didn't give it a thought until I saw his mother wearing one.

  7. As usual - the perfect combination. Great rejoinder on Chloe's part. And I see she posted today, too, in between looking at pets whose owners have given them reason for suicide (or homicide).

    What I need from the store is some of those stick on hooks for inside a cabinet door. The ones we stuck on 13 years ago in the cabinet near the stove are no longer holding, and as a consequence my mitts keep ending up in places they're not supposed to go... You asked.

  8. I'd never been to tumblr before so I ended up going there and checked a few blogs. Then I looked up 'guilty pleasures' and spent far too much time there. Then I opened comments to say something and noticed Hannah had mentioned so I had to go and look at that too. Coming to visit you can be quite an education.

    Is a dressing gown a housecoat? Or a peignoir? I have to put one on now and maybe you could pick me up some McVitties Dark Chocolate Digestives from the store.

  9. And I just finished reading that post of Chloe's - and a good bit of what you passed on is displayed over there... You have a lot to be proud of, lady (and MathMan, as well).

  10. It is true: the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree. Chloe gets a point for a great retort. YOu get a point for a great set up.

  11. Yes! Let the housecoat anarchy begin! I'm so in.
    And to quote Homer, "Somebody pass me my poking stick!"

  12. I used to think my grandmother's housedresses were funny. All those snaps! All those flowery designs!

    Right this minute, 40 years later, they sound like the greatest invention on the planet.

  13. That comment by Chloe may be the funniest thing I've read all week.

    When my friends and I went to the Outerbanks for our 40th birthdays, one of them bought everyone a housecoat. I never took mine off all week.

    Things like this could be why I'm not getting any dates.


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