Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Confessional

Good Thursday to you. I'm on a tight schedule so let's get started.

With the addition of the new (TEMPORARY) kitty, I thought it best to get Fiona to the vet for her shots and to be spayed. Before I was confident that Kitty Noir would be temporary, I had a little freak out that he and Fiona could produce even more cats. Yes, I realize I've been lagging here. Confession number one. I wasn't a responsible pet owner. Please don't tell Betty White.

Now, let me tell you, if you want to see a parade of crazy cat people and other assorted weirdos, line up at the Catsnip Project van at 7:30 a.m.

The phrase holy cats takes on an even more significant meaning. I got pummeled verbally and in writing because the cat carrier was missing a clip. One clip. I felt contrite, but was not contrite enough apparently. The intake woman wrote it on my information sheet and it was written again in bold green letters on the envelope holding Fiona's records. Finally, before she would hand the sedated cat over to me, I got a stern warning about being more responsible. How would I feel if my cat got loose and ran into the field next door to become coyote food or got into the street and hit by a moving vehicle?

It was like I was ten all over again.

These people take cat stuff seriously. And you thought me -  with my five cats - was crazy....

Confession number two. Kitty Noir has found a home and I'm not feeling sad about it. Lyra has decided to adopt him. We're sorting out the details and MathMan and I will drive KN/Inky/Anakin/Darth to Illinois to his new home. I can't wait to meet Lyra who has become an important force in getting me to sit down and write/edit every day (sometimes against my will) and I hope MathMan and I will have a chance to visit Chicago, too. I am so homesick for that place I can barely stand it.

Thank you, Lyra, for wanting this kitten. He's going to love being part of your family.

Confession number three. I don't get Google+. It's not like I've put a lot of effort into understanding it, but right now it feels like another train whooshing by while I fuck around with my lipstick on the platform.

Confession number four. I fear I'm developing a slight drinking problem. Worse - I intend to do something about it when I'm certain which may be never because I like the slightly loopy, happy, devil may care sense it lends to the end of each day.

Not that I'm placing blame but someone in my list of Facebook friends invited me to a girls' night party at her house last week and I got turned on to the tasty and tart Airmail Punch. Then another guest showed up with a makeshift Pimms. You can't find the real thing in C-Vegas. Okay, have you tried this stuff? And if so, how did you go this long without telling me about it. I thought we were friends.

Mind you, we weren't exactly drinking Pimms, but rather a recipe including non-carbonated lemonade, raspberry vodka and chopped, fresh strawberries and cucumbers with sprigs of mint. It is, in a single, shouted word - fantastic! And bonus! I counted those strawberries and cukes as fruit and veggie number four and five on my food tracking thing. Of course, I had the good sense to leave off the vodka and the champagne and rum in the Airmail Punch. I know that Sparkpeople Tracker with its mean streak. If I typed in that I drank three punches and two Pimms, it would come back to me with a message reading "Time for a visit to the Betty Ford Clinic, Miss Piggy. And stop trying to pass off alcohol-soaked vegetables and berries as something virtuous. You may as well have had some cake, you liar."

Which I did. Oink oink.

Your turn. Confess your sins, secrets and embarrassing habits. Instead of dishing out the absolution, I'll be serving the Absolut.


  1. Yay! KN has a new home!

    We had that same experience of "attitude" last year when a neighbor trapped our cat and we had to pick him up at SPCA -- they found us via his embedded chip. SPCA treated us like pet abusers because we let our cat go outside!

  2. I'm so excited your Kitty Noir found her home with Lyra! Yet another Betsy's playground meet-up --- there'd better be photos.

    As for the other stuff, I figure I'll worry about lowering the alcohol consumption and super-fat-super-sugar-super carbs intake after summer's over. I'm having too much damned fun to be serious. I don't look cute in a swimsuit, but I feel like a lit-up peach.

  3. Susan - Thank you. I remember that when you got shamed. Grrrr.

    Teri - Thanks! And if Lyra lets me, there will be photos. We'll be lit up peaches for the camera.

    And this jut in from Renn who was having trouble leaving a comment:

    Truthfully, I spend most of my days at work quietly leering at the guy that runs the company warehouse. He's in his 50's, has a mad beer gut, and is about 6'2".

    Oh, he also has a rich baritone voice and a crazy thick smoker's cough.

    As he leaves EVERY FRIDAY, he hollers out, "No, Renn! I won't get arrested this weekend!"

    He's also covered in Tats.

    I have no explanation.

    Please feel free to post this on my behalf. :)

    Oh, and I also finally finished the story of What Happened at only took FIVE MONTHS.


    Oh Renn - sometimes it's best not to be able to explain what drives us to leer.

  4. 1. Damn, if only that woman at Kitty Nippers had any clue just how responsible you are.

    2. This is great news - absolutely wonderful.

    3. I've signed up to be notified the next time they add members. Will I be sorry if I join?

    4. I just read the recipe for Airmail Punch and I may have to start drinking again. I haven't had Pimms in a very long time but I have fond memories. Of course, I also have fond (but dim) memeories of being 20 and living in London.

    You have every right to list them as fruit and veg portions.

    My sins are all on record but I'm not telling the name of the department where they're kept. I hope you enjoy the drive to Chicago.

  5. Yes, Sister Lisa, I must confess ... I've been such a bad boy ... I've been having too many fantasy thoughts.

    There's the fantasy about living in a place where the government actually represent common people. And the one where corporations don't lie, cheat, steal, rape, spindle, fold and mutilate.

    And, dare I mention it, there's the fantasy where the U.S. military budget is reduced from 50% of the Federal budget to about 20%.

  6. Glad the kitty is going to her new home!

    As for the spaying thing, don't feel bad, we have had our dog Angel since Feb. and are finally having her spayed next Thursday. We kept putting it off and then in mid-May she went into heat! Don't want that to happen again...finally made the appointment!

    I'm with you on that possible drinking problem - I finally decided I'd never lose any weight if I didn't cut back so tonight I was "good" and only had one glass of wine...

  7. Very glad you found a home for the kitty. Treat my contribution as an excuse to acquire a bottle of Pimms. And some cucumbers and fruit. Because then they cancel each other out.

    Oh, and cat rescuers are nuts. A friend adopted a cat years ago (they think the cat lived in the World Trade Towers, and when the towers were on fire a garage attendant left a door open so all the feral cats could escape). Anyhoo, before my friend coud get the cat, he had to have four or five friend talk with this woman to prove that he wasn't negligent or deranged. Christ, foster parents don't get the same level of scrutiny. We referred to her as the lesbian nazi cat lady.

  8. So wait, drinking at night until you're loopy is the sign of something...huh.
    Right so about that punch...

    And yay! I get to meet you! You know, I do have a pot of "Mojito Mint" (actual name) growing in my garden...just saying.

    Confession: I am never going to lose weight until I stop drinking lovely, heavy microbrews and I don't want to.
    Also, Pearl, the cat in residence has not been to the vet in ages because she's an indoor cat of a crabby elderly nature. I've put off taken her because I don't want the lecture about how she needs shots which being an indoor cat I have it on firm authority are unnecessary. Now though I better get her in before the kitties mix.


  9. I heard Betty White on NPR recently. I have no doubt she'd have doused you in lighter fluid and set you ablaze for forgetting that clip.

    I know this may not sound supportive in the way you need but have you considered becoming a bartender? For some reason the image popped into my brain.

  10. I am so pleased by this kitty business. What a poetic ending, for Lyra to take him! Huzzah to the circle o' blogs.

    I have never heard of Pimm's. This post reminded me of the swamp parties I'd go to in college, you know, where frat boys line garbage cans with clean trash bags (I hope...) and then fill them with some disgusting mixture of grain alcohol and fruit. Oh the memories (or lack thereof).

    I want fizzy champagne cocktails now. Too bad it's 10:22am and I'm in the office. Damnit.

  11. Very cool that she has a new home.

    Since you're in the finding-new-home spirit, send all your booze to me, even the stuff you might just accidentally lift oops from the houses of others.

    Public confessions only lead to being crushed. Once again, I must pass.

  12. Not sure about Pimms but I do need some Absolut-shun yess! I do have a list of sins that are not mortal, the sin of the moment being I'm about to make a dash to town to buy the shoes I had put away for my autumn book launch (while ex is in town suggesting I should drop everything and rejoin the workforce as an English teacher - nahh!! Not er likely while I have four teens getting up to you-name-it in my house and my bestseller coming out!) Bring on the silver water please.

  13. I gladly take the blame for the Airmail Punch! I sit here now trying to think of an excuse to make it again. You can find the recipe for making the party size serving here:
    I think we definitely could count the fruit & veggie servings in the Pimms & then there were the peaches in the cobbler... Overall, a very healthy girls' night out I think!

    So glad you found a home for your kitty! Enjoy your trip to take her to her new home!

  14. I took the dog to the rescue place she came from to be boarded for a week. The woman there tried to make me feel like shit because on the ride over I let the dog lie down on the back seat instead of installing a special doggy seatbelt just for her.

  15. OK, first - IL?!? Wonderful! The prairie could use you.

    Second - I know of several cats already named Anakin. While I realize it does lend itself to catness, I think something more original might be in order. Inky is good. Rorschach, maybe?

    Finally, as to my confession . . . I confess that I believe what both John Boehner and Barack Obama need is my mother to sit in a room with them, tell them she'll smack them both cross-eyed, and to stop fooling around and get the job done. We don't need a President. We need a national Mom.

  16. Can I count wine as fruit? Pass the cake.

  17. I can't believe how far behind I am in my blog reading!!! Probably a good thing, because if I'd read about Kitty Noir, I would have caved. I'm only at four cats, you know. And one dog. And one fish. I'm definitely slipping in the menagerie collection area.

    Good for you, and good for Lyra, for giving me one less vet bill.


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