Wednesday, September 21, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Bad Habit

Too easy? I know. My bad habits are an embarrassment of riches.

I mean, what would you have me do? I damn near exhausted myself with the mustachioed exploits of one clever Red Delicious.

I suppose I could offer photos of the following:

1. A forlorn shot of my last bowl of Quisp. The spoon at just the right angle so that a bit of the ridiculous skim milk shows through. May as well be a photo of a bowl of sugar.

2. A well-centered and garishly colored list of my favorite porn sites. With marginalia. And flash. Dear Brazzers - Yikes. Too much.

3. An artfully angled bottom of an empty ice cream container in black and white with the shadows ratcheted up to show you the ripple of marshmallow left behind.

4. A photo of a pencil sketch of a burning cigarette, but I've quit. Really. I have. 

5. A series of photos showing me relieving the liquor shelf of its burden while judgmental cats stare balefully on.

6. Screenshots of filthy and delicious emails I've got buried in various accounts, but that would take way too much effort to protect the guilty. I'm looking at you, Senator.

Oh, it all seemed so cliche as I pondered the possibilities on my chaise aka The Lawn Chair. So I went with the most cliched cliche of them all.

What are your bad habits? Spill it, silly geese.

Also - Randal goes hero. And fruity.

UPDATED: Geoffrey is da man.

Summer's low angle shots are a picnic! And then there's this


  1. Thunder - I hope you don't mind me calling you that - I could do that series, but I pull such an unattractive face when I drink gin.

  2. People call me all sorts of things, I don't mind.


    There's always vodka and o.j. or grapefruit juice. What says "GOOD MORNING!" better than that?

  3. What, nothing about Nancy Pelosi's tits? I guess referencing porn makes up for it. This is truly a golden age, sniff.

    Too much daydreaming. Wait, that's not bad. I guess I don't have any.

  4. It'd be faster to mention my good habits. I'll be back when I think of one.

  5. Honestly - while not surprising, I have to admit I almost went with this one myself.

  6. Twirling my hair between my fingers. Biting my tongue until it bleeds. Eating too many potato chips. Are you thoroughly grossed out or should I keep going?

  7. My bad habits are smoking cigarettes, drinking too much vodka, and of course spending entirely too much time on the internet .

  8. Social networking when I should be doing other things :).

  9. Oh, is lesbian erotica a "bad habit"? Just need a judge's ruling on that one.

  10. No Geoffrey, it is not.

  11. I was on FB so much yesterday morning that I forgot to pick the newspapers up off the porch. I burp in public when I need to. I drink red wine every night even though my doctor says not to.

  12. Does one day of recovery constitute the breaking of a habit? Just checking 'cause I'm sitting here ready to eat the leather off the sofa.

  13. There are no bad habits; there are only the unrealistic expectations of the normative world. I mean, why shouldn't I allow my kid to blow off school once in a while in order to properly introduce him to my favorite food carts and street psychos? I say, let's live your vocab homework instead of do it. For instance: The man on the bus bench who appears "inert" is actually "detumescent."

  14. My name is Hannah, and I am addicted to my computer.


    I also love all desserts. And eat them many times a day.

  15. You guys do not disappoint. Your bad habits make me love you all the more.

    Thunder - I'm saving the vodka for last.
    Randal - Daydreaming about Former Madame Speaker's breasts may be a bad habit.
    Lyra - I don't believe it! Not you.
    Geoffrey - I like what you did with this. Very Manly. Please see Averil's judgment re: lesbian erotica
    MSB - I'm not easily grossed out. I just cleaned up cat barf while still chewing the last bit of a Butterfinger. Hey! I'm a hair twirler, to.
    Meleah - And that is why I love you.
    Susan - You and me both. We might need a 12 Step Program.
    Averil - I concur.
    Deb - I understand this. I get the stinkeye from the postal carrier because I forget to go fetch the mail from the box. And now I'm picturing you burping in your dainty 1900s costume!
    Deb - One day is a step in the right direction. Except I'm a little concerned about the sofa chewing. I don't want to see you on that Strange Addictions program.
    Suzy - I nominate you to write a book. And curriculum for real life applications for learning. That's awesome!
    Hannah - Dessert? Where? I haven't had one since lunch. (The Butterfinger doesn't count. It was dinner.)

  16. "There are no bad habits; there are only the unrealistic expectations of the normative world."

    My new mantra .

    And Lisa - your photo is my main BH.

  17. I'm adopting that one, too, Downith!

  18. Far too many of my bad habits have been eroded by passing time. Once upon a time, if I was determined enough, I could sleep for fifteen hours. Nowadays either the bladder or the body aches insist I awake after eight hours.

  19. Yeah, those up there. Twitter brought me here. Really, I should just come here, and go to my other favourites without idly hanging around twitter at all.

    And the red stuff. Usually comes in a green bottle with a pretty label on it. Lots of calories.

    I'm combating the habit of combining those two habits above.

  20. The internet lacks enough space for me to list them all.


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