Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Silhouette

First things first: A lot of you will relate to Summer and her 13 things.  Randal's 13 things better not topple over on him or his eye.

UPDATED: Geoffrey is rescued by a cat.

UPDATED Encore: We could call Summer Hazel.

Today I'm supposed to give you a silhouette so I walked around the house camera in hand and determined not to point the dang thing at myself again.

I dicked around with a few things, but it felt pointless because the image stuck in my head when I think silhouette is this one that graces The Storialist's Facebook page.

Now this is what I think about when I think silhouette. Delicate, a beautiful cameo. And if you haven't read Hannah's poetry, you're in for a treat.


There's an unemployment diary post at my other blog. I'm feeling a bit raw and ready to nutpunch someone.


  1. Now I don't feel so bad that I've been thinking about taking a picture of a screencap of the Skinners' silhouette night.

  2. Hmm, I think my comment over at PoliTits evaporated into the ether.

    Anyhoo, nice silhouette.

  3. Can I just say how much I love the verb "dick?" More people ought to use it.

  4. I love Hannah, read her every morning!

  5. Silhouette is even a graceful word itself. Shadow ... now that is just more mysterious and dark.

  6. Aww...thanks, Lisa! Glad you like.

    I took the photo in a hotel room against some plaid drapes that I thought were so pretty....

  7. Randal - We do what we have to do.
    Averil - Blogger has a huge hunger for comments. Thanks!
    MSB - I love the verb dick. I'm glad you do, too.
    Susan - Hannah is so talented!
    C - It is such a graceful word. And yes, shadow is mysterious and dark. Two words to add to the favorites list.
    Thunder - I love it!
    Hannah - Thank you for letting me use your photo!

  8. Beautiful silhouette. On my way over to read some poetry now.

  9. Is nutpunching what you do when you're feeling low?

  10. Nutpunch - that's my new word.

    Back off or I'll nutpunch you.

    Yes dick is a great verb but it's also a great noun, as in "those dicks at Hallmark" - just read your Politits post.

  11. I can't post on the other blog. It says I'm not allowed.

    anyway. I'd like to nutpunch somebody too. On general principle but something about the banks getting their shit together so that they could foreclose faster. That's what did it for me the other day.

    Now we will have a card that says I'm sorry the bank took your house.

    I'm sorry I just posted my comment from your other blog over here.

    the silhouette really is quite lovely though. :-)


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