Thursday, September 15, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge: What I Wore today

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Day Two: What I Wore Today

Specifically, what I intend to wear today. Could be one of those days where I'm still in my workout clothes when I'm surprised to learn it's 3:30 in the pee em.

I once lived by a regimented schedule - wake, shower, ablutions, dress, tend to the needs of others, race out of the house, drive, work, drive, tend to the needs of others, housework, fuck around, crash -  so not having to be anywhere plays havoc with my personal maintenance.

I'm not wallowing in filth and stench. Gross. I'm a nudge about shaving my legs and armpits after a brief flirtation with going natural during my time in France. I can't stand stubble on myself, can't live with the fear that if I rub my legs together crickets may respond. I shave in the shower to save time and because the days of coating half my body with shaving cream and propping a leg up on the vanity are over. I'm about as interested in a total and complete removal of my leg hair as I am in shaving a charming little heart shape into my pubic hairs.

Eighteen was so long ago.

Efficiency rules. Swipe swipe swipe with the razor, shampoo, exfoliate, condition, wash, take my frustrations out on the bottom of my feet with the pumice stone, rinse, squeegee the shower and done.

Then this:

And I've got this down to three minutes.

When I finally do rouse myself to get dressed, I go all the way. I don't care if it is seven in the evening before I hit the shower. I'm going through the entire process.

After that, I tug on some real clothes. Real can be such a subjective word.

My bra straps will show, but better to wear the bra and bear the straps than to go without the bra at all. If I find occasion to go out into public, I'll swap the tank for a black t-shirt or throw a hoodie over it depending on the temperatures. Just like Jackie O. always did.

Around the house, I mostly go barefoot (hence the need for such rough treatment with the aforementioned pumice), but when I leave the house to pick Phia up from the football game (looks like I will be getting dressed), I'll slip my soft feet into these beauties. My favorites. Versatile, comfortable, simple to get off and get on, easy to throw with accuracy.

 You know, when I was little, I watched my namesake Lisa on Green Acres and imagine myself like this:

Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of that goal, fell short of the mark, discovered the benefits of comfort over glamor. Such is the pity. I would look fabulous covered in diamonds and fur. Faux. Not cat.

What are you wearing? How many products are on your skin right now? What's your favorite lipstick and/or nail color? If you're not into color, tell us about your favorite pair of shoes.


  1. I'm so glad I gave up shaving.

    What am I wearing? Are you practicing for your phone sex gig?

  2. I'm in, but I'm a day behind. I promise that you will not have to use Sharpie to deface any of my superb computer camera photography.

    Love your take for today!

  3. I'm loving this 30 day challenge. And those shoes? My feet just sighed looking at them.

  4. You are an inspiration, Lisa. And, btw, I totally see you as a Gabor Sister, but a really cool Gabor sister.

    I'm on my third day with this particular outfit: yoga pants, sleeveless shirt covered by a calico tunic with Morticia Addams sleeves.

    I won't do my hair and face until I leave for my "needs of others slash Pilates class" around noon.

    I would submit the self-portrait, taken with the backwards command of my iPhone, but it's a naked-in-the-garden pic, and the Blogger authorities would be all over my ass if I offered it up.

  5. Lisa Douglas was the Archie Bunker of the sixties. I friggin' LOVED that show!

    Yeah, I'm casual too. Though I still throw a leg up on the vanity to shave...


  6. Hilarious! I ditch the glamour at home and love my wooden Dr. Scholls and - lately now that I'm staying in my son's room - am wearing whatever I pick up on the floor. I love dressing up though - sometimes I just have to tart up and go to town. Good luck - I'll be checking you out over the next weeks. ciao cat

  7. This was interesting - another look into the secret life of Lisa.

    I wear jeans and a t-shirt year round. About the only skin product I have on is Bengay for my sore muscles. And I hate having bare feet, so I wear socks and shoes almost all the time I'm out of bed. I don't like to feel the world through the souls of my feet - though I like to feel the world through my hands.


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