Saturday, October 15, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - One last bit of self reflection

Hey, loser! Why don't you just go get a job?!?!
Summer has some thoughts on raising children that I enthusiastically endorse. Hey, my kids have turned out just fine. What? Don't look at me in that tone of voice.*

Bonus alert! Randal whistles past the graveyard.  And it's a wrap!

UPDATED: We get the many sides of Geoffrey.

UPDATED TWICE! Summer love in bright light.

Thanks to those of you who've stuck with me through this challenge. It's turned out to be a great writing prompt so if any of you are ever casting about for writing ideas, I highly recommend it. And thanks to Summer, Randal and Geoffrey for joining me in this endeavor. I hope you had fun with it, too.

So in case you hadn't gathered from the photo, I want to join The Revolt. Occupy Atlanta is growing and it's time to lend my voice. Especially before it gets cold. Yeah, I'm a weather creampuff. Why do you think I live in the South? The strong labor unions? The politically correct flags? The religious diversity? Heck, I can kill two birds with one hand-lettered and correctly spelled protest sign - I can get involved and make contact with the hippies. Man, I haven't slept around in hung out in a tent city since we had our hemp knickers in a twist about Apartheid.

Yeah, it would be good for me to get out of my head and into the mix. I'd be safer with the threat of pepper spray and cops in need of anger-management classes.

But hey, that's part of my charm!
 Take care, be kind to each other and I'll see you on the ramparts, y'all.

*Thanks, Dot!


  1. Boy, you might be even lazier than I am, jobless slacker. (ed. note: if any fuckers don't take your book, lets us know. Don't have torches and pitchforks, but I'm sure there's plenty of asbestos left over in the library basement we could stir into their coffee)

    Today's World Revolution Day? Shit, I didn't wear any red.

    You rawk.

  2. My sister also used that line about looking at one in that tone of voice!

    I'm thinking of wandering down and spending some time in the local encampment. Maybe with cookies?

  3. Smoochie noochies, Randal.

    D. I think cookies would be a welcome treat! Good for you!

  4. Protests are a lot of fun and the energy is awesome. Tho I never cared for the water cannons or armored cops and their swinging sticks.

    ps: don't try to reason with the cops, they seem to ratchet up their golf swings when you do. Just go limp ... and keep a small tube of toothpaste in your pocket and when they come at you put some paste in your mouth and get it all foamy. A foamy face does slow down the cops.

  5. Yay! We not only made it to the end, but you are embarking on a revolution.

  6. Nice picture and one of the better honest reports I've seen. I don't know whether the ows movement will go anywhere or not but it's good to see people coming together the let the b*stards know they're not fooling anyone.

    Crow is in NYC now. He got a nice t-shirt and sent a list of his favorite slogans.

  7. Don't look at me in that tone of voice. Love it! And, yes, I'm going to steal it.

  8. And I just quit a successful business so I could write. I have no excuse LOL! I wish the government would pay people to blog.

  9. I do believe there will be a business opportunity for people who sell grinding wheels and files.
    Somebody has to sharpen those pitchforks and guillotine blades.

  10. That first picture should be made into flyers and posted eveywhere.
    That. Is. The. Point.

    Just remember protect the face. Beauty before outrage.

  11. Jobless slacker. To be labeled that by anyone who has a job or who has money makes them look really stupid. I know it's tough out there and there are many that are really trying only to have those with jobs berate the unemployed.

    Keep on keeping on and something will happen soon.

  12. Good luck! Tell me how the protest goes.

  13. I have only protested once and that was at a women's rights march. Yes, I am THAT old.

    But, I recall that it was really, really fun and I got to meet Joan Baez so it wasn't all work and diligence. It was drinking sangria and acting like a fan girl too.

  14. Good luck at the Occupy Atlanta camp. And what Bill said. After seeing what they are doing to the OWS protesters, now I know why in the 60's the kids called them pigs. The level of my disgust for the NYPD can't get much worse.

  15. Love this. Love the photos (your "signage"). Was mentally composing my own ode to Occupy during insomniac hour in bed last night. We'll see if I can nail something down. Too much to say, too much emotion. Tide must turn. Go, Lisa!!

  16. And it's not like the next election cycle is going to make anything happen on the jobs front. Bazillions of dollars are about to be spent so the load of politicians can tell us how they're "different" and are actually going to "do something."

    In the meantime .... what changes?

    P.S. I have not watched a single debate. This is not like me. I am politics and news obsessed. But I literally can't stomach it this time around.

  17. tony powers/BarkingintheDarkOctober 17, 2011 at 1:01 PM

    u go girl. we all better make some noise real soon. continue...

  18. My sign would be along the lines of:

    Finally got a full time job after 2 years. Forbes Magazine says my boss is worth 1 Billion. I take home $800.00 a month after tax and benefits.

    We could march side by side.

  19. My husband and I have talked about sleeping outside in downtown Cleveland for Occupy Cleveland one night this week. True, I could just wake up, leave our tent and walk to work, but I'm also a pansy. My warm bed and the cats beckon. My sign would say: I am weak.

  20. Have fun! This protest, the Toronto version anyway, has been a swirling, colourful mess of joyful solidarity. None of those assholes breaking windows, and the cops are - wait for it - smiling and joking and posing with the peeps.

    Is there something wrong with that?

    If anyone can think up a good sign, you can.


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