Thursday, October 20, 2011

You think the honey badger cares?

So Chloe, my oldest, is home for a few days on a break from school. I'm so glad to see her, but having her here means a few changes in the home dynamic.

1. Her iPhone takes up an enormous amount of broadband and thus my online activities are curtailed. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I'm getting lots done on my WIP. Thanks to the beta readers, this thing is really improving. (Thanks, betas!)

2. Chloe's presence upsets the sibling dynamic resulting in all sorts of jockeying for attention. Again, this isn't exactly a bad thing - I quite like hanging out with my kids once in a while, but there's a shelf life to sibling rivalry and I expect to reach my limit by about 6pm tomorrow. She's staying until Sunday. So....I'll be chewing Xanax and washing it down with a cheap red on Saturday. Be sure to come back and read that blog post. It promises to be a dilly.

2.1. The cats aren't sure what to do with this person who is actually interested in picking them up and carrying them around like babies. I've heard talk of dressing them in doll clothes and enacting scenes from Jane Austen novels. And the cats thought the fleas were nuisances.

3. I get to hear what's going on with Chloe and her friends. I'm sure this is heavily filtered. As it should be. I can still remember the look on my own mother's face when I tried to explain to her what a ......well, nevermind. Let's just say her response began with "Is that legal?"

4. We get to discuss Pinterest and read recipes aloud to each other. The result? A chocolate chess pie in the oven.

5. I cook more. More specifically, I bake more. (See above.)

6. I get to experience new things. Like this:

And this:


After that honey badger video, you'd think I wouldn't be hungry. You would be wrong. Who's ready for some pie?


  1. Oh, Lisa--last summer, my husband and I were introduced to the honey badger (video) and proceeded to broaden our cult to include my brother who now considers the honey badger his religion. Even now, when my husband and I are feeling wishy-washy on something, we need only say: "Be the honey badger." It still gets me in stitches to watch it (even though I, yes, feel a little bit sorry for the snake...I know, not very Honey Badger of me.)

    I hadn't seem the second video of the fainting goats though--love it!

  2. Thanks for the introduction. Clearly I need to get in touch with my inner honey badger.

  3. Oy. That honey badger video is disgusting! But not any more disgusting than:
    I'd like to blame this discovery on my frat boy-esque kids, but no, this "Breaking the Barrier" video was courtesy of the boy that de-cherried me when I was 16.

    Hey, adolescence never ends, right?

  4. I love hearing about your ever evolving relationship with your daughter. It gives me something to look forward to in my own life.

  5. Finger lickin' good.

    So this is like a Little Rascals pie with individual chess pieces baked in? Hope I don't get a bishop, those things are scratchy.

  6. I love the heck out of the honey badger. I wish that I could take him to work with me.

    Oh...Chess PIE! I must declare a pie baking day. SOON. [You're welcome to come up and join me if you'd like.]

  7. You should get this:

    Have a lovely weekend! and yum!

  8. Now that both of our kids have been out of the house --- and out of town! --- for 6 years, it gets interesting. We can't wait for them to visit, and then we can't wait for them to leave. (did I just type that out-loud??) They're so much fun for a couple of days, but when they start morphing back into their 13 yr old selves, we grow tired.

    Of course this makes me look back at barely-adult self visiting my mother, and I see how I got on her last nerve by the time I'd leave.

  9. "Is that legal" LOL! Sooo funny. I love your honest, extremely witty blog :)

  10. Welcome to the world of the honey badger, Lisa.

    Clearly, you haven't been spending enough time on the inner toobz!

  11. teehee--I hope you get a video of that Cat version of Emma. I can imagine the dynamic is a little wonky--you are used to a different routine.

    And I LOVE those fainting goats.

  12. Oh, thank you for getting me to watch the honey badger video again. It's been a while. Just the title of your blog post alone made me laugh.

    Personally, I'm pulling for Chloe to dress up those cats...and for you to be hovering nearby with a camera.

  13. I await the xanax/red fueled post with bated breath. continue...

  14. tony powers/BarkingintheDarkOctober 21, 2011 at 5:31 PM

    the cranky curmudgeon (above) is me. the comment i.d. thingee is very confusing to a bear of very little brain. continue...

  15. No, I don't. It doesn't give a shit.

  16. Premature publication. Meant to say I'll be back for tomorrow's post. Xanax and red wine - yah baby.

  17. HAHAHA! I laughed up a wedgie watching the honey badger, that hungry fuck.

  18. "I'll be chewing Xanax and washing it down with a cheap red on Saturday."

    HA! That makes two of us!!

    And, is this the first time you've ever seen the Honey Badger video? OMG. I love it so much.

    "Honey badger don't give a shit, he just takes what he wants!"

  19. My oldest son has been back home for several months. I'd be lying if I said it's been a pure delight. Talk about messing up the household dynamic--I was supposed to be an empty-nester!

    But he's leaving this week, moving four states away. *sniff* I'll miss him, but I'm looking forward to the return of my sanity. It will return, right?

  20. My daughter (22) introduced me to the Honey Badger video. Thank-you for the refresh!

    Will be back for sure to read the Xanax and red wine post ; -)

  21. Speaking of the honey badger, it was featured on a pretty big commercial recently and it fit perfectly.

  22. Your chocolate chess pie looked wonderful when you shared a picture. I hope the great sibling wars ended deliciously.

  23. Have fun with Chloe (or is that I hope you had fun). I spent time with the relatives this weekend. My sister-in-law's bday. Got her a big bottle of vodka. Yeah, she liked her gift.


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