Monday, January 16, 2012

Living the day like it's your last

One of these things I did not do.
I had a text conversation with my youngest at 1a.m.
Dreamed about walking into Chicago barefoot in the snow.
Woke to the sound of birds squabbling over black oil sunflower seeds.
Answered a question about why there is a bar of Ivory Soap in the freezer.
Had a craving for King Cake.
Went to the grocery store.
Where I encountered a racist.
And I still didn't get any King Cake.
I fell asleep during Dylan Ratigan's show.
I helped the Pussies for Peace and Income Equality form a Superpac.
And watched rich white men talking out of their asses.


  1. OMG, Lisa! You are my idol. I am speechless here, hundreds of miles away and having read your article TWICE. That you were able to hammer her down in the moment is awe-inspiring. I bow to you, my friend.

    Now... about that soap in the freezer. Whatsthatabout????

  2. My goodness where ever in America can you find rich white guys talking out of their asses. If that were true it would probably make for some good comedy bits for the talk show hosts.

  3. I'm thinking you came home with that King Cake anyway, because you, lady, are unstoppable.

  4. Thanks, MSB. The soap is in the freezer because when I make the liquid laundry soap, the soap grates into a finer powder if it's cold.

    Bandobras - I went back to the video. I was mistaken. Those were their faces making those sounds.

    Sarah - I was whiny about the King Cake. That particular store only has displays and one has to place an order. It's such a compulsion buzzkill.

  5. Soap in the freezer. We would accidentally microwave and attempt to eat it. Except I killed the microwave so maybe it's safe to try.

  6. PIEPAC - Pussies for Income Equality. Where do I send the check?

  7. Alecto - Worst case scenario would be very clean mouths although from memories of saying bad words, I was more a Palmolive dish soap girl.

    Geoffrey - I'm their treasurer because they don't trust banks. You can send the checks to me and I'll see to it that they are deposited under the correct litterbox.

  8. People actually eat King Cake?

  9. i dunno the birds squabbling seems a little far fetched...haha

  10. Still belly bumping over here, Lisa. That's some brilliant stuff.

  11. Just remember, Lisa, that if you're running for office, you can't coordinate with your PAC. The cats will have to create attack ads on their own. :-)

  12. Glad to see your post over at PoliTits - just added it back into my blogroll feed so I'll know the next time you post there! :-) I'm voting for the creating of the PAC as the one that didn't happen but I'm sure you're considering it.

  13. I'd never read the racist piece before. You handled that like a true heroine.

  14. I don't think there's any snow in Chicago yet this winter so that could be the one. Many congrats on your marvelous reaction to that unfortunately ignorant old woman. She may not change her mind but the people who overheard your reaction are now friends in solidarity.

    I will blogroll politits too - shoulda done that sooner.

  15. Nan - I eat King Cake. It's covered in all kinds of disgusting green, purple and gold sugar. Delish!

    Brian - LOL. Our finches are full of personality.

    Thunder - I've got woodpecker envy!

    Deb - Thanks, but it's not a trip to Lapland!

    Abu - The cats are licking their chops at the very idea of creating attack ads. They just hope dogs can be the target.

    Maui - Thanks for adding PoliTits back to your blogroll! xoxo

    SusanT - Thank you. The timing of this pieces was serendipity.

    Thanks, susan. I'm sure you're right. The angry woman won't change, but at least I did what I had to do. Thanks for adding this blog back to your blogroll.

  16. And watched rich white men talking out of their asses

    It's a presidential election year, lots more of that in the forecast. : P

  17. i read your politits post yesterday but didn't have a chance to respond and say how great i thought it was. calm cool and collected. just like obama.

    and the soap in the freezer? genius! i just got BUST Magazine's big ole pink book of DIY projects. i think it's definitely up your alley too if you get a chance to check it out.

  18. Is there a prize for the correct guess?

  19. Out of all of these, I would have guessed it most unlikely that you made yourself go to the grocery store, but apparently (from the rest I read), I was mistaken.

    I'm just relieved you didn't mention ironing again. You can drink and smoke and have unprotected sex all you want, but I tremble every time I think about you picking up an iron.

  20. Wow, your Blog is great Lisa:)

    Greetings from Switzerland


  21. So you really didn't get the King Cake...that would have been my guess for the one thing that didn't happen. ;)

    Also, I totally admit I had to do a google image search for King Cake. (It's one one of those things I always heard about around Mardi Gras but never actually pictured.) And now all I can say is: WTF? But in the nicest, sugary-est way, of course.


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