Monday, May 21, 2012

Remembering the 3 F Rule

I imagine this set to music, carved on the Great Wall of China, a cave painting somewhere in France, Sanskrit on  palm leaf, set in hieroglyphics at the base of a pyramid. Captured for posterity. We could weep for humanity. Or just blog it.

daisy gardner
she walked through the corn leading down to the river

i love my mom and black metal

column hairdryer
D cup
scent of friendship

that's why
That why

rich people school senior prom date
wild cheryl strayed

big bang theory fail pictures

Remember the 3 F rule. If you're not fucking me, feeding me or financing me, then your opinions really

fun ways to style short hair on teens every day
joan didion

That's why

am siki (That's turkish)
cat wearing a wig
french painting woman man toast wine cheers
my live webcast
young anais nin

vienna beef logo
vienna beef log

I am on vacation bitch
I am on vacation bitch

Hwy 61 pic
monet metropolitan museum of art
college cheer 1984
casual sex friday

daisy gardner

why a strategy session
laundry on a line

stalking kids online

go go jason waterfalls

parachute open mind
parachute open mind

xhamster free sex mom

How do people find you?


  1. I loved that, and suspect I'll be referring to the 3F Rule in the near future. :-)


    1. In my statcounter was the first time I'd heard of the 3 F rule. It's definitely a useful approach, Pearl.

    2. You'd never heard the 3F rule? There can be as many as five, but three is the short version.

      This reads like an e e cummings poem.

  2. i am very afraid...haha...ironic that

    D cup
    scent of friendship


    1. Brian, with your brilliant use of language, I'd love to see what kinds of searches bring people to you. Have you checked?

  3. Mine are all so boring. As always, Applebees is number one (Blame David Brooks). Maybe I should just go with it:

    "I dreamed I saw Dave Brooks last night,
    At the Applebees...
    Says I, "But Brooks, there's no salad bar here"
    "I've always lied," says he
    "I've always lied," says he

    1. Thunder, that David Brooks song is going to be a huge hit. I can feel it!

  4. these search terms are hilarious!

    "vienna beef logo" is my favorite one!

    1. Meleah, I get some return customers looking for that Vienna Beef logo. Big shock, right?

  5. I'm still getting people looking for Jeremy Renner's arms. I only mentioned them twice.

    Oh, and murderous librarians showed up, too. I'm thinking of forming a band with that name . . .

    1. I love that band name, Sarah! Murderous Librarians. It also sounds like it could be an Edward Gorey book.

  6. I have no idea. I've never bothered to look.

    1. Nan - I can imagine you get hits for C-SPAN, among other things.

  7. Hey, this looks like fun. Maybe I'll turn them into a poem:

    The ancient 'archeopteris'
    Searched for the 'unmistaken child'
    Who 'sails simon bolivar'
    To 'no man is an island'.
    He teaches 'there are more things under the sun'
    If your 'balcony cutout drawing'
    Says 'anything on the days of the unicorns'
    When 'two beings from the sky'
    Find your 'missing poster elephant'

    No wonder hardly anybody ever finds my blog :-)

    1. I love this, susan! You got right into the spirit of it.

      I'm especially fond of "missing poster elephant."

  8. I don't look either, but I have to say that searching the 3F rule should bring you here.

  9. What's the 3 F rule?

    My doctor was talking to me about my gallbladder today. He said there used to be a 3 F rule called "fat, fertile and over forty" that made you more likely to have gallstones, but not anymore ;)

    People find me in very weird ways, including "bloodthirsty otters" and "enema sex video" and I am so not about either of those things.


  10. I love this, Lisa. And, believe it or not, it works.
    I'm with Nan. I never bother to look.

  11. Today's search engine gem? Nude men in a pile. Need we go further?

  12. Mostly, it's sex and soccer.

    alex morgan hot pink sports bra
    michael chabala timbers
    alex morgan hot
    hot 13 year old girls
    anatomy model
    just kids patti smith
    mike chabala
    painting by heinrich wassmuth
    toilet female
    "plot board" method explained
    imitative fallacy
    franz joseph

  13. I stopped checking my Google analytics maybe a year ago. I don't know, it just depressed me and I couldn't bother and I kind of didn't care anymore. But back when I checked, I got lots of hits from people searching for humiliation, sobbing, and bondage. Sounds about right.

    I'm sorry to say that I don't think I'll ever be able to forget the 3F rule now that I know what it is.

  14. Well, first off, I am particularly interested in your "scent of friendship." Wha?!?!

    Today I had these, which prove only how incredibly dull I am:

    jem scout and dill run from the boo radley house
    oatmeal bags
    sad sleeping girl
    joan didion blue nights

    1. Yet we are obviously on the same wavelength because you and I were commenting at each other's blogs at the exact same time!

      Oatmeal bags!

    2. Hilarious! For someone with allegedly dull search terms, you've got an extremely interesting life, Teri.

      I bet it's Joan Didion googling herself who's been reading your blog.

  15. Nineteen eighty seven would take up at least three lengthy chapters in my secret (and not so secret) autobiography. :-)

    Thanks for a great post, which I read fully only after Francis' essay on the same topic. I really went reeling back. What's done is done...reminds me a song...yes, by Shawn Colvin. I will send you a link. It's a really good song. Though it's not from 1987, what it conveys certainly pertains to a fragment of my experience of that year. Like the rest of my travels, I do okay with going back in time. :-)

    Many good regards,


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