Friday, October 5, 2012

Experimenting with an idea

UPDATED:  Chloe made it to her LSAT, threw up before the test, took the test and survived. Thank you for helping us support this kid who will soon be on her own. (We hope!)  In the not too distant future, when Chloe is a hotshot lawyer type, maybe she'll give all of us discounts when she represents us for one thing or another. Come to think of it, she'd bloody well better and we will not put up with any of that "the partners won't let me" nonsense.

Thanks to all for the good wishes and special thanks to Susan Hughes, susan, Drydiggins, Dr. Monkey von Monkerstein, ~O, Joe the Cop, Sue J, and Jenice. Your donations got her there for the big day.

A meeting of the minds.
 Save a child. 

Seeking microloans to help get Chloe to the location where she is to take her LSAT tomorrow morning. Loans can be made on paypal and will be paid back in full via a paypal return on November 1.  The Paypal link is on the left-hand sidebar.

A big dang deal will also be made of all monies raised both here and my blog. Names will be named, lenders will be thanked and praised. Good karma may be earned, but I can provide no guarantees. Your email address will not be sold and I promise not to send you 10 million emails asking you for more money for a chance to have dinner with me or The President.

And how, you may wonder, is this going the save a child? Well, let's just say Chloe's mother is having that kind of day and Chloe's broken down car is the least of the worries.

Thanks to any who consider this request.

P.S. If anyone would like a couple of daughters, slightly worse for wear, you're welcome to them. Or as Nathan says, "You know it's strange times when I'm the best kid you have."


  1. I feel like I'm having one of those days, too. I sent my daughter to school today with dog shit on the sole of her shoe. I hope she doesn't have to sit criss cross applesauce. That'll ostracize her, for sure.

  2. A much better option than sharing table space with any politician. Good luck, Chloe :-)

  3. i was wondering how you plan on voting in the coming election as that may have a bearing on the size of donation....ha....who am i kidding....i ate the last of the peanut butter today and there are still 10 days til the fifteenth...

  4. Fingers crossed for a quietly victorious LSAT.

    I'll swap you one of your kids for a nine-year old with a homework-tantrum habit . . .

  5. Sorry; late to the party once again. Hope it helps anyway. Have a better day today! :)

  6. Sorry, am currently managing my fill of girl childs. Barely.

  7. Sorry to repeat myself for the hundredth time, but they never really leave home. There's the long visits, Skype, FaceTime, messaging, holidays and extended stay overs in that never vacant extra bedroom ...and when there's grand kids, you're a parent again but without authority.

    Quick, change your name and move to Greenland before its too late!

  8. Girls! We were never girls like this were we?? Of course we were. Good luck to Chloe on her LSATS!

  9. Well, it looks like it was a happy ending. Life's an adven-cha Eh?

  10. Sorry I missed the loan request. I'm glad Chloe made it to the test. And good luck to her.

  11. Oh, dear. Sorry to be so late to this but glad it worked out.

  12. We hear you over here! Good luck to Chloe and she is not alone. My gg wants to enrol in opera singing school in London and ex who lives large doesn't want to fit the bill. Scholarships anyone?


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