Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sketch #1 - Birds

The women sat at a tall table observing their friend as she cleared empty Bud Light bottles and PBR cans. Her sheer white top showed off her tan and rode up just a little as she bent to pick up a piece of plastic cigarette wrapper that had escaped some patron's hand. She straightened and approached a table of men.

Her friends quietly sipped their cocktails, lifted their cigarettes to their lips. The scene a distraction from the conversation about a grandchild's tee ball game or work or a trip south. The Reds winning 9 to 1 deserving just the passing glance at the screen. Significant others sat at the bar, moved about the space, giving off just enough gravitational pull to keep one aware, requiring no more than an occasional glance or a smile I see you. You see me. We are.

The men at the table are dressed for golf. Men of a certain age with the tops of their cheeks sun-kissed, their eyes a slightly red-rimmed from a day of laughter, concentration and drink. The entire table went on alert as the attractive blond reached them.

Her friends watched as each man leaned in closer. See the male of the species demonstrate interest with the elongation of the neck, a dilation of the pupils.

Across the room, her best friend drew on her Salem Light. Blew the smoke out slowly. It didn't matter that the other women at the table had moved on to other conversations, other observations. When she spoke they saw it, too. And laughed.

Indicating with her cigarette their friend who was in the middle of a gorgeous, head thrown back laugh and the table of men, all long-necked and open-mouthed, she said, "Look at them. Like baby birds hoping to be fed."

Inspired by K.


  1. Replies
    1. Good point, ifthethunder..... These birds had to settle for a great view and beer.

  2. haha...yes, we can be like baby birds...just waiting to be fed....ha...that is a rather funny image...but i can see it...

    1. Thanks, Brian. The woman who inspired this is one of the naturally funny people and is great with spoken imagery.

  3. This is a great story. I knew you'd been out there collecting :)

  4. What sharp observations. So glad to see you back in the writing saddle, my talented friend!


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