Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Not L.A.

What do you do when your heart is in two places?

You kick stones. You find your place at the bar and try not to pull that face. You stop and start and hope no one notices.

What do you do when the new groove resembles the old groove?

You dance because if you don't?  We all fall.  Down.

What do you when your options narrow to a trickle and the finger of blame points back at you?

You pinch that place above your nose where the headache centers and wait for things to pass.

What do you when you can't sing a note, but the song is there?

You turn it over to the talented ones because sometimes they can tell your story better than you can.


  1. I've lived with my heart in two (or more) places for many years. Eventually, the cracks smooth themselves out.

    1. Another way in which we are similar, susan. Here we go again. Tomorrow I drive back to Georgia to start afresh. Well, as fresh as one can be on her 5th move of the year. xoxo

  2. Poetic.

    Hope things are looking better now. (The heart was sent to rehab to grow back.)(Ten years now.)

    1. Ten years? I'd say that's a happy prognosis! Thanks, D. I'm still torn, but will be doing the reverse of my current life. Living in Atlanta, visiting Indiana.


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