Monday, January 4, 2016

Daily Journal #3 - Stream of Semi-Consciousness

From Weirdo Retro

January 4, 2016

Today was the first day back to work after the holiday break-ish. Was it just me or did it really feel like a Monday after a vacation with a vengeance?

The Electrician is on rotation which means he's home for a week or two until work picks up again. I don't know which is worse - the old days when I had to go to work while my ex-husband, a teacher, stayed home for long winter, spring and summer breaks. Or working from home while someone else lolls about playing on their phone, watching TV, sleeping in, and mentioning with a degree of regularity how hard it's going to be to live without Mountain Dew.

At 5pm sharp I escaped the house for a trip to the Kroger. Note to self: Monday evening is not the night to go Krogering if you want to find most of what you're seeking on the shelves.

Because no one sane wants to cook after a trip to the grocery store,  especially a trip in which one finds only a third of the things they were shopping for, I spent a little time in two different drive thru lines partially because I couldn't make up my mind and partially because the line at McDonalds was ridiculously slow. Listen, if you can't shove the sodium and fat out that window fast enough, I've got better things to do.

And now home again with the groceries put away, the cold cheeseburger consumed and my bra blessedly removed, I'm trolling websites extolling the benefits of chia seed pudding and coconut water.

I don't know what I expect to find on those websites, but life's about the journey after all, right?

- End -


  1. I've just always loved your voice.

    1. Thank you, Bethany. It's mutual. I'm so exciting for the things happening with your writing!

    2. Thank you, Golden Lisa! :D It's officially my debut year - how strange!

  2. Considering the fact the regular items I shop for often get replaced by useless things I have no interest in, I've become convinced that once the Apocalypse comes we'll be left fighting over the last tube of bubblegum toothpaste.


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