Saturday, January 2, 2016

Daily Journal Post #1 or Where I try to get my groove back in the most pedestrian way

January 2, 2016 (I actually typed 2016 instead of typing 2015 and backspacing - Such a small, but pleasing victory.)

Weather: Cold and clear. Sunset, a recent event, was pink in the east and salmon in the west.

What's happening right now?
There is a grown man watching a Wolverine anime DVD in Japanese with English subtitles. (That explains why it was only $5.00 at WalMart). A seven year old boy is playing Minecraft on the XBox One in his bedroom and alternately visiting the living room with one piece or another from his Nerf arsenal. 

Me? I'm typing this in the dining room/home office.

Why am I doing this here instead of in one of my really nice paper journals?
My right arm and hand continue to feel like they're asleep. It makes it very difficult to write longhand. Typing is easier.

Why am I doing this at all?
1. I can't remember things like I used to and this will serve as my memory
2. I feel the need to start writing again and this is how I'm going to get started. Coming up with a themed, coherent post felt too out of reach.

What's on my phone?
Sophie is sending me photos of ideas she has for a tattoo. I am not a fan of this idea, but, as I texted to her, it's her skin.

I don't get it. Why they need this kind of permanent self expression is beyond me, but whatever. Part of releasing them into the wild world is letting them make their own decisions. And trusting them to make the right decisions. Or learn from the wrong ones.

Now she has to convince her father. He's the custodial parent. Stay strong, Mathman!

Wordbrain is also on my phone. It gives me small fits of rage. I can often see all kinds of complicated words that work and it always ends up being arm, piano and mince. Come onnnnnnnnnnn.

A group text between my children and me which ended with me pointing out to Nathan that he was missing a comma in his last text. So basically, very little has changed since the old blogging days.

Photos of barns and family dominate my photos. 

What is the last thing I consumed?
A Remy Martin chocolate. Mmmmm dark chocolate. Mmmmmm cognac.

Current reads?
WINESBURG, OHIO by Sherwood Anderson (audio). I just started listening to it today.
A TRICK OF THE LIGHT by Louise Penny (audio). I've already finished this one on audio, but it will be my sleeping book (what I listen to to fall asleep) because the narrator's voice is very soothing and I have a little crush on Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. 
A collection of Miss Marple short stories (hardcover).
UNCLE MONTAGUE'S TALES OF TERROR on my Kindle. What? Don't you read kids' books?

Resolutions for the new year?
Nothing specific, but I seriously need to listen to my body. I am not well. I can feel it. It has much to do with poor nutrition, lack of exercise, not getting enough uninterrupted sleep and stress. First up? A doctor's appointment on the 11th. It's been a couple of years and I'm pretty sure I'm a poster child for the high cholesterol and messed up blood sugar set. I'm not looking forward to the much-expected lecture I'm going to get about lifestyle choices. 

- End -


  1. Great to see you!

    I keep hearing that the secret of writing is to keep writing. This must be why we're taking so long between posts.

    Hope that your body has been noodzhing you in time, although as long as you don't have an actual hamburger in your lung, you're probably OK.

    We had other ways of messing up permanently, as you'll recall.

    Happy New Year! <goofygrin>

    1. Hey! Happy New Year. Yeah, I'm thinking this hand/arm thing is inflammation. Nothing a little more ibuprofin and little less sugar won't cure.

  2. Nice to see you again.

    I just checked the feedjit thing and it says I'm in New Glasgow, NS. My own tells me I'm in Springdale, Newfoundland - Hah! Like spring ever goes to Newfoundland. We saw a car here last week with a Newfoundland (I love that word)/Labrador license plate and figured they'd decided to make a winter visit to the deep south.

    1. It's nice to see you, too, wherever you are, susan. I think of you every day. Your art is on my bedroom wall and brings me much joy. Happy New Year to you and Jer.

  3. I'm glad to hear you are getting back to writing. I've missed you. Writing again is top of my 2016 list, too. That and that health stuff. My doctor is giving me three months to get my shit together or it's meds for me. Apparently she doesn't understand my rebellious nature at all. Three months? You're not the boss of me! Better start writing those scripts now, lady! Yeah...I am NOT a good patient. Happy New Year to you, Lisa. 2016 is gonna rock even with less than perfect lab results, right?

    1. I'm that kind of patient, too, Lisa. Here's to a happier and healthier 2016!


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