Monday, January 26, 2009


I don't want you to think it's all angsty all the time around here with me standing on the ledge threatening to jump and MathMan half wishing I would just do it already. No, we're also full of bathroom humor, sick jokes and an occasional mooning.

To prove it, I give you this, a verbatim exchange from last night.....

The set-up: On Facebook, I wrote the not so clever status message: Lisa is dodging all sorts of responsibilities.

MathMan, who was sitting across from me at the time, opened a chat because sometimes it's much more entertaining to chat online than to actually speak to each other. Plus, I suspect sometimes my voice is like fingernails raking across his psyche.

MathMan: You can dodge but you can't hide. You have the stink of responsibility all over you.
Me: That's not the stink of responsibility. That's me needing a shower
MathMan: I didn't think that I was sitting close enough for that.
Me: Mmmm, get a whiff of that!
MathMan: Should I smell something wafting in my direction?
Me: Not really, at least not until after I eat this lactose laden thing for supper.
MathMan: I appreciate the warning.
Me: You're welcome. Wait. You're eating tuna?
MathMan: Mmmmm tuna. Spicey and delicious and odiferous. Drives the cats nuts and they would not eat it if they had the chance.
Me: It smells vile.
MathMan: Vile to you. But me and the cats love it.
Me: You mean the cats and I.
MathMan: Not the cats and you. The cats and I.

I'm going to let him have the last word. This time.


  1. I expect the usual fee for blog fodder supplied....

    I know I'll get nothing and like it.

  2. And I thought the ball n' chain and I were the only nitwits to chat online whilst being in the same house together!!!!

    Fart jokes aside..we can get crude as hell. ;)

  3. I especially love chatting while peering over the monitor.

  4. We do it whilst occupying opposite ends of the house..but I can hear him snort and occasionally laugh.

  5. You both are so exceptionally cute together. It's almost as though you're married to each other.

  6. You are too sweet and smart to be married to anyone else. What Kevin says is true. I'm so happy to hear you fart, Lisa. I know women who claim to have never farted in the presence of their man. Isn't that like faking orgasm? Pretense and guile will only get you so far. Married maybe, but them what? Holding in farts for the rest of your life sounds like hell to me. So I salute Mathman's bad tuna breath and your lactose consuming farts. You have a rock solid marriage and it gives me hope. Hope for what I can not say, but hope none the less.

  7. I bet the cats are mad for MathMan's breath.

  8. It's just like a typical night here at the N House....

  9. I love that as a FB update. And I love how you gave him the last word...until you posted about it.

  10. Thank God you fart, and even better that you are brave enough to blog about it. It was a much needed laugh moment for me today. Thankyou.

  11. I think if you can discuss tuna, you pretty much can discuss it all.

  12. I have not blogged about the mighty wind in quite some time.

    Utah, isn't holding in farts, like, bad for you? Geez, you might clog up and die.

    Let that wind blow free.

    Yes, there's something so charming about it all. Tuna breath. Farts. Love is in the air. Is love usually that shade of cloudy green?

  13. Facebook chat? Oh my more ways to spend my time!!

  14. LOL! It's great to see y'all haven't lost your sense of humor! *smiles*

  15. Also, I just added you to my blog links...and by the way, thanks A LOT for giving me yet another blog that I must read!--you're a great writer! :)

  16. You think you're wacky? We've been playing 'animal crossing' daily for 3 years and still like to visit each other's town. Nowadays he's a girl and I'm a boy. We mail letters to the townsfolk who read them to us at odd moments: 'Hey, I got this weird letter in the mail'. They're invariably strange.

    btw - I like your new laughing avatar.

  17. Better in the than trapped in the belly: that's what I've got to say! ;)

  18. "The Cats and I." Sounds like a sappy musical with Yul Brynner, music by Lloyd Weber.

  19. I didn't know responsibility smelled like tuna. I don't like tuna fish, so that must be why I avoid responsibility. Thanks for clearing that up, guys!

  20. DH and I have farting contests. Sometimes we offend the dog.

    You guys are hilarious.


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