Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Hits

The Actor walks into the kitchen, takes one look at the television and says "I should never have to see Tucker Carlson this early in the day."

I hope Citi flies their new plane over what will soon be the former Golden Manor so they can see how the weeds are growing up so nicely in the once glorious garden (bitter? you bet.)

I like silly.

Don't call him a pansy.

All work and no play does make Jack a dull boy.

Sometimes, things just can't be explained.

Jimmy Eat World. The Middle.


  1. I agree with the Actor... he is like nails on a chalkboard. Its 712 and he is still screeching on. This has been a long week and its only Tuesday.

  2. You hit it all today... Thank you!
    (that's all, that's why!)

  3. The Actor is right. No one should ever have to see or hear from Carlson. Why does he keep showing up?

  4. I'm always amazed at your ability to get up early and start blogging. I visited all of your links -- and that's a pretty big emotional gamut to run through. I hope you had some coffee to go with it.

    The Citi plane thing just makes me mad. I'm glad that I no longer have a card with them.

  5. UGH...that Citi plane just sent my bile level up to 11. What a joke--when you realize that these institutions aren't changing anything about the mess they put us all in, and that $50 million is chump change for them. Think of that--in the big bailout scheme of things, $50 million mean nothing, whereas that amount of money could be life changing for hundreds of families if simply given away. Shameful.

    Oh, and thanks for the link!

  6. The plane thing also pisses me off. I think the people should ask for the money back or free rides on the plane. Just another Tuesday to enjoy.

    Have an interesting day.

  7. I'll make anonymous and agree with The Actor, I thought Tucker was history last year, he's still bloviating on air???

  8. Oh jeez, and the plane is French too. Bill O' Reilly must be rolling over in his grave with his falafel.

  9. The Actor does indeed have a point. I'd pluck my eyes out if I had to hear Tucker whine on in the morning. And he's married of Margaret Carlson. Margaret how could such a sensible woman marry such a schmuck.

    And lets all boycott CitiBank, the bank that keeps gobbling other failed banks and still refuses to loan or refinance mortgages. I'm hoping once the deep freeze of the winter thaws we'll all be carrying picket signs in front of every CitiBank in the land. Someone should shoot that fucking plane down.

  10. HAHAHA I was thinking of you this morning as I saw the yapping Chihuahua on Morning Joey the Scar today.

    What they couldn't find a fill in torture apologist to take over for Joey while he's out? (Is it wrong to hope he's being waterboarded?)

  11. I bet that Tucker doesn't like to look at Tucker that early in the morning either.

  12. I nearly spit out my drink when I heard on television that Citi defended the plane by saying they didn't use any bailout money in that purchase. What? How stupid do they think we are? Wait. They've got pretty good reason. Shit.

  13. I'm assuming you've seen the news that Citi bank canceled the order for the jet after loud protests from Congress?


  14. Lots of boycotting to do ... I think it may be the most powerful tool in our toolboxes.

    I thought of you in the whole Citi-plane saga. Jesus I'm sick of these people.


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