Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Flashback: Your Flapper Is Showing

I'm going to steal an idea from Tengrain at Mock Paper Scissors and do a Friday Flashback. So that I don't have to pay Ten huge royalty fees, I'm going to modify the Flashback. First, I'm going to share this oldie with you. It's a short fictional piece I wrote back in 2006. I'm posting it in honor of the departing Bushes.

And here's a little reading music. Now I'm kind of wishing I'd saved Somewhere Over the Rainbow from earlier this week. If you click that link, you'll see why.

We're going back pretty far, though...

Fats Waller. All That Meat and No Potatoes

Because my boss says that my listening to Happy Days Are Here Again in the office is just my cute, but ever so obnoxious, way of saying "Na na na na, na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey goodbye" to the Bushes, that's why.


  1. Heh heh, I hadn't read that yet since that was before my time - feel older yet?

    Good stuff. But next time, can you have a tornado whisk him to Old Europe so he can get arrested?

  2. That was great, I hadn't read that post of yours from 06. Thanks for sending me there!

  3. Ann Colter right? She's got that Adam's apple going for her. Love the story. And the Fats Waller. But I've got too many potatoes and not enough meat. I'm thinking we're all about to become vegetarians whether we want to or not. Maybe that's a good thing. who knows. I'm going to have to get creative with beans and rice.

  4. '06 is before my time. How about the song 'Roll out the Barrel'???

  5. I looked at the re-run and I already comment their. I already commented there. Deja Vu.

  6. that was great but not figured out who the blond are a wonderfully whimsical writer with a very odd twist...the best kind (usually :)

    and then I come took me awhile...and there's a new post! how cool is that?

  7. My franchise rates are reasonable, Lisa.

    My people will be in contact with yours. Capiche?



  8. I'm singing that song too Lisa. I would never want to go back..but onto a brighter happier future.

  9. In my book, you can't go wrong with Fats Waller.


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