Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Partly Sunny, Partly Cloudy? Updated Sort Of

I am slightly obsessive about keeping all the photos and graphics I use on the blog(s) in folders on a jump drive. I have all kinds of photos of the clean variety. And I have the kinds that I can't open when my back is to the room.

Today I started a new folder and realized with some surprise that I hadn't done so already. Up until this point, President Obama-related material was being tossed into my general government folder.

The above word-cloud from Obama's inaugural (Hey, Gifted Typist, it took me two tries to spell it correctly) is the first thing to go in my new Obama folder under the blogging pix directory.

So fascinating, you want to gauge your eyes out, right?

You're welcome.

Oh, and by special request via a teeth-chattering phone call from MathMan who was on his way to or from a Metro station (ask me about the super-hot text exchange we had about metro stations!), I'm sharing with you a very important link: Eric Philips of WSBTV here in Atlanta is traveling with the MathMan High School band and is blogging the experience. Do a fellow blogger (no I didn't say that with a pouty lower lip because he gets paid to blog) a favor and click here and leave the man a comment. You know how we all like comments, right? And don't give me any lip about having to sign up for the slanty thing to make comments. It takes two seconds. (False alarm! The comment thing is gone. Sorry for any confusion.)

I've been keeping up with the band via Eric's updates. He's a great writer, a keen observer and good humored enough to travel with teenagers and teachers. I think you should leave him very nice comments for having traveled with MathMan, who, I can assure you, is not the easiest person to travel with, most especiallly when he's traveling without his favorite piece of ..., well, without me.

I am so going to be fired as a wife...........

P.S. Be sure to not reference how crass and out of control MathMan's wife is, please. He needs to keep his job and his students need him. Thanks!


  1. I would really, really like to be as organized as you. Folders for personal stuff? Um. Also, and you know this already, I wish that when I got all fretty it would make me clean the house.

  2. i clicked but my lack of expertise in technology i did not see where to leave comments
    and if your fired send me resume lol

  3. I'm with Pido. I couldn't find the comment spot.

    Was this a test to see how many of us actually click the links?

  4. We also, by a combination of chance and design, got to watch this at work. It was great. I will remember always where I was. Usually that's reserved for disasters - but not this one.

    I hope you see the great photo and post over at Vulture Peak Muse...

    It's going to be so much better the next four years - even as we live through the aftermath of the previous four.

  5. I do everything you say, always. Did I hear you say jump off a cliff...?

  6. Your wish is our command!! I save all my blogging pics and stuff in various folders - but may switch them to a flash drive also, just for "safety" sake.

  7. Spent most of the day watching C-SPAN (other than when I was at the laundromat across the street where the TV was on Univision and they had a graphic saying "Una Nuevo Era") as didn't want to listen to the senseless blather of the talking heads especially Wolfie. I got shivers listening to the crowds cheer during the motorcade from the White House to the Capitol. All in all it was a great day, the only thing that could be better would be to see all the Busheviks doing the "Perp Walk"!!

  8. Following the band around? See, there can be a new movement, Mathheads, and we can sell tie dyes and acid in the parking lot.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Thanks for the linkage. It was an interesting experience traveling with embedded media.

  11. My, aren't we getting bossy?
    For the record, the next time I gauge my eyes out it will be for spectacles.
    Yet the graphic did not make me want to gouge my eyes out either (Another try, perhaps?); although I might have gone with Red, White and Blue just to play to the political theater crowd.

    You're welcome.
    (Yeah, that's right, Lisa. I'm being a pedantic smart-ass.)

    Considering the alarming rate of failures with modern hard and flash drives, I put stuff onto optical media ASAP. Semi-organized - until it spans 15 years and 500+ CD/DVDs. Lifespan of the media is indeterminate, but 10-30 years for CD, 3-10 for DVD is expected.

    Will they run video of any of the road trip on WSB or is it strictly a blog thing?

  12. Toldja it was a silly word to spell. It's just hard to get your fingers around.

  13. I had to have two goes at spelling inauguration too.

    Found a similar word cloud in The Guardian yesterday.

    I love them I expect its the teacher in me LOL


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