Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On This Historic Day....

....I find it completely necessary to share with you the things that spill out of my brainpan.

What a difference eight years makes.

January 20, 2001.....
I stood in a room at my friend Stephanie's house in Aurora, Illinois. MathMan and I were separated and I was living away from him and The Spawn. Tears of dread welled up in my eyes as I watched George W. Bush take the oath of office on the little black and white television. I knew he'd be a bad president. I just didn't know how bad.

January 20, 2009.......
I got a text message from MathMan. There was a picture of him all bundled up.
He was wearing his White Sox knitted cap and a scarf was wrapped around most of his face.
I could still see the smile under all that cloth.
The accompanying message read "I am freezing my 'nads off."
We are so classy like that.
Will I forever equate this moment of great historic significance with my husband's balls?
Only time will tell.

Traffic was light on the way to the office this morning.
This pleased me greatly as I considered how I might secretly watch the inauguration.
My boss called this morning to ask if I was celebrating, but not gloating.
Naturally. I'm not much for gloating. (Where people can see me.)
J, the best boss I ever had, gave us permission to watch the events today.
"I want you to be able to enjoy it guilt free" were his exact words.
The man has my number.

My mother reminded me that when I saw Barack Obama speak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, I called her and said "Watch this guy. He's going to be President someday."
I wish I had that same accuracy with lottery numbers.

When Obama first started his race for the White House, I saw a rally for him and as the attendees shook hands with the man would become President, this song played over the loud speakers....

And I thought "Yeah. Oh, yeah."

Here's to better days for all of us......


  1. When I saw Clinton give his speech in '88 at the Democratic Convention, I said that man will be President someday. All the talking heads kept saying how he went on and on with his speech, that it was way too long, but I felt by the way he talked that he would make it. Sometimes you just get a feeling and sometimes it turns out right.

    Like you I wish my insight would work on the lottery.

  2. A bittersweet moment which you capture quiet nicely with this post. However, as I was watching the video, I thought to myself: how cool would it be if Obama grew back the 'fro from his youth?

  3. ....tears of joy......literally....streaming....

    I have not heard this song....how could I have missed it? It's goin' right quick onto the i-pod. It is perfect. Thanks for sharing....

  4. I'm holding my breath, hoping this all goes well for the next four years, at least. I can't shake the fear that things are going to go wrong somewhere. I wish I could.

    His speech was rousing, even though the talking heads on Fox downplayed it as much as they could. What a bunch of asses. But that's what channel dad watches, so that's what we got an earful of today.

  5. Hey there lisa....

    I am so overwhelemed....thank you for playing Better days.....perfect...absolutely....I post them all the time- but you are right this is the song.....THE song...

    ( I will post over at watergate and thank you....)

    it has been 8 years of sheer Hell.....I never ever want to go through such a "Error" of hell again....

    thank you ....for being there....and being here...
    and watching history.....

  6. I remember crying over both George W. elections...and now I can't stop smiling!! Hooray!! :)

  7. Lisa, your touching personal reflection has captured the spirit of something very big. That's not an easy thing to do.
    Well done. Just right. And as you say: yeah, oh yeah.

  8. I am so ready!

    I know this nation is finally on it's way to a brighter future.

    Not a moment too soon.

  9. Lisa, I thought of you and all of my Democratic blogging friends as I was watching the Inauguration. It was an AMAZING FEELING being able to KNOW that people were listening intently to those words . . . just like I was. I couldn't even bring myself to watch either of Bush's Inaugurational ceremonies. First of all, I can't stand to hear the man talk. Second, I felt his rhetoric was meaningless. Third, I felt heartsick that he was running our country.

    On a personal note, I'm glad that your life has turned around for the better this year. I know you've got the Bankruptcy and all that, but my sense is that you are much stronger and more secure in terms of self and family.

  10. I've become struck dumb by it all. Maybe happiness will rob me of the need to say anything.

    So thanks for saying it for me.

  11. Okay, my heart strings are easy to tug on today--as if I haven't cried enough--but watching that video was beautiful and the tears are in my eyes once more.

  12. Yeah! To a better days for all of us :)

  13. I'm gloating openly—and I don't care! After the past eight years, we've earned the right to do so.

  14. I thought the same about his speech at the 04 convention. A good day to be an American.

  15. nice piece Lisa.... i really like Obama....

  16. Glad to here you have a great boss. I started my new job two weeks ago. I have a good boss too now, and the director of my department is a good manager. What a difference. Good luck to us all.

  17. It was a good day, wasn't it? Can't wait to hear all the details from the Mathman.

    And this feels so good it almost wipes out the feeling of dread that visited me in January 2005.

  18. I watched the joyful faces in the crowd. I listened to Obama's eloquent, coherent speech. I smelled the scent of hope. I tasted sweet victory over bitter despair. I TOUCHED THE SKY!

  19. I remember the feeling of deep depression after both Bush wins and I didn't watch either of those inaugurations. I do remember watching Hillary and Bill and everybody else up dancing to "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow."

    I can't see the song you posted from work - will have to check from home.

    What a wonderful day it was yesterday!

  20. This is such a great week. I've gotta go write about it, too...

  21. My mother reminded me that when I saw Barack Obama speak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, I called her and said "Watch this guy. He's going to be President someday."

    I did too, but I was thinking 2016. Ripened a bit quick. :) Let's hope he rights as many of the wrongs of the last 8 years as is humanly possible.


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  23. Tears of dread welled up in my eyes as I watched George W. Bush take the oath of office on the little black and white television. I knew he'd be a bad president. I just didn't know how bad.

    Man, does that bring back memories, Lisa. I recall the first words I ever said when Rehnquist said, "Congratulations, Mr. President": "No good can possibly come of this."

    I never envisioned Iraq, Katrina, 9/11, the USA PATRIOT Act, NSA wiretapping, none of that.

    What a lift off my mind and heart that I can greet this new administration with hope instead of dread, to be proud of my government once again. Well, some of it, anyway.


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