Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who Controls the Past Now, Controls the Future

Weekday mornings at our house include sensory overload. As soon as I get out of bed, I turn on the television and switch to MSNBC to see what's going on in the world. Then I go to the kitchen and do the same thing there.

As I shower, I keep the television on in the bedroom, but I listen to NPR. When I get out of the shower, I turn off the radio and go back to listening to the television. At that point, Morning Joe is on and I can watch it through the door as I finish my morning ablutions, as long as I can keep the door open. Sometimes the kids come in and sit on the bed to jeer at Joe. Those days I have to keep the bathroom door shut. No kid wants to see their naked mom applying lotion while sporting a towel wrapped around her head.

Lately, though, the NPR station doesn’t come in on the bathroom radio so I listen to cds instead. This morning, as I exited the shower, the bathroom door was open and I could see Joe Scarborough lip-synching to the song that was blasting away. ( I think I need to get my hearing checked.)

You know, watching Joe run his mouth to the words of Rage Against the Machine's Testify is so much more satisfying than listening to him defend torture and make dire predictions of the "next 9-11." Come to think of it, if he keeps talking about the "next 9-11" the way he does, with that special look in his piggish eyes, I might start thinking that he'd kinda sorta like to see a terrorist attack on the United States while Barack Obama is President........


  1. That leaves me chilled, seriously chilled.

  2. I can't tell you how many liberal and progressive friends I have who listen to all this right wing crap.

    My feeling is that if one listens to this crap, somehow it harms us. It coarsens us. Crap in, crap out.

    This is not to say I never listen to right wing crap. I do watch the Sunday morning talk shows which often have people on both sides of the spectrum.

    However, when Cheney was the sole guest on Face the Nation, I just deleted the recording. I could give a rat's ass what he says anymore.

  3. In about 4 or 5 days start looking in your mailbox..just saying.

  4. I might start thinking that he'd kinda sorta like to see a terrorist attack on the United States while Barack Obama is President........

    Ya think that MJ is pining for the next "big" story to break. Considering that he missed breaking the Mumbai massacre because those terrorists had the temerity to "act" on a weekend when he's off the air, I could see why...

  5. I find MJ interesting morning TV, what I do enjoy is Mika giving him hell. I do have to turn the channel when he gets too out there..often! For real scary morning new, tune in to fox and friends.......dang!

  6. odd seems like i had this conversation with someone yesterday lol

    I found Joey the Scar to be as big a prick today as he was yesterday. Imagine my surprise!

    (And yes no son or daughter wants to see naked Mom lol)

  7. Joe sometimes makes me miss Imus. His grumpiness was a nice way to start the morning until he stuck his foot in his mouth one too many times.

  8. Of course Joe wants to see a terrorist attack ASAP after Obama is sworn in. All the Repugs do so they can do their little "I told you so" dance. They'd rather see this country go down in flames than admit there's anything the least bit wrong with their ideology.

  9. If you leave the bathroom door open the spawn will go "Yuck" and leave. You said it yourself, no kid wants to see their mom nekkid.

    As for Morning Joe, I'm glad we don't get MSNBC. I do miss Keith and would like to see Rachel Maddow. I also don't watch Faux News or listen to too many of the Never-Rightwingnuts. I find myself yelling at the TV and that's not good.

  10. you let joe scarboro watch you walk out of your shower??


  11. listening to the right wing "acts" is sometimes the best way to keep up with what the other side is "thinking!" but that said, watching MJ scarborough is like watching a frat boy try to show he actually learned something in political science. he is aggravating and childish in that way that my teenage nephews and their friends are -- you want to smack them and say, "grow up!" but at least, i have hopes my nephews *will* grow up... for JS it's too late and too lucrative to giving up being an idiot.

  12. I stopped reading with the image of you naked, putting on lotion, with only a towel around your head.

    Sorry about that . . .


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