Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have Camera, Will Be Goofy

Some people should not be turned loose with a camera because they do things like this:

They take pictures of impractical houses to rent.
(Do not call landlords, this house is not right for you, Lisa, you know that. No one cares that it's a historical home.
It's probably infested with termites and does it even have indoor plumbing? Yeah, but look at those double doors! Painted RED, no less...)

They take pictures of cat or rather ask their kids to take pictures of stealth cat dookie.

They take pictures of body parts.

Sometimes not their own.

Give them software and they do crazy things like photo editing and.....

.....they make videos.

Of silly and mundane things, that have no business being videotaped.
(Note you can hear a truly typical exchange between MathMan and me.)

P.S. And when they go through Federal Court security, they remember to wear their ratty-ass non-wired white cotton bra that is falling apart and has a hole just to the left of their right nipple, but who cares?

And they would never dream of using the word shitter in front of the American flag.
The very idea.....shocking, People of the Internets, shocking.....


  1. Huh! So it was true! And pretty, pretty eye!

  2. Hey; we finally know what your voices sound like! The drive was pretty cool, and I love the fact that there is no snow! ;)

    But what's it like to actually be able to PARK in the garage? Ours is so full of stuff that we can barely turn around in there!

  3. That was entertaining. I know it isn't yours for much longer, but that is a nice house or at least the front of it is nice.

  4. what camera brand? it takes great macro shots and videos!

  5. I've never been able to figure out how to remove a bra without taking arms from sleeves first. Please write back with detailed instructions at your earliest opportunity. Next you will tell me you can remove your glasses without taking your hat off.

  6. I liked that video a lot. :)

  7. Next time you bullshit us about run-in at federal court, see if you can make us believe the old man is the one who has to remove the bra. And about that historic home, at least you have the Pussies for Peace to take care of the requisite rodent problem. Here's hoping your next place has better/less expensive internet access.

  8. I almost never take pictures, and your photo posts always make me want to start. I'll think about it.

  9. Your voice is higher than I imagined, but I can totally hear you as Miss Lemon now.

  10. lol, that was lots of fun...and yes,I am a tad sick.....

  11. Great video, fun to hear your voices. Mathman is a total hottie, but you already knew that. Maybe next time we'll get to see you in the video?

    My equilibrium survived watching, but I couldn't make a video like that without getting sick. And I don't want the last 3.5 minutes back. I want more videos!

  12. Dude, where you live is totally COUNTRY!! You're both a couple-a rednecks, aren't ya'? *ha ha* I'm kidding--it does look nice and foresty there--and snowless! I love it! :)

    Also, it was nice to hear your voices. Maybe someday you guys will come to Chicago and we can meet in person. That would be fun. :)

  13. It was fun to look at a country drive; a New Yorker to the core, I still love to escape the Big Apple. I enjoyed it.

    I will also say I would not want to do it every day. I'll take the subway, thank you.

  14. I forgot to say, bravo on the photo editing, nicely creative!

  15. I think you are right about the house. I am a sucker for a red door.

    And, hey, after that long ride the least you could have done is invite us in.

  16. Your blog is one of the few I read/visit first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Your view on life, love, kids and the crappy things that happen to people help me keep my messy life in perspective. The endorphin rush alone from laughing is reason enough to come here.

    Thank heavens you are here, Lisa!


  17. My reflections have been well-documented by others who got to this thread before I did. Still, I have to say that historic homes do hold a kind of attraction for me, but they often requires 6077087807087 dollars worth of work to maintain and renovate.

  18. I love your pictures...your eye and the one on the bottom, especially....

    Did you know that (on churches, at least) red doors signify that the mortgage is paid off? When our house is paid, I'm painting our front door red too...probably gonna add matching red shudders...just to drive the point home....

  19. Nice pad, Lisa.
    Nice eye, too.
    Matchman looks like an entirely appealing human being, alas.
    Makes it hard to ogle you with a clear conscience.
    Did I mention I had dinner with D-Guz last night?
    Just wondering.
    P.S. Nice eye.

  20. Oops, I meant to type Mathman, not Matchman.

  21. Why did they build your house sideways?

    I don't understand.

  22. Jeeze! My ear? Yikes Yikes but you lips, mmmm.

    Karen - if only I weren't a man.

  23. I love the shot of the eye! Awesome!

    I always feel silly when I whip out my camera and start snapping at random things like shadws or tres or my feet or the lady on the train....

    But I am getting over it.

  24. Your life goes back and forth between quasi-terrorizing the courts of GA and video taping your drive home through the middle of nowhere... Contrast - you gots it.

    It was fun to hear your voices. Another little piece of who you are. I'm assembling a Golden puzzle in my head; pieces come along now and then. This was one of those pieces that fill in some important section and make sense out of a couple of chunks that couldn't be placed before.

  25. That shopped photo of you is gorgeous and colorful...I love it. You're beautiful :)

  26. Mathman, I have been known to jump the fence on rare occasions,
    but I digress.
    That historic home tells me, "nuthin' says home like missing roof shingles."

  27. How in the world did you get more beautiful while I was away? Incidentally, I am wearing that very bra right now. The glamorous life is what it is.

    And, no, middle schoolers have not eaten me alive... yet.

  28. Wow, you live near an immobile home park!



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