Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Wander

This was part of every Sunday morning at our house as long as we weren't being dragged off to Sunday School and church.


Hope you enjoy while I'm dragged off to buy groceries, etc.


  1. this certainly explains a lot! :)
    can you get some groceries for me too so I don't have to get out of bed?

  2. I was up at 530 so that I could go do the same before work. I have a new jar of JIF woohoo!!! :)) Have a great Sunday - off to work I go!

  3. Hope you enjoy your sunday once you are back from grocery shopping. Any superbowl plans. None here - just movie watching today.

  4. Could you pick me up a large bottle of Skyy Vodka dear? ;)

  5. Oh, I LOVED that show! Every Sunday!! We were Catholic, so I could go to church the night before, or at 11 or noon or 5:30...


    What made you think of it today?

  6. I don't remember this show at all!

    My brother and I always started Monopoly games on Sunday mornings . . . hoping that our parents wouldn't wake up in time to go to church. (But they almost always did. Sigh.)

  7. Seems like a neat show for the kiddies way back when. I have never heard of the show before though. Have a fun day. You know what I will be doing!!!! GO STEELERS!

  8. How could anyone decide between the "Tension" game and "Stay alive"??
    I would like to buy a vowel.
    Do ya think that themom is a Steeler fan??? She is gone viral in her quest to paint the net in Steeler colours.
    Good stuff Lisa.

  9. It was a fun shopping trip with you but this a very disappointing post. He he he. Just kidding...

  10. i cannot beleve i didnt update for your new blog

    bad bad me!

    you have persmission to waterboard me

  11. Okay...I must be too old to remember that show.

  12. omigawd! wonderama! i haven't even thought of that show in decades. however, when i spotted the name underneath the youtube box, the name sonny fox immediately popped into my head. i don't remember the guy in the video, and i don't really remember the show itself, but i still remember what sonny fox looked like.

  13. oh i did wonderama!! remember hambone?!! and i also watched *gasp* davy and goliath!!

    i followed you here from cozy shack...

  14. I have never heard of this show but I was weird and never watched tv if it meant being near my parents or brothers, sadly....welll, not really!

  15. So NOW I need to tell you more than you really want to know about me (I feel certain).

    I watched the video today (not yesterday, when I commented on it).

    I had a sensory experience of hearing his voice that was like a jolt throughout my body... such a strongly evocative memory of well-being and fun and... hard to say what else.

    Laughed like hell at "who's the president?"

    "Nixon?" I invented a whole backstory for that kid based on the way he said, "Nixon?"

    When I saw that the grand prize was a bicycle, I wept.

    And then I said to myself, "What the HELl is that about?"

    I remember begging my parents to take me to see Wonderama. And I remember my mom hating the show. Not simply not liking it, or not preferring it, but hating it. And it reminded me that... she hated lots of the stuff I loved as a kid. I believe she used the word "pervert" about this particular host. I also remember her hating lots of my friends.

    I think mom had a problem.

    There. Told you.

  16. I never saw that show, maybe it's a regional thing.

    Mr. Pop worked at this computer all day Sunday so I just vegged out watching mindless stuff on tv. It was kind of fun just lazing about and not wondering what kind of shit our president was up to as he tried to destroy our country. Haven't felt like this in eight years.

  17. Wonderama! The perfect antidote after sitting through a Catholic mass for an hour with my parents. I could not rush them home fast enough!

  18. I watched this with the sound off, but all it would take is some French dubbed descriptions of the natural habitat of boa constrictors and Chopin in the background to become an ironic art film.


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