Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coming Attractions

A trip to Chicago to visit family and friends* and do touristy things.
*with an additional trip to Madison, Wisconsin to pester Suzy and Ed.

I'm reading this with The Actor and Garbo.

MathMan and I are going to attend my 25th class reunion.

I'm reading this and studying the drawings as I try to learn to sketch on my own.

I'm brushing up on my French slang so I can chat with an old friend.

I'm reading this with The Actor. Until I start sobbing. Then he may want me to stop reading it.

I'm reading this with Garbo. Yes, we do British accents.

I'm going to read this and do the exercises contained in the book.
If I'm ever going to attempt to be published, I need to get going now.
Life is short.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I'm taking some time off. I still have to work full time and things are going to be busy at the office. We're getting ready to move and we've got our big annual meeting coming up in July. And the more I get a hang of the communications piece of my job, the more time consuming it is because I find new projects, new platforms, etc.

So there will be plenty of long walks, lazying about reading books, writing exercises in long hand, meandering conversations with friends, singing with the family Rock Band and kicking the Spawns' butts in the XBox version of American Idol, family game nights, the drinking of beer, the sipping of wine, the eating of home prepped meals and some face time with The Dancer during what might prove to be her last summer at home.

The current plan is to post once a week. We still have a Matchbox Theater video to do (Thanks, Suzy!) plus several other video ideas in the making......and with all this family time, there's bound to be the need for me to blow off steam by writing a scathing post about a laundry list of grievances real and imagine, large and small, smelly and not so smelly.

I'm also thinking that there will be a time when I need to tell you about that thing I plan to do with the fireworks, the dildo and the keg of beer. But I have to see how it all works out before I write about it......

Have a wonderful summer, y'all. Grab my rss feed if you want to know when a post is up. And for goodness sake, be sure to check out the talent on my blogrols. Smart, funny, wicked, snarky, clever, artistic,'s all there. This chick knows how to pick friends, I tell you what.........

Hit it, girls..........


  1. Enjoy your "time off", by which it seems you actually mean "getting a metric f*ck-tonne of things done".

  2. Your plans are superb! We're going to Madison, too. And I love the Phantom Tollbooth. Have you seen Mr. Toad's Wild Ride with the Monty Python guys? When you're done reading it, you should watch it if you haven't already done so.

    And that pic of you in front of the big wicker chair brings back memories of my prom pictures. How hawt were we? Sizzling hot, that's how hot. Like dry ice, that's how hot.

  3. But... but...


    total selfishness and self-absorption: I'll miss you.

    attempt at being supportive: you go, girl! you know what you need to go--- go with our blessings, and love, and knowing that we'll rocket it to the top of the amazon charts the minute it comes off the presses.

    much love.

  4. to "do", that is. you know what you need to "do."

  5. Have a great time. I will notice the moment you post. And in the meantime I'll be prowling around Mathman's place. If his door's closed and you hear growling noises, that's just the cougar he's playing with. Smooch dear.

  6. When you're in Chicago, give a shout to my main office. It's up there someplace.

    Enjoy the down time, and write when you can!

  7. The Phantom Tollbooth? My all-time favorite book as a kid.... Wind in the Willows, just re-read to be reminded...not so much...cute, though... The Book Thief? I got it for my oldest.... I may have to read that one...if I can read through the tears....

    We'll miss you.... (I challenge you to stay away from blogging!! Isn't it an addiction you cannot give up?)

  8. First off, will you let me know when you are in Chicago? It's just a skip and a jump from me! Love to get together, buy you a beer, meet you, etc.

    Second, I was just telling Lisa the other day how much I wanted to find a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth for Moriah to read. Wonderful!

    I'm missing my belated 25th reunion (coming as it does 26 years after we graduated) this summer, but have enjoyed getting back in touch with folks from HS.

    Enjoy the summer. Seriously, get in touch if you have time and the inclination.

  9. Wind in the Willows was one of my favorite books as a child. Chicago? Land of hot dogs, pizza, baseball and Oprah. Sounds like fun. Love seeing your almost summer pastimes.

  10. Have a great trip, and I'll be watching for you and seeing you on FB. The Book Thief is one of my favorites - have tissues handy. And that wicker chair? MY senior pics were taken in the same damn chair! Did all photographers own one?

  11. Just remember dildos don't kill people, dildos with beer and fireworks do.
    Be very very careful.

  12. O-o-o-o-once a week?

    That's all??!!


    Okay, but only because that's what's best for you, dammit.

  13. I completely understand. When my girlfriend's here, I'm probably going to take about a ten day blog hiatus myself.

    Take care, and I wish you all the best.

  14. Bah. We all know that you and Mathman are going to sit around in your underwear and get plastered. C'mon, do you think we're as dumb as we look as we are dumb?

  15. Do what you have to do for you, Mathman and the kids. Know that we love you, support you and will be here for you when you post, and will be here when you have the time. Your words are always so important we always come

    Enjoy your time, have fun, have a safe trip. Don't work too hard and most importantly take the time to ENJOY.

  16. A break can be a good thing... I can't wait for the firewors/dildo story though!

    And The Phantom Tollbooth was one of my faves as a kid! Enjoy!

  17. Oh I can't wait to go back to Chicago!!! Kristi and I went there last year and had a blast.

    Have fun!!!

  18. Did you know they filmed a version of Phantom Tollbooth with Eddie Munster as Milo? I think Chuck Jones directed it. We tried to watch it, tried being the key word. Not a very successful adaptation.

  19. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How funny that a friend of a friend in Seattle should read this post and guess that it was us in your post. The blogosphere is small indeed.

    The Phantom Tollbooth? Love it. The Book Thief? Love love love it. Ed is reading it right now. But he probably won't cry.

    Looking forward to seeing you!

  20. As long as you're around once a week or so, I guess we'll live. And I had that same hairstyle, same argyle-y type pink sweater, and same attractive pleat-front pants 25 years ago. It's a lot of look, but I think we pulled it off.

  21. Enjoy! We also love British accents and Wind in the Willows (Redwall is good for British accents also). Hmmm...The Phantom Tollbooth is a good idea for me to read to younger son after we finish The Five Children and It (there's a movie version of this with Eddie Izzard doing the voice of It. I'm not sure if I want to see this book on screen or not).

  22. Bubs - I'm hoping we can arrange a get together with you guys when we're in Chicago.
    F. Forrest - Thanks! I suspect you are a much better planner than I. I haven't seen the MP version of Wild Ride. I must look into that! And you're right, we were beyond hot. I just rocked that pink sweater and was nothing without my perm.

    Magdalene - It's fine. I'll do some reruns from the archives. Really old stuff.

    Utah - Thanks! We discussed a road trip to Utah on our drive home tonight. You should have heard MathMan practicing his "here, kitty, kitty...." call.

    RennRatt - I will. Should I make that a nice shout out or a nasty one? And you know me, I'll write, just not so often for a few weeks.

    giggles - I'm weaning myself off the internets. Okay, well, I plan to. My 6th grade teacher read The Phantom Tollbooth to us and I loved it. I'm looking forward to picking up more of the detail this time.

    Geoffrey - Let's arrange a meet up! We can do book reports! I'm glad you went out an picked up The Phantom Tollbooth today for your kids and I really hope they enjoy it!

    Linda - I'm enjoying sharing The Wind in the Willows with Garbo. She's a fun reading partner. And we're making a "must have" list of places to eat while we're back home in Chicago.

    MNMom - Thanks! I'll be out on FB. I bet camera companies gave away those wicker chairs with the purchase of every professional grade camera or lighting unit.

    Bandobras - See, the problem for me is remembering to not point the dildo at anyone.

    Bob - Thank you. Permission to take my leave, sweetness? How's the ex-pat life treating you? (as if I can't tell)

    Comrade Kevin - Thanks. I hope you enjoy your visit with your girlfriend, too.

    Randal - You don't look dumb at all, sweetheart. And hush! Giving away all our secrets at Golden Manor. The only thing you forgot was the inappropriate scratching and tossing beer bottles at the kids.

    KZ - AWWWWWW. You gave me that cute little slanty mouth. You know how to reach me. Call if you need of fix of stupidity from me.

    Annette - Thank you so much. I think we'll enjoy our time "off." I mean most of us have time off. And some of us get to go to the quiet office. (tee hee)

    Moxie - I'm still available to scratch you behind your ears if you need it.

    Kay - Thanks! Yeah, I need to remember to call the county about a permit for my dildo/fireworks/keg of beer thing. I'm sure the authorities will totally be down with it, right?

    Phil - Me, too. I've missed Chicago like crazy. In fact, I'm downright squirrelly thinking about the trip!

    Nan - Thank you. Are you going to be getting to the UP at all this summer?

    MathMan - Home is right.

    Kirby - I saw that when I was googling images for the book. I guess we ought not put ourselves through that show then?

    Suzy - It really is getting to be a smaller and smaller world. I'm so excited that we might get to meet you guys!!!!

    You know, last year Jess Wundrun did a review of The Book Thief based on your recommendation. A couple of days later I happened to see the book on tape version at the library and checked it out and listened to it in my car as I commuted to my job which was new then (last June). Oh, how I cried at the end, but it was good, cathartic crying. So how about that? The recommendation originally came from you!

    June 24th or so? You going to be around?

    CDP - I know. Once a week? Seems like a stretch, doesn't it? We'll see how lazy I get once I finally unplug. And yeah, I can see you pulling off that look with the kind of style most girls only wished they had.

    MLight - There's nothing quite like having kids who will go along with the accents thing. We have a blast with it. I'm going to have to check out these movie versions of books, I think.....after we finish reading the books, I suspect.

    I wonder what you're taking to read on your vacation?

  23. Lisa you look better now than you did 25 yrs ago :) Seriously, you gorgeous thing..

  24. More gorgeous now than 25 yrs ago...seriously, you hunk...:)

  25. Fireworks, a dildo and a keg of beer? What, are you working bachelor parties these days?

  26. Have a great vacation. We'll be here when you get back.

  27. My sister is 5 years younger than you, and those big chairs were still in vogue when she had senior pictures... I remember thinking all of her friends were so glamorous in their chair/chin-on-hand/backlit-to-highlight-bangs poses...

    Madisom! You'll only be 5 hours away from Mpls! You should SO swing by.

    Have fun!!!

  28. Hey,


    Come get some redneckin' when you need it.



  29. I love your choice of summer reading material!

    I will look forward to your weekly posts, but I'm also glad that you are going to tackle that long-term writing goal. You really, really should. Are you thinking memoir, then?

  30. can you take me on vacation - i have no plans this summer so far 8-(

  31. So when the heck are you guys coming to Chi-town?? :)

    By the way, I LOVED "The Phantom Tollbooth" when I was a kid. I wonder if I'd still like it now??


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