Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Commute Chat 7: Casual Sex Friday, Part 2

Warning: Audio is not exactly safe for work or children.*

I realize it's Wednesday already, but Part 2 of Casual Sex Friday is complete. Now I'm working on a bonus track of inanity.

Part 1 is here.

For the person labeled Troll Asshole in my Statcounter, there's no need to leave an anonymous comment telling me this is boring. I trust that since Part 1 so bored you that you felt it necessary to tell me, you won't bother watching this video. Unless of course you seek boredom which might explain why you visited my boring blog seven times after telling me how boring it was yesterday.

For the record, anonymous comments will be deleted immediately unless they are showering praise on me or lauding my artistic genius and wicked acting skillz.

Carry on......

*For Utah - some people don't like to expose young minds to some of this stuff. I respect their desire to protect their kids from the ravages of the world. I don't follow that path as a mama, but just as they don't shame me for being myself, I won't shame them for being themselves. Much. Well, I mean, I try........


  1. this your husband? he's a trooper

  2. The music is so "The Dating Game", I expect you to blow kisses to all your viewers at the end.

    The plastic bra strap was hot. I was waiting for the hoodie to do something other than reveal that milky white shoulder of yours . . .

  3. Troll asshole has no life. Wishes to be an asshole on a troll. That'd be a step up.

    I'm guessin'...

    I'm waiting for it to appear on my blog, the vid....i'm on a slooooow line, so, y' to you Sunday about it....

  4. The Peach Tart - Thanks and isn't he wonderful?

    Geoffrey - That plastic bra strap does get hot. And hush, you, that's the OTHER blog.

    Braja - Agreed on the le troll. Sorry about the pain that is video via slow connections. It wasn't that long ago that I couldn't watch them either. I better remember that.

  5. Seems as if the dual commute is growing on you both. Happy trails.

  6. It really does chap my hiney (i.e. ass) that I can't view this at work. Now I have something to look forward to when I get home.

  7. hysterical especially watching your straight man...

    1) you are both very brave
    2)have you watched hubby as you talk about "those" things? ;D
    3)do you realize your kids "could" watch these someday, that they are somewhere lurking on the internest for years and years and centuries and your GRANDKIDS will someday be discussing these around the dinner table... conundrum...
    4)thanks-this is more exciting than anything I am doing in my life, at least in THAT arena............
    5) aren't those plastic straps sticky?
    7)forgot the last few now...

  8. Um, Lisa? No offense, but if you were in my kindergarten class I would have made you pass the "talking duck" to the next kid in our "sharing circle" a little bit sooner.

    This was hilarious!

  9. OK, I just watched it, and it was well worth the wait.


  10. Do you need me to go choke a bitch, Lisa? I'll do it.

  11. By the way, I agree with you, Lisa. When I see women denigrated in pornography, it always makes me cringe. I've never understood why men feel compelled as well to refer to the women during the act itself as these highly derogatory terms.

  12. I was laughing so hard at this [wearing earphones] that Chachi left ESPN [the LAKERS! This is HUGE!] to see what was so funny.

    I laughed even HARDER while trying to explain it to him.

    I love these commute posts.

    Well done.

    MathMan may need physical therapy, though. He may have pulled a muscle from all that bobbing and weaving during the 'titles of porn videos' conversation.

  13. You guys are looking soo professional. That is a good thing, right?


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